Having my wife taken   added 7 years ago
  By: Sangtien  Age: 35  Country: Vietnam

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Categories: Other men, Identified partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: white(f) black(M) wife-sharing
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Nature: I will tell you later
For some time now I have had a fantasy of sharing my wife. I have noticed this a common theme on this site, though I cannot explain how this arises in our psyche so often. Surely the rules of ‘ownership’ and of jealousy would make us feel otherwise? But yet, still this fantasy…

We used to live in London. My wife a petite redhead (5’1”, 105lbs) with a perfect body but a shy, easily embarrassed personality, would not be likely to share my enthusiasm for this fantasy (in truth, I have not shared it with her). At that time, we lived in a flat below a fellow from Barbados. We were new in town and he, though younger than us, was something of the long-time resident who wanted to show us around. He was the sort of good looking fellow with excesses of friendliness and confidence. I noticed, however, that he was attracted to my wife. While usually somewhat socially dominant, I felt that my position as the new-comer, and being physically smaller than him, put me in a somewhat submissive position to him, which is probably where this fantasy came from. In truth, it is more of an image than a fantasy, but my being something of a ‘virgin’ at fantasy-sharing, I hope you will bear with me:

He stands behind her, literally twice her size, dominating her and, by extension, dominating me as I allow this to happen. Her hands are against the wall and she is moaning, partly from the pleasurable sensation of having his manhood inside of her pussy, and partly from the pain of taking in a man larger than me. He holds her breasts, reaching around from behind, as he thrusts into her. His dreadlocks swaying back and forth as he pumps her…

As the ecstasy builds, my wife leans back against him as his thrusts lift her up. He wraps his arms around her chest, supporting her body weight so that she does not have to support everything, shafted on his cock as he penetrates her.

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