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Location: A hotel room
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Nature: I will tell you later

My wife entered the room and asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner with her friend Jason over the weekend. My wife has known Jason for quite some time. They meet at summer camp when they were kids and have remained friends ever since. Jason moved away quite a while back so we only see him when he is in town for business. Usually only for a few hours. However, this time he would be in town over the weekend and had invited us to have dinner and spend some time catching up.

I can tell that Jason has a crush on my wife – a fact which she continues to deny – but as my wife is very attractive, I can’t hold that against him. It is the fact that he is a really great guy that allows me to turn away when he hits on her. He always does it in jest and has never pushed it or tried to touch her inappropriately

I told my wife that dinner sounded great and just to let me know what the plans were. They decided that we would go out to dinner around 7 Saturday night after he finished with his business meeting and then maybe grab some coffee or something and just catch up. As we did not know how long things would go, we decided to drop the kids off at their grandparents for the night.

The restaurant that we were eating at was in the hotel where Jason was staying. I was wearing a black suit with a light green shirt. My wife had on a slim red dress with a low neck light. Her hair was pulled up exposing her sensual neck and shoulders. The dress hugged her curves showing off her gorgeous ass and large supple breasts. She was by far the most attractive person in the restaurant.

We meet Jason in the hotel lobby near the entrance to the restaurant. We said our hellos and headed into the restaurant. We made small talk as we ate. Jason was doing very well at his job, moving up very quickly. As the evening carried on, the conversation became more sexual. Nothing crossed the line but it was obvious that we were all losing out inhibitions.

As we were finishing our desserts, we discussed what we should do next. Jason said that he had an area activity guide in his room that has the location of a good coffee shop. He invited us up with him while he got it stating that we had to check out the view. As Jason did a lot of traveling for his job, he had saved up a lot of hotel points which he used to get the penthouse suite.

We took the elevator up to Jason room on the 18th floor. We made more small talk on the elevator with some sexual innuendo through in here or there. The elevator didn’t stop at any other floors so it didn’t take long to get to the top. The Elevator opened up right into his room.

He suggested that we go out onto the balcony while he looked for the activity guide. My wife and I walked through the bedroom out onto the balcony. It was a beautiful evening. Nice and warm and no breeze even though we were up so high. The city looked beautiful sprawled out before us. The lights below almost seemed like a reflection of the stars above.

Jason soon joined us on the balcony and asked us if we were ready to go. As we were leaving, my wife noticed there was a hot tub on the balcony. It was setup in such a way that it looked like the water fell right of the edge. She said she had always wanted to try one of those and was not going to pass up this opportunity. The only problem was none of us had suits.

I suggested that we just go in naked. My wife, being a little more conservative than me said that underwear would be a better idea. With that we all stripped down to our respective under garments and hopped in the hot tub. It was not a very large hot tub which pushed us a bit on top of each other. We sat in the tub for a while talking and laughing.

After a while, the heat started to get to us and we decided to get out. As Jason was getting out, he cock slipped out of the slit in his boxers. It bobbed around just inches from my wife’s face. I don’t have a small dick but his was about an inch longer and almost twice a thick. My wife acted surprised but I could see the lust I her eyes.

Jason instantly apologized and reached down to put it away. Before he could get to it, my wife grabbed and said “let me help you take care of this”. With that she leaned forward and cupped her lips around his shaft.  She used her hands to slowly rub it as she liked all around the head. Slowly she started to work more of his mammoth dick into her mouth.

She opened her throat to allow all of it to enter. When her lips were finally resting against his pubes, she slowly pulled away. She continued this motion as she began to pick up speed. She used one hand to hold her stead in the tub and the other to caress his balls. I know how good my wife is at giving head and the look on Jason’s face confirmed that he agreed with me.

Watching my wife go down on another man was such a turn on that I just had to play with myself. I pulled my cock out over the top of my waistband. I stayed under the water to keep my cock well lubricated as I stroked myself at the same pace she was blowing her friend.

After a bit, my wife stopped and said that we should all get out of the tub. Once out, she pulled of her soaked underwear and we did the same. She turned away from us but reached back with her hands. She grabbed a dick in each one and walked us into the bedroom.  She dried each of us with a towel and then we dried her.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs invitingly for Jason. He slid between her and rubbed his cock head against her swollen clit. He pushed his dick against her opening and slowly slid into her hot cunt. My wife let out a gasp at the size of his cock. When he was half way in, he paused to let her adjust to his girth before pressing in farther. She was enjoying every inch of his prick as it slid into her.

As Jason fucked her pussy, my wife motioned for me to join her at the head of the bed. I knelt beside my wife and she turned her head to engulf my dick with her mouth. She gobbled at it hungrily. Her rhythm on my dick was determined by the speed in which Jason was thrusting. The faster he went, the faster her mouth was forced up the length of my shaft. I could feel my wife’s groans of pleasure resonating around my cock. Having both her holes filled pushed her over the edge as she shock with one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen her have.

My wife pulled my dick out of her mouth and pushed my head down towards her cunt. I figured she wanted me to lick her clit and allowed her to push me down that way. But soon I felt a firmer had on my head pulling me down. I looked up to realize that Jason’s dick was no longer in my wife. It was mere inches from my face. 

I had never given a man a blow job but decided to go for it. I slowly wrapped my lips around his thick cock. I could taste my wife’s juices all over him. I slowly slid my mouth down the length of his cock. I almost gagged when it hit the back of my throat. I knew that my wife used a swallowing motion whenever she deep throated me so instead of pulling away, I swallowed. This opened up my throat and allowed his dick to slide the rest of the way down. Soon I could smell the musk of his groin.

As my head began to bob up and down on his dick, my wife slid underneath him and began to lick his balls. I used my hands and mouth the way my wife does when she sucks me. The combination of my mouth on his dick and her tongue on his balls were too much for him. I could feel his dick get even harder in my mouth. I was not sure whether I was ready to catch another man’s load in my mouth or not.

Ready or not, I felt him spasm and then felt his cum hit the back of his mouth. It was salty but did not taste as bad as I thought it would. I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth, but some spilled out the corner. My wife eagerly licked it off my cheek. Then she suggested that maybe Jason would like to taste some of his own juice.

I figured that I had already blown the guy; I might as well kiss him. I stood up and slowly leaned towards him, my mouth still full of cum. As our lips meet, I let my slightly part and his tongue instantly darted through. His tongue massaged mine, mixing our saliva with his semen. We both swallowed some of the concoction and then pulled away.

My wife then pushed me back on the bed and straddled my face. My tongue instinctively founds its way to her freshly fucked pussy and began to flick around her lips and clit. As I licked her snatch, I grasped my lonely cock and began to stroke it. Soon, Jason knelt between my legs and placed his half rigid cock against mine. I grabbed both our dicks with my hand and started to jack both of us off. When my wife saw this, she shock against my tongue in orgasm. Her juices ran all over my face.

By this time, Jason’s cock had gotten fully hard. He pulled it away from my hand and positioned the head against my virgin ass. He grabbed some lube off the night stand and poured some on my ass and some on his hard prick. I was not sure if my ass would be able to handle his size but he slowly started to push his dick into my anus.

It hurt a bit as he began to push but once the head had made it in, things began to feel better. He held my legs up as his cock began to move in and out of me. His balls slapped against mine every time he sunk all the way in. My wife bent down and began to suck on my cock. Her lips felt great on my dick and Jason’s mammoth prick fucked my ass.

Too soon my wife stopped and slid down below Jason. From this angle, she had full access to both our balls which she eagerly played with. She would suck on his nuts and she played with mine and then would switch it up. I felt Jason tense up and knew what was about to happen.

He shot his second load of the night into my tight ass. The sensation was too much for me and
I shot my load all over my chest. As Jason pulled out, my wife climbed next to me on the bed. She used her fingers to scoop the cum off my chest. She licked her fingers savoring the taste. She then offered some to Jason and me.

We still don’t see Jason a whole lot, but when we do, we don’t even bother going out to dinner first.

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