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Location: A resort
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Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

Dave had been planning this event for some time. Angie and he both needed a welcome break from their stressful jobs. Angie was a deputy and Dave was a nurse and now with two grandkids and a possible adoption keeping their house full; they were both looking forward to this time off.

 Dave called ahead and got the massage lined up for his sexy wife. He smiled to himself as she left the hotel. What a way to start 4 days off; his wife getting a massage from a sexy lady at a place called The New Beginnings.

 As Angie left the hotel he slipped into his favorite pair of pink hip huggers and massaged Jr. through the fabric. She will be so hot when she returns and she will crave the oral she loves from him. Dave pranced in front of the mirror pulling the panties down and watching Jr. Get erects easily and he played with it to tease it. He then pulled the foreskin over it and tucked it in the satin material and lay down to wait anxiously.

 Angie was all smiles as she read the directions to the massage place and admitted to herself she was getting a little damp with arousal. She pulled her Jeep into a parking spot and walked in to meet Lisa the owner. Lisa told her she was expecting her arrival and led her to a room to undress. She returned and asked Angie did she prefer John or Michelle.

 Angie told her she thought her husband had already planned for Michelle and Lisa replied, “he did initially but he called back and told me to leave it up to his wife…he told me Angie may decide she might want a sensual massage with a guy.”

 Angie smiled back at Michelle as both John and Lisa entered the room, “Well”…as Angie’s gaze dropped to John’s athletic shorts…Angie felt embarrassed because she thought they could tell she was looking at Johns bulge….””I ah…want John” 

 Angie shook her head in disbelief as John directed her to room three. She thought as she slipped out of her panties, “Maybe Dave wants to experience some more sensual massage than Lisa could offer…….”Oh that’s too naughty she thought…well maybe I want tell him it was a guy……she then burst out in a giggle, “maybe I will”

 John enters to room several minutes later and the two engage in small talk, while Angie examines the masseuse. John is tall and thick, the opposite of her husband. He appears to be in his mid-twenties with blonde hair and fair skin. Her husband is tall at 6-0 and slim. She had always enjoyed his lithe body on top of hers during lovemaking.

John began the massage at her shoulders, rubbing warm lotion onto her bare back. Angie finds that John's thickness provided power and leverage; his strong hands felt incredible. The experience of being naked from the waist-up also felt amazing. Angie began to feel her whole body tingle.

 She thought of Dave waiting for her at the hotel. She had to giggle at the thoughts of him and his panties. He always appeared so patient but she knew he would be rubbing his Jr. As they both called it while he was waiting. They had waited a long time for this massage. Dave had promised her a sensual massage for months but the real surprise was instead of the female he had promised; John appeared. At first Angie was kind of mad but then as he started she began to let go; after all a massage was a massage.

Soon the massage progressed and as John's hands moved towards her lower back the tingle in her body became more intense. John's hands moved further south and while making his way to her buttocks he removed the towel completely.

"Oh, I'm sorry Angie, I assumed you were wearing panties," John explained, before covering her bottom half.

To Angie’s surprise, she could hear herself replying: "Lose the towel John... I'm not modest." What was she thinking, Angie thought? She didn't even like exposing herself in the women's locker room of her gym.

John did as instructed and Angie was completely exposed on the massage table. She found the combination of the air over her bare body and the feeling of his strong hands quite exhilarating. She also found herself spreading her legs farther apart as John massaged her thighs. Although John's massage technique was completely professional, Angie knew that he had a nice view of her ever moistening bush. The tingle in her body became an uncontrollable force and she found her entire body warming. She almost felt drunk from the sensation of his hands.

"John, I'd like to get a little bit of work done on my front side too," Angie explained, before flipping onto her back. Angie had always been timid. She deferred to Dave for most decisions and preferred working with children as opposed to adults, whom she felt uncomfortable around. Something about this massage, being naked in front of this stranger, was changing that.

She looked up at John, who still managed to maintain his professional demeanor. "Rub my tits, please John." The masseuse did as instructed, rubbing lotion deeply into Angie’s breasts.

"I know I have nice titties, but I think I have even nicer nipples. They get really hard," Angie says. John cannot tell if she is talking to herself or to him. "What do you think John? Do you like my titties?"

"They are very nice," John replied, continuing to rub her breasts in a circular fashion.

"This is making me really wet, John. I know you can't tell too well through all that hair, but my clit is really swollen." Damn she thought Dave has wanted it shaved for a few years and now i wished the hair was gone.

Angie doesn't know where her behavior is coming from, but she can't stop. She smiled at her self. If Dave only knew these hands massaging her were not a  then maybe he really planned this......

She grabs one of John's hands and drags it just above her now wet crotch and positions the other hard on her breast.

"You know, John, I can come without any stimulation on my clit, or in my cunt." She says as she pushes his hand hard against her pelvis, just above the start of her dark brown bush. "There is a little spot right her, above my bush that feels really good. Please feel it."

"Feel me come," she says and closes her eyes. Angie’s body convulses and waves of pleasure flow through her body as she presses her hands tightly against John's.

Angie opens her eyes and quickly stands, moving close to him. She faces John, who is easily a foot taller than her.

"I want to see your cock John. Take it out of your pants."

The masseuse stands there, motionless and still shocked at the morning’s events.

"C'mon John, I can see your dick is hard for me," Angie says, pointing to the bulge in John's jeans. He looks down and their eyes meet. "Show me that dick."

John finally complies as he cannot resist this small yet intoxicating woman. He unzips his jeans, and removes his already erect cock. Angie notices that it is much longer than Dave’s and a lot thicker as well. “Oh my goodness its twice the size of my husbands”  It is only the third prick she has ever seen and Angie is only standing inches from the tip. “The head is huge”

"Stroke your big dick for me John. Show me how you like it. I want to make you come." John strokes the shaft, staring down at this dirty-mouthed, petite seductress.

"I can't. I'm married. My wife would kill me."

"Ah, John, I'm married too. I'll tell you what. I'll stand here and you stroke your cock. You beat off don't you? Is THAT ok with your wife? This is the same thing, right? Only I want you to think about me when you rub that huge thick cock of yours."

Angie’s words make John harder and he begins stroking the shaft, gripping firmly with his right hand at the base.

"Imagine your cock inside my tight little pussy, John. Imagine me on my back, you pounding my cunt. Imagine my wetness. You already made me come once. Make me come again." Angie lies on her back on the floor, her knees in the air.

"Come on me, John. If you aren't going to fuck me, it's the least you can do. Think about fucking me…. Using me."

Angie slides a finger between her legs and watches John stroke his cock, his hand moving faster and with more purpose.

"That's it John. Think about me. Think about coming in me."

John can contain himself no longer. He pushes his pants and boxers to his ankles and joins Angie on the floor and in one fluid motion he is fully inside of her and thrusting his large dick fully into her waiting cunt.

Angie can't believe how good the foreign member feels. His large body feels different that Dave’s, his barreled chest pushed firmly against her cute tits.

"Fuck me harder, harder, harder........"

Angie grabs the discarded towel to muffle her moans. She can feel John getting close, his pounding quickening. His body spasms and she orgasms as she feels his come explode from his cock-head. One, two, three, four spurts of come erupt deep into her pussy as muffled moans escape from her mouth. "Come with me John, Come with me."

He collapses on top of her, his still erect penis still filling her.

"That was wonderful John. That is only the third dick I've ever been fucked by," Angie says, as she rolls John off of her and slides his come-drenched cock out of her. She stands and dresses quickly, opening the door into the outer hall and exiting before he can say anything, his pants and boxers still around his ankles.


Angie arrives back at the hotel at 11:30, surprised to see her husband still in panties but with a huge wet spot in the middle. Dave lies back on the bed and smiles as he watches TV.

Looking up Dave smiled, "Hello dear, I decided to wait on you here and i will admit I had naughty thoughts on the cute girl giving my sexy wife a sensual massage. So did she hit the right spots?”
 "It was excellent, my lovely husband. Thank you for the Valentine's Day present."

Angie moves toward Dave and climbs onto the bed. She slides her sweatshirt off and then shares a deep kiss with her increasingly aroused husband. Angie slowly unbuttons her husband's shirt and rubs his thin but muscular chest. "The massage was a new experience. John was excellent," Ann responds. "I think I'd like to try another massage sometime."
 Dave grins and says, “John?”.......”I thought her name was Lisa.”

Angie removes her sweatpants and kicks off her thongs. She pushes Dave onto his back and straddles his chest, then moves her hips towards his face so that she is now sitting on his collarbone.

"Dear, what is all this on your thighs and pussy?" Dave asks, his voice muffled as Angie presses her crotch closer to his face.

"Oh, that's John's come, dear," Angie replies, pushing her cunt hard onto her husband's face.

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