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The message on Rick’s answering machine sounded urgent, but when he realized it was just from Velma Ford, he plopped down on the sofa and started going through his mail. The usual junk mingled in with a few bills, "Nothing interesting," he said to himself, as the phone started ringing.

"Hello," he answered, "Rick here!" "Oh, god, I'm so glad I finally got a hold of you, this is Lisa, and I really need to see you right away!!!" "Lisa, it's late and I'm very tired," he sighed, "can't this wait until another time!?!" "Oh, please," she moaned balefully, "I'll pay you extra if you can come over tonight, please, I really need to see you!!!" He thought about it for a moment or two and replied, "Just for an hour, and it will be five hundred, in cash!!!" "Oh, thank you," she gushed, "five hundred will be just fine, I'll be waiting!!!" Rick slipped into the driver's seat of his new BMW and headed out on the Pacific Coast highway to Lisa Ford's place. Normally he would have been excited at prospect of earning five big ones for and hours work, but in this case he actually dreaded it!!!

In Rick's line of work you always tried to keep your mind and body separate, but in reality that was usually impossible to do when you spent half of your day satisfying the sexual desires of a wide range of women, which wasn't easy to do in the first place, and with older out of shape people like Lisa it was definitely a challenge!!! Before he could even ring the bell, the large heavy wooden door swung open and he was quickly ushered in by Lisa Ford!!! "Hi, love," she gushed, as she led him by the arm into the living room, "I have a surprise for you!!!" "I want you to meet Gloria," Lisa  said excitedly, "she's visiting me for the week and I've told her all about you, and she just had to meet you personally!!!"

"Hello, Madame," he said to the attractive woman of about fifty five, "it's so nice to meet you!!!" And it was too, because if he had his druthers, he for sure would rather service Gloria than Lisa!!! "Well, anyway," Lisa continued, "what we hoped, is that you would, uh, do your thing with Gloria, and I'll just watch!!!" "Is that your wish, Madame," he asked graciously?!? "Yes," she replied softly, “Lisa has told me so much about you!!!" "Everything good, I hope," he joked, as he sat down beside her and kissed her lightly on the lips!!! She responded slowly, but offered no resistance as his hand roamed up the front of her dress and rested on her ample bosom!

"What is it you would like me to do for you," he whispered in her ear?!? "Let me see that fantastic body V's been telling me about!!!" "As you wish," he replied while standing up, "would you like to help me, or do you just wish to watch?!?" "I'll just watch," she answered, "but I think I'll get a little more comfortable while I do, so I'll join you and take off my own things!!!"

The two of them now stood side by side as they removed their clothing, while not taking their eyes off of the other!!! "My, oh my," Gloria mused, "V was right, you're fantastic, on a scale of one to ten I'd give you an eleven!!!" "Thank you," he replied softly, as his big cock slid into view, hanging lewdly semi hard between his legs,

"here, let me help you with your bra," leaning up against her to allow his pecker to push against her ass!!! "Ohhhhhhhh," she sighed, as he cupped her breasts from behind while grinding his now erect penis into the crack of her ass!!! From the other side of the room, a now naked Lisa was casually fingering her hairy slit and commenting, "Wait until he sticks it in you, babe, I guarantee you'll cum like a fucking rocket!!!" "You have exquisite breasts, Gloria," he whispered into her ear while cupping them and twisting her distended nipples!!! While panting hard and running her hands up and down the well muscled legs of the youthful lothario, she begged him to take her from behind!!!

"Mmmmmmm," he whispered, "I may split you in half if we do it that way, are you sure!?!" "Oh my, god," she moaned, "stop talking and stick it in me, a man in your business should know when a woman needs a big cock inside of her!!!" Gloria broke away from Rick's grasp and leaned over the back of an easy chair with her legs spread wide apart, turning her head to look at him she said in almost a derogatory voice, "Well, are you man enough to fuck a real woman, or are you gonna just stand there with your pecker in your hand!?!

" Rick wasn't used to having his clients speak to him in such an earthy fashion, so for a moment he was a little put off by her forwardness, but when she lewdly wiggled her ass from side to side as an open invitation to fuck her, well, that was all it took, as he bolted up behind her and roughly rammed his pecker all the way to the hilt inside of the hot mouthed bitch, slamming her for all he was worth, he was waiting for her to beg him to stop, but much to his surprise and delight, she simply arched her back and pleaded for more!!!

It had been ages since he fucked a woman this hard, and incredible as it seemed, this was no young cunt with elastic pussy, but a fifty five year old woman who was in the process of fucking him under the table!!! "So," he panted between strokes, "you like it hard do you, well I'm gonna fuck you to within an inch of your fucking old hag life you fucking cunt," as he speared her with vicious strokes that would have torn a normal woman to shreds!!!

Much to his chagrin, however, instead of hearing her surrender, she laughed and said, "My, you have such a naughty mouth, Rick, do you talk that way around your mother, she would be ashamed if she knew how you were speaking to a woman of my age!!!" "Sweet fucking jesus," he thought as his pecker turned to absolute blue steel, "she's out of her fucking mind, I'm gonna shoot any second now and she's just going to laugh at me!!!"

From the other end of the room he heard a familiar voice join in on his humiliation, "Hey big stud," Lisa crowed, "I thought you were going to give a five hundred dollar fuck, instead you're gonna leave her hanging cuz you can't keep up with and old woman!!!" "Shut the fuck up, Lisa," he spat, "when I'm done with her, I'll fuck you up your fucking ass!!!" "Don't make any promises you can't keep stud boy," Lisa shot back, as she furiously worked her clit over with her middle finger, "I'm doin' just fine here, and I don't need you to help me get my gun off!!!"

Gloria took another ten hard ones form Rick' cock before she shoved her as backwards and disengaged his pecker from her cunt while saying, "You're too much of a baby to get me off, sonny, come over her V, let's show the pretty boy how to get a woman off!!!" Velma hopped up from her perch at the other end of the room and waddled over to the sofa where Gloria had parked her ass with her legs spread wide apart! "Okay, hon," Gloria cooed to Lisa, "you know what to do, show pretty boy here how to eat a pussy!!!"

Velma didn't have a great body, but the one thing she could do was suck, whether it be a hard cock or a soft pussy, she was right a home with her mouth paying oral homage to another person's sexual organs!!! "W-what do you want me to do," Rick fairly whined to Gloria while he watched fat assed Lisa slurp on her extremely wet pussy!?! "Why, Rick," she replied sweetly, "take your cock into your hand and jerk it of course, that's what little boys do isn't it, jerk off because they can't get a real girl!?!"

Rage now filled his eyes and his heart, this was too much, he was the expert here, he was the professional, and here was this old hag giving him orders and making him feel like dog shit!!! His boner was about ready to explode, but he would be goddamned if he was gonna give this bitch the luxury of seeing his seed spill onto the floor!!!

"Lisa," he thought wildly, "just like I said I'm gonna fuck her fat fucking ass!!!”Okay bitches, watch this," as he forced Lisa's ass cheeks apart and jammed his un lubricated pecker deep into her bowels, "how does that feel you fucking slut whore!?!" Lisa stiffened up like she was shocked with a cattle prod, but her mouth never left Gloria's cunt, and soon, all three of them were racing at warp speed towards their orgasms!!!

When it was all over, Rick dressed silently, not wanting to look the two women in the eyes. He was about to leave when Gloria called out, "Leave the five hundred on the table, sonny!!!" "What five hundred," he sputtered, "in fact, you owe me five hundred!!!" Gloria rubbed her chin and thought about it for a second or two and said, "Well, you're probably right, but we have this tape, the one right in this case, that shows two old women making you look like a fucking piece of crap, and all it will cost you is five hundred dollars!!!" Standing there stunned, Rick  instantly realized if that tape got passed around he would be the laughing stock of the decade and lucky to get any more business of any kind, let alone the high class stuff!!! "I guess we showed him," Lisa said, as Gloria counted out the five one hundred dollar bills that the infuriated young man had flung at her, "I guess we did for sure!!!

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