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She seldomly wears skirts , but to day she did.

 I like skirts , there ideal for the odd quicky and when the visual pleasure stops at the edge of her skirt stopping right underneath her bum the mental pleasure kicks in.

Underneath i could see her stockings running down her ferm legs into her shoes, i started to wonder , whot is she wearing underneath?

Could it be that her stockings go up all the way , or are they of that type that stops thigh height and are kept up whit those sexy suspenders wraped around her soft body ... it makes a man wonder......

I walk up to her and wrap my arms around her waist , she turns her head and smiles , her hands on top of mine, she guides my hands upward right underneath her breasts and lets go to move her hands and grab my dick trough my pants , it starts to harden .

While she is having fun down there i am slowly knead her breasts as i kiss her neck, i can feel her heart beat speeding up and the movement of her breasts caused by her breathing thell me shes getting quite exited.

Suddenly i grab her arm and turn her around , i rip open her shirt pull her bra from her shoulders , she strugles to get the lock open , i decide to give her a hand.

Her perky tits now dangle freely i grab them once again , i put my lips on hers .

There is a table behind her , i pick her up and let her land on her tight ass rather hard . She likes it when im acting ruff.

Her hand, i can feel how she's trying to open up my pants , she's got it , my pants drop to my knees as i take her nipple in my mouth , she gasps for air, her nipple hardens between my lips , such a wonderfull feeling.

I put my hands in the back of her knees and push back , i now have full sight of her pussy inside her tight little panty's and my suspisions where right she was wearing thigh high stockings and one of those sexy suspenders . A

shiver goes down my spine as i feast my eyes upon this sexy and hot sight .

 "Whot's that smell" i think  , as soon as that thought ends i realize its the sweet smell of her dripping whet pussy and panty's .

I can see a dark spot as her juices stain her white panty's , i pull aside her panty's  and drop my pants and boxers further down to the floor and grab my dick i move it towards her dripping slit and i put the top of my dick between her lips , " uuugghhhhhmmnnn " is all she has to say, while i move up and down quickly , i can hear the sound of her lips opening and closing .


The look on her face say's she's loving it , i can see in her eyes that she wants me to fill her up .


I take a deep breath and thrust my dick inside her pussy, " hmmmnnn" she moans.

I start to fuck her as hard as i can, the table is creeking from objection to the thing's where doing on it, the tought of the table falling appart , quickly makes place as i feel that familiar feeling, its so warm it tingles in my balls , as my face takes a diferent shape and i groan, i look at her face she loves it when i come deep inside her .

As i gasp for air i can feel my own juices mixed whit her sweet nectar running down my shaft forming a drip at the point here my penis meets my crotch , i can feel it because it feels a bit cold , like when your whet from swimming and the wind blows past you . Thats when i realized the window was open , as i look outside i can see people passing by the window.

Now im wondering if anyone saw us.... that thought makes me horny again , she saw that i noticed the window and now realizes it to, but she's rather shocked . but she just keeps lying  there ,still enjoying the wonderfull thing that just took place . i pull out my dick , doing so i can see more of my juices and hers dripping out of her pussy , its forming a puddle on the table.


As she slides from the table and stands up i can see it dripping out of her to the floor , i tell her ill get her a tisue and a fresh pair of panty's  " nevermind " she says  " i want to carry you around for the rest of the day " ,

"god she's kinky " i think to myself as she puts her stained panty back where it should .

Im putting my pants back on as she grabs her backpack , and gives me a kiss " see you tonight " she says as she walks past me , i can smell her from all the way down there.

A lovely aroma of her sweet pussy and my thick white gravy staining her panty, my spine shivers.

" See you tonight " she shouts as she slams the door , "have a nice day" i reply her when she walks past the window .

Whot a woman........ 




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