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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: surprise
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Coming out of a deep sleep I could feel her hands massaging my back, firmly but gently she worked the muscles in my back pressing her thumbs on each side of my spine.  This cute little red head knew exactly what she was doing, but as good as it felt I had other things on my mind. With a quick roll to one side I bucked her off and took a more dominant position.  It wasn’t until I was on top that I realized she was as naked as I was.  I could just make out her beautiful belly button in the dim light, but before I had a chance to take in the her full beauty she pulled me down into a deep passionate kiss.  We kissed each other long and hard I Remuved my tongue from her mouth and started to move south, inch by inch caressing and savoring her soft skin, I knew she was growing impatient but after waiting so long but what harm could the extra few seconds really have.

 As my lips moved down her cute body my hands started to work their way up tickling up her side and then down her arms until held each of her hands firmly in mine.  Finding her belly button I paused my decent for a brief look up her body and into her beautiful blue eyes glowing as though charged by a Batery.   Not to keep her waiting I released her hands allowing me to finish moving down to between her soft smooth legs.  Teasing a bit I licked the crevice between each leg and her slit care full not to stray to where she wanted it the most.  I let my hands roam all over her torso massaging each curve of her body. 

Having enough of my teasing her hands flew frum her sides, and directed me to where she wanted. I let my tongue move up and down as I slowly tickled the sides of her belly with my fingers and I was momentarily reminded how lucky I was…  we had both been so busy of late we had barely had the chance to dash of an email at the Commputer let alone travel across the city to see one another and now she was naked in my bed writhing from side to side. The thought disappeared from my mind as a gasp escaped from her warm lips.  Her hands now gripping the sheets I licked her way up and down, again and again until I could feel her abs flex and twitch and then her body go limp.    

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