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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
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As I get home from work before my wife, I do most of the cleaning around the house. I really don’t mind doing the cleaning but it can get a little irritating when I have to clean up the same things over and over again. I have asked my wife several times to help me with this by putting away her things when she is done with them.  In particular I have asked that she put away her hair brush and curling iron when she is done with them in the morning. It only takes a few seconds and It makes my day that much easier.


My wife does try to help me out but has not been real successful remembering to put these things away. However, she usually makes up some excuse as to why she is unable to clean up after herself. Imagine my surprise when she came to me for help remembering to take care of her things.


It was Saturday afternoon and my mother had agreed to watch our son so that we could get a few things taken care of around the house. My wife was doing laundry and I was working on the cleaning that I had left over from the week. As I was cleaning the bathroom, my wife walks in and noticed that I had not yet removed her hairbrush from the counter. She leaned close and gave me a hug. She said that she was sorry that she could never remember to put her brush away and asked that I help her with it.


Not knowing where she was heading, I asked her how she could help. She said that she had been bad and maybe a spanking would help her memory. Now, spanking my wife had always been a fantasy of mine but was not something my wife ever let me do. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity.


Falling into my role I said, “Well it is about time we did something about your behavior. Now grab your brush and follow me to the living room”. She did as I asked and nervously followed me into the living room. I got the feeling that she was just now realizing what she had got herself into.


I sat down on the couch and patted my Knee. My wife took the hint and slowly laid down over my out stretched legs. My wifes beautiful ass lay before me clothed in her tight jeans. I rubbed her butt checks for a moment to prepare her. “Are you ready?” I asked. Her shaky reply of yes had more then a hint of arousal to it.


My hand smacked her right ass check softly but sternly. I puntuated it by asking her if she was going to forget to put her brush away again. “No” she responded as I slapped her left check. I had continued to slap her ass at a slow steady pace. This was just her warm-up. Much more was to come. As I felt her bottom begin to warm through her pants, I increased the tempo. After a little while, I figured her bottom was ready to move ahead. I ordered her to stand and remove her pants. I allowed her to keep her panties on for now. Again she lay back on my legs.


I pulled her panties up slightly to expose the sides of her soft butt checks. Now a light pink color. I brought my hand up and again continued the spanking, picking up with the same pace I had left off with. The whole time, I reminded her about how she got into this situation and made her promise to put her things away from now on. As I continued to spanker her bouncing ass, I used my free had to spread her legs. This allowed me access to caress her mound through her panties. I could feel the moisture seeping through them. It appeared that this spanking was having the same effect on her as it was on me.


I continued to spank her as I played with her cunt through the thin fabric of her panties.  After sometime, I decided that those needed to go as well. Again I ordered her to stand up. This time I removed her panties, allowing my finger to flick across her engorged clit. I laid her over my knee and rubber her now crimson as. I began to spank. As each smack fell, a whimper of pain and pleasure escaped her lips. I continued to spank her, all the while increasing the pace. I asked her if she was sorry for leaving her brush out all the time. She assured me that she was.


I told her to grab the brush and hand it to me. Very nervously she reached forward and grabbed the brush from the couch cushion. I grabbed it from her and used the smooth back of the brush to gently rub her tender ass checks. I then lifted the brush and brought it down soundly on her add. She scream slightly as it did so, more surprised than hurt. I allowed the brush to rain down on her ass for another minute or so. Then I told her to get up.


I slowly bend her over the couch and positioned her ass towards me. I told her that she was going to get ten more from the brush so that every time she saw it she would remember what it could be used for. I made her count as the brush stuck her butt. I alternated between each check, pausing in between for her to count the stroke. When she had counted ten, I lean forward and whispered in her ear that I had one more surprise to help keep her inline.


I told her to remain where she was until I returned. When I got back to the living round, I was happy to find that she had listened to me. I open the bottle of lube that I had brought with me and squeezed a generous amount onto her rose bud. She squirmed when she realized what I was about to do. Along with spanking, anal sex was not something that she allowed me to do. However, her arousal and sense of submission had gotten the better of her. She reached back and spread her checks to allow the lube better access to her exposed bud.


I rubbed more lube on to my erect cock, and placed the head at the opening of her anus. I slowly began to push the length of myself into her. She grunted a little as I did but was obviously enjoying herself. A gasp of pleasure escaped from both of our lips as the head of my cock popped into her anus. I paused for a minute to allow her to get used to the sensation before I continued. I slowly pushed my throbbing dick into her tight butt hole.


As I sank the last few inches in and my thighs pressed against her, I could feel the warmth from her freshly spanked butt. I worked myself in and out. Slowly at first but gradually picking up the pace. Once I was fucking her ass at a good pace, I asked her once again about picking up the hair brush. To make my point clear, I started to spank her ass again.


The anal sex and the spanking were too much for her and she was soon screaming out in orgasm. The clenching anus soon sent me over the edge and I emptied my load into her warm ass. We both collapsed onto the couch where I gave her a big hug and told her how much I love her.


Since then she has done a good job of putting her things away. That is of course unless she is feeling a little mischievous in which case she will leave the brush on the bathroom sink next to a bottle of lube.

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