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A (gay)brother and sister are roomates in a two bedroom apartment. The sister's going away for the weekend, but her boyfriend's staying for the entire week over her place. He's also a homo-phob so he doesn't like being around the sisters brother.

The sister leaves 8:00 that night for her flight. Her boyfriend returns to her apt around 12am. He walks in only to find his sisters brother fucking another guy on the sofa. The boyfriends amazed at the sight the brother looks up and makes eye contact with the brother. He continues to fuck the guy and sees a wonderful sight of his own. His sisters boyfriend has skinny leggs on and its quite clear he's arroused from the site.

The boyfriend quicky covers his hard-on with the bag of clothes for the week and goes to the bedroom. He undresses down to the boxers and opens the door a little to continue to watch the guys while jerking off. By this time the brother's getting a good blow job and comes in the guys' mouth. At the same time the sisters' boyfriend explodes with a big one.

Then goes to sleep only to be awaken by getting held down and tied up by her brother and his friend. Once tied the brother begins sucking his cock and after 5 min of that he cums. They make the boyfrind suck their cocks one bye one while the other one is fucking him in the ass. Then the brother rides the sis bf while jerking his own cock. the other guy fucks him in the ass and everyone cum within seconds apart. hope you've enjoyed my first fantasy ever written. Any submissive guys looking for a dom woman dom4sub31 yahoo

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