My love, the service girl   added 7 years ago
  By: Sangtien  Age: 35  Country: Vietnam

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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I suppose most people who want to sexually dominate also have a softer side. This is truly taken from my life, though a the last portion is fantasy, albeit a non-sexual fantasy.

There is a girl I have grown to love. She is a prostitute, in a formal sense. She works at a bar, drinks with the guests and, for $20, goes home with whomever wants to take her. The owner of the place, whom I do not know personally, tends to give her to his friends because she treats them well. She certainly does. She is gorgeous, small but with larger breasts than you tend to see in this part of the world. And she will do anything, and do it with grace and courtesy and… sweetness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I don’t know how else to describe it. I held her in my arms and, even the first time, she held me as if she loved me. And I fucked her until four in the morning, and talked, and fucked. Any way I liked and without hesitation. I can still see her on top of me, arching her back as her long black hair flowed down to her ass, her breasts thrust out, heaving with the exertion, as she rode me. 

But it was the talking that softened my heart. She talked about everything, and for some reason she spoke from her heart in a way I have not heard a girl speak to me before or since. Around 3 am I asked her how she lost her virginity-- She was 18. A Chinese businessman had approached her older sister and said that he wanted to have a virgin. He offered the older sister $250 if she would convince her younger sister to go with him. She was also to receive $250. Her father had left her and her younger sister from before she could remember. Ever since, her mother had moved with the two girls from one village to the next, looking for work. She decided she was old enough to help her family, so she agreed. She did not go into great details, only saying that the man was more than 50 and he was large. His cock also, was large, she explained without emotion, so that she bled ‘enough to soak two small towels.’

So she became a prostitute. Now, seven years later, many, many men have used her, sometimes two or three at a time. Sometimes they beat her if she does not do what they want. But she is so sweet. The money she makes she uses to send her younger sister to college. Her sister does not know.  

But here is my fantasy. It is two-fold really. I dream of killing that man. Strangely, the desire to take a virgin is not a reprehensible desire. In that sense I do not know why I hate him. But because he took that virgin… because she bled and because I love her—I cannot forgive him. I would kill him with as little emotion as she explained how he hurt her and how she bled that first time.

…and I want to spirit her away. To reclaim the sweet girl who lost her innocence in such a wretched way. The girl who is still so sweet, but who has detached from her body which has been used and beaten, and used again.

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