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Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

When it came time to fit a new kitchen we ended up having the usual disagreements about which doors we wanted and what oven and all that. Eventually I suggested that if Anne really wanted the kitchen her way she should come up with something that I would want in exchange. Knowing me very well, naturally she came up with the idea of paying for the kitchen in kind. And so one Saturday sitting in the lounge watching TV she turns to me and tells me it is time for her to pay for her kitchen.

Instead of starting straight away though she went off for quite a while leaving me wondering what this was going to involve.

Eventually she came back to the lounge and it was well worth the wait, she was dressed to kill, thigh high boots over fishnet stockings, an ultra short skirt and a see through fishnet blouse showing her black bra clearly through the diaphanous material.

She carried her largest handbag with her but refused to tell me what was in it, "Just wait and see, be a patient boy and all will be revealed."

"Now take off all your clothes and sit down in the middle of the couch."

I did as ordered, then she came over and with some spare stockings pulled from her bag she tied up my feet and then pulled my arms behind me and tied them together.

"I just love the feeling of power over you when you are turned on, so this is going to turn me on just as much as you. I am not going to touch your cock at all, not until you really beg for it, and even then maybe not until I think you deserve it."

With that she turned away and bent over to let me see she was naked under the skirt. Freshly shaved and perfectly pink, she parted her legs to show me everything, her hand drifting between her legs, sliding up and down her stockings, over her bum before homing in on her pussy. She started gently stroking along her lips, slightly parting them all the way up to her clit. There she stayed her fingers pulling herself apart, the middle one rubbing around and around then over the tip, causing a faint moan to escape.

She was so close I could see how wet she was, when she pushed two fingers straight in I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. She stayed like that for a while, finger fucking herself, then rubbing herself off, before standing up turning round and offering me her fingers to taste. As usual they tasted so sweet, I hungrily sucked and licked them dry, imagining my tongue inside her.

“Oh my, he is enjoying the show isn’t he?” as she looked down to see my pulsating cock swelling before her. My hips thrust up towards her, but she just backed away, but then bent over and licked my thighs all the way up to the top, almost touching me but not quite. It was driving me mad with desire, but I knew she wouldn’t let me come until she was good and ready.

She unbuttoned her blouse slowly taking it off, before draping it very carefully over the head of my straining cock. The feel of the fine material on the sensitive glans of my dick drove me still further down the road to my eventual orgasm.

She dug into her bag and came out with not one but two huge dildos that I had never seen before.

“I’ve been doing some shopping for this night, I’ll be needing this one later” she said putting aside the larger one.

A bit wary now I took a longer look at these plastic cocks. One was bright pink about eight inches long and made of a very smooth material, the other was about nine inches, skin coloured and veined to look like the real thing. Both of them vibrated, which she showed me, turning the pink one on and directing it between her legs to rest on her clit for a while before pushing it into her soaking wet cunt.

Slowly pushing it in and pulling it out dragging her lips in and out with it, I could see her getting nearer and nearer her own orgasm, and hoped I would be allowed to join her.

No such luck for me, as suddenly she clamped her legs tight together, pushed her toy deep inside her and came loud and hard, collapsing to the floor in front of me. Admittedly I almost blew my load then, straining against the thin gauze material on my knob, there was almost enough friction to bring me off, but only served to frustrate me further. Still, having seen her kill a new set of Duracells before in only one sitting I knew she wasn’t finished yet and in just a few minutes she was back up sitting astride my legs preparing for another.

I looked down to see her turn the speed down and then slide it all the way back up inside her.

“I never told you what we used to do in that bar I worked in during the holidays, did I? Well it all started one night when we were down to a couple of guys playing pool in the back room and Jim the barman.

“ I went out back to take the guys their drinks, but they got me to stay and play pool with them. One of them sat out and watched, and considering my uniform wasn’t that different to what I’m wearing now, I know why. Every time I bent over the table to play my shot I could see him stroking himself out of the corner of my eye. Now you know me, I played to the crowd, the other guy getting a close look down my cleavage, and the guy sitting down getting a full display of my knickers, and when I had to half climb on to the table for a shot I could see him almost shoot his load there and then.

“At the end of the game, they both had huge bulges in their trousers, so I said ‘I think you’ve seen enough of me, so how about showing me what you’ve both got.’

“Now, Jeff (as I found out later) took no time at all, and in a second he had unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his cock. I could see why he was so proud of it, he was rock hard, long and really thick. He stood in front of me and I couldn’t resist and dropped to my knees and took him in my hands and wanked him. My mouth could barely fit over the end, but I wanted him in there so much, I stretched wide open and took him all the way down to my throat. I then gave him my best blow job I could, licking his head all round, sucking hard on that head, wanking him slowly as I did so, desperate for his spunk down my throat.

“I could feel my skirt being lifted, and a finger run over my lips through my silky panties. I pushed back onto it and he pressed the material into me as his fingers tried to fuck me through them. Finally he pulled them aside, and he could push them into my sopping wet cunt properly. My bum was right in the air then and he must have pushed three, then four fingers right up me. I was so turned on I almost came then, but he stopped and pulled them out before I could. I knew what he was about to do, and I turned round to see him, and if anything he was even bigger than Jeff. God with that thing inside me I was going to come immediately I knew.”

And saying that she pulled the pink vibro out  grabbed the huge dildo and pushed it all the way in. Her eyes flew wide open and I could see she was holding back her orgasm, wanting it to build still further.

“It felt like I was being spilt in two and once inside me it felt like he was turning my innards inside out. He started pumping slowly at first, filling me up completely, stretching me beautifully. But as I pushed back onto him more and more, he sped up, banging into me harder and harder, faster and faster, until I was screaming out loud with the pain and pleasure of it. I couldn’t concentrate on Jeff’s cock, I just wanted to come all over Mark’s cock now, but Jeff had other ideas. He grabbed my hair and held me there, and just fucked my mouth like Mark was doing to me from behind. I was being used like a sex doll and I was loving every dirty minute of it.

I couldn’t hold off any longer, my orgasm had been growing for so long now, and I came then really hard, it seemed like it lasted for ever with Mark’s cock slamming into me, not stopping all the time I was coming, making me come again with each thrust. Jeff saw that as his cue and pulling me onto his cock one last time, he shot a huge load down my throat, which sent me over the edge once more…. Just like this”

And finally she decided my time had come. My cock now was throbbing so much it almost hurt, I couldn’t take any more of this I knew. So turning the dildo on to full power she backed off me and suddenly took me in her mouth. My cock hit the back of her throat and in the state I was in I spunked immediately. My hot jizz just kept on shooting down her throat, her mouth mercilessly sucking me dry, as orgasm after orgasm wracked through her body. I’d never seen her so turned on, and to be fair I’d never been so turned on either.

Eventually we finished totally sated, at which point she looked up.

“I don’t suppose you want to go looking at bathrooms now!”



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