Virgin Anal Experience   added 7 years ago
  By: blueraven  Age: 27  Country: Australia

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i have always loved masturbating, stroking my cock and then licking the cum afterwards takes me to another place. Recently I was diagnosed with a heart condition and I cannot have an orgasm on any kind any more.

I am so horny but my girlfriend has recently used this opportunity to explore other sexual avenues... i sit at my computer for hours looking at porn, knowing I can\'t masturbate, my finger drifts down to my stomach and slides down until its resting on the head of my penis and i can feel the precum everywhere, what I want more than ever is to be able to orgasm, but I dare not, so I just sit there rubbing the head of my cock

my girlfriend has gotten tired of me, and needed some sex herself, so she went out one night while I was asleep, and I woke up to find her on her back and another guy sliding in and out of her, both of them grunting and moaning

my girlfriend saw how hungry I was for sex, but knowing I couldn\'t have sex with her she turned to her friend and whispered, giggling at the same time, the dark man smiled and turned me until I was on my knees, with my butt high up in the air - i knew what was coming, and my virgin ass had never wanted it until now, but now it wanted it so badly and I kept pushing back until I felt the warm, throbbing mass that still dripped from being inside my girlfriend

the head of his penis rested in between my cheeks, and I could feel him sliding around with his precum and my girlfriends juices, they provided just enough lubrication to push his huge cock inside my butt and I felt satisfied like never before. all 8 inches of cock moved slowly in and out as I relaxed and began to enjoy the ride, within seconds I was grunting and groaning and fucking a man for the first time. I wanted cock so bad I pulled away and had his penis in my hands, jacking him off and willing the hot cum to burst into my mouth.

He thrust his hips down the back of my throat and I could feel the warm cum filling my mouth as I cried out in ecstasy. I kept sucking his cock for ages as though I could find small bits of cum that I could enjoy even more. after a while I lay back and started stroking my cock again, and noticed there was cum everywhere!

I wasn\'t sure how my heart condition was, but I turned to my girlfriend and smiled, she smiled back and then, on the other side of the bed, I saw she was three other guys that were now eyeing off my ass and mouth... I started to crawl towards them hungry for more and my girlfriend came with me until we both on our hands and knees, next to each other, mouth and ass wide open for whatever they wanted to give us...

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