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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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I have the most amazing sexy wife in the world. She is so sexy and smart and the most open free woman I have ever met. Being in her early twenties she has a body to die for and is beyond pretty. And as much as I love her, i still love thinking about her getting fucked and losing herself sexually to another.

Well, early on we started fantasizing together during sex, and i was amazed to find that she gets incredibly turned on with the thought of me with another girl, in fact its how she masturbates by asking me about imaginary women that blow me or I fuck. 

So now after a couple years together we are slowly getting to make some of these fantasies happen. My wife has told me all about her previous and best lovers, especially the one she still thinks about whose cock is a good two inches longer and twice as thick as mine.  This never fails to excite me, and she wants to fuck another guy with a bigger cock.

At first I thought she was just going along with it for my fantasy, but after what just happened I know its real. She was meeting up with me on a trip, and was flying in two days later. When i got to the airport to pick her up after her nine hour flight she was pretty drunk.

She kissed me passionately and had the biggest smile on her face.

"What would be the best gift I could give you?"

"I dunno, why? You look pretty mischievous!" 

"Come on, tell me what would make you totally excited?"

I paused.. "if you fucked a guy with a huge cock"

She smiled..."Well...not quite but I got pretty daring baby"

I was instantly turned on!

She proceeded to tell me about the half empty plane flight and this Latvian guy who sat next to her who kept buying her drinks. It started to make her horny and one thing led to another, and they started to make out. She told me how he got her top open and sucked on her tits, then started playing with her pussy. She undid her pants and inched them down so he could kiss down her belly and suck on her clit while he shoved three fingers in, getting her off!

Then she rubbed his cock through his pants... but it wasn't very big. She felt it for a bit, but after deciding it was the same size as me she didn't want to waste her time, so she sent him frustrated on his way...



I couldn't believe it. It was such an amazing step towards our fantasies, and it was really nice as she saw how much i loved her and she loved me, yet we still could have sexy fun.

Now we are excited to see what comes next, she already went out and felt up a couple guys at the local bar looking for a big one, and I'm sure when she finally finds it she will have a great time.

I can't wait!

And I will write what happens when it does. 




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