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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: Male/Female deep real
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

How nice to have you over for dinner at my condo.  The fire is ablaze, the carpet is thick, and in front of the fire is a thick sculpted Chinese oval rug, and a small table, with a bucket of iced sparkling wine.

The spaghetti sauce is simmering, and the the fresh pasta awaits its plunge into boiling water and the table is set, and the Parmesan is in the center of the table, but first. . .I want desert.  We sit in the glow of the fire, on the rug, sipping sparkling wine, and I hold you close, and kiss your ear.  The ear is like a flower, but you have another flower I am more interested in.

Gently I hold your encased breasts and kiss your neck and swing you around and kiss your lips as I unhook your bra.  Your breasts fall free, and I open your blouse to show them to me. I have to kiss your nipples gently first, with my palms stroking your shoulder blades bringing your chest toward me, and your head back, so I can also kiss your neck now and then.  I lay you back, to support you with my palms, and alternately kiss your nipples gently.

You know I like this because my pants begin to bulge.  You can feel it on your legs, and I shove the bulge up into your crotch, while alternately kissing your nipples first one, and then the other. I put my tongue under your breast on your ribs, and lick up under your breast to your nipples.

I hold your nipple in my lips and open my mouth and suck the entire breast, or what I can fit into my mouth, licking the nipple.

Kisses up and down your stomach down to your crotch and back again to the opposite nipple and back down again, licking into your crack a bit and back up to your other nipple.

You keep reaching for my crotch, but it keeps bobbing up and down, so I get up and hold my crotch over your mouth, and descend over your stomach to your fiery bush.  You had better be careful opening those pants and he is bound to fly out and hit you. Freshly washed and trobbing it greets you as an old friend.

Your bush is warm and already wet and yes it does taste divine, your crack, your lips, your inner lips, and it is nice how you primed your self, leaving it warm and moist.

I lick up and down on your already open inner lips,  holding them in my mouth, liking them, and shoving my tongue deep into your flower.

Up and down over your open lips and then I dive down into your vagina, and with the moisture from that I gently spreat it over your clit and then up and down over your inner labia, as they stretch to open wider, and then I spin my tongue around your vagina and then dive deeply in spooning out more juices, as I swallow to do the same thing again.

I then go back to your clit to stroke it gently up and down, with wave like rhythms. Then back into your flower to lick around your vagina over and over and then dive deep to load my tongue.

You are about to get a face full if you don't slow down a bit.

With my new load of juices I spread it all over your clit, I am grasping your buttocks and I lick up your inner thighs and then back down to lick your labiae and to dive, over and over into your pussy with my tongue, like you are being fucked by a hard dick about an inch long. I curl my tongue, and then expand your pussy by laying my tongue out and then forming a bullet, I stab back into your pussy,
I do this over and over, grasping your buttocks and holding back my cum as I can. : I stab away with my bullet tongue at your pussy, and then come back to your little man there in the boat, and I lick gently up and down on your clit over and over, as I feel you begin to seize up, shuddering, I remind you to breath.

I stick my fingers between your butt cheeks and gently probe your bum hole, not deep, just on ther surface, licking all the while the clitoris, rhythmically, and gently.

I feel you begin to shudder again, and I remind you to slow down and let the cum wash all over as you breath. I dive my tongue deeper into your pussy, as I know you really want something bigger.

I rise, and lift you to a sitting position and I sit behind you and raise your hips to my hips and throw your legs over my legs so you can be on your knees, spread over my dick, I raise you up and enter your pussy from behind, and I bounce you, with my dick pounding into you against your pubic bone,

I grasp your breasts and you join in with the motion over and over up and down. I feel you squeezing my dick with your pussy as you moan.

I kiss your back and the back of your neck, as you moan and throttle my dick with your pussy to the point where I can't hold it any more.

I explode with a load of cum inside you as you squeeze even harder.

I reach around to hold your vulva, and help you cum, gently stroking your clit : I can feel my dick still in you as you scream and moan and throw yourself back I hold your breasts with one hand, and your vulva, with the other.

I am still, but I jiggle your vulva, and you seize up again and shudder. I play you a bit not letting you down just for a while as my spent member falls out of you, pushed by your contractions.

I lay back, rotate you, hold you close and kiss your face.

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