Tried Up Part One   added 7 years ago
  By: Cuffman  Age: 50  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: Mild rape bondage couple
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

It all started when the new neirbours moved in upstairs, i used to lay in my bed at night listening to their love making.
A few weeks after they moved in, i was off from work and had the whole day to myself.
There was a knock at the door and there was Wendy from upstairs, she needed some help moving some boxes and said her partner Chris was away working.
The boxes were moved and Wendy offered me a cold drink, which i accepted as it was a hot day.
After the drink i felt a bit stange and dizzy, which made me want to sit down.
Wendy asked what was wrong ? well i must have passed out,as i don't remember what happened next.
When i came round, i found myself tied up on Wendy's bed naked, my legs were tied apart to each bed leg with my arse on the edge and my arms above my head.
I first looked around and started to shout, Wendy came into the bedroom naked, she looked amazing, great looking tits and a shaven pussy,
She told me not to worry, relax and enjoy, as she came nearer with a big grin on her face.
Wendy got on the bed and started to push her tits into my face with her hands moving down to my chest playing with my nipples, making them hard.
Wendy moved down sliding her tits over my chest, while her hands moved down as well, moving down to my now hard throbbing cock, playing with my balls.
This was to much as i thought of all those nights listening to Wendy and Chris Making love.
I started to groan as Wendy started to tongue and suck my nipples, she then stopped what she was doing, and got off the bed.
My thoughts were that she was teasing me, but then she came back with a scaft and whispered in my ear that i would enjoy this better with me blindfolded, i wanted to say something but thought i was tied up, what can i do to stop her.
Wendy Put the scaft over my eyes and i heard her leave the room, it must have been about 10 mins and i started to get worried, where was she? is she going to come back ?
I then heard movement in the room, asking who was there ? Wendy said it was her and had i missed her.
I felt Wendy's hands on my chest, playing with my nipples again, one min pulling, then just moving her fingers around and around.
Wendy then moved away again and i heard her down the other end of the bed, i was all tensed up as i didn't know what she going to do next.
I felt breathing on my legs, then on my balls, my cock started to get hard again, throbbing with all my senses on alert, i felt lips kissing my thighs, first one side then the other, kissing from my knees up to my balls.
The kissing on my balls was making my cock throb even more, the lips moving up the stem, making me groan, this was amazing as i moaned and groaned moving my head from side to side, a tongue came out and curled around my cock, moving up to the head as my cock started to weep pre cum, my hips started to buck as the tongue reached the head, sliding all over the head, licking the cum off.
I heard a groan and then a hand on my balls, genty rubbing, sliding up my cock and slowy wanking me off, this was to much, i knew i wouldn't  last at this rate, my hips moving up and down searching for those lips to suck me in.
Tongue and lips which i so badly needed, moved down, over my balls they went, gently nipping, down further the tongue dropped towards my arse, i couldn't beleive where the tongue was going as both hands moved under my arse and grabbed each cheek.
The tongue moved around my arse, moving around and around as if testing the water, waiting for me to complain.
All of a sudden the hands lifted my arse up and the tongue slipped into my hole, i groaned with pleasure as the tongue moved in and out, slowy fucking my arse, This carried on for about 5 mins as i moaned and groaned, one of the hands moved from my cheek and rubbed my balls, sliding up to my cock.
I was out of control now, my throbbing cock was weeping cum, my hips where bucking up and down, i was ready to cum and warned Wendy if she carried on, i will cum over her hand.
I then felt movement on the bed above my head and heard Wendy say don't worry i like to see you cum.
I was lost for words, how can Wendy be whispering in my ear and be sucking my arse out, Wendy laughed and said don't worry, she then whipped the scaft off my eyes, on looking down there was Chris with a big grin on his face on his knees with his hand wrapped around my hard cock.
I didn't know what to say, i couldn't move and my cock was still throbbing, Wendy then kissed me on the lips and her tongue slipped between mine.
I felt Chris's hand slide up and down my cock, wanking up and down, then his tongue joined the action sliding over my pee hole, his lips closed over my head and gently started to suck.
Moving his lips down sucking my hard throbbing cock, i felt his hand slide down towards my arse, Chris's fingers started to tease my hole, this was getting to much, i've never been with a man before, never even had my arse licked or fingered by a women, so my mind was going crazy, this shouldn't be happening, i was being raped by a man, and yet i was enjoying every moment.
Wendy then moved so her shaved pussy was above my mouth and slowy lowered her pussy lips down towards my lips.
Looking up i could see Wendy's open wet pussy dripping with juices, down she came and out my tongue came, sliding right the way into her as she let out a deep long groan.
Chris was sucking my cock harder now, with two of his fingers sliding in and out of my arse, i knew a was pass the point of return, Wendy moved down my body, keeping her wonderful pussy over my mouth, pressing her tits into my chest, she moved closer to my cock.
I came with long groan, first into Chris's sucking mouth and then as he pulled away, Wendy took the next load when she carried on where Chris left off, sucking my cock, sliding up and down.
Chris started to suck my balls as Wendy carried on sucking my cock, drawing all the cum from my head Wendy carried on licking and sucking keeping my cock hard.
Wendy moved her body down and her pussy away from my mouth, Chris then stood up and i saw his throbbing cock, it was bigger than mine by about 3 inches, but not as wide, Chris then said right my time now.                BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY    

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