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Categories: Anal Sex
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Location: My House
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Nature: Agressive

Im working as a secretary,
But in Korean factory, you need to do everything... anyway.. Its ok bec sometimes being secretary must be boring,

Our boss is always out of town,, we are only eight person in the office,five guys and three girls, we are helping each other from time to time.. we leaving in one apartment too.. three of the guy in our group was married already but far in his family..

All of us (girl)was single but all have sex experience, actually Im getting old as single but I am enjoying my life so far, the two guy of our group is single and the funny things is dont have any experience in sex.. so Im just thinking.. I like that.. very innocent,then one day we are all in the apartment but still early,
boring... nothing to do, I cook dinner as our routine schedule,its my turn, all of them watching TV and waiting for the food,

When Im just cooking, I saw Jay,one of the single co-worker go to the bath room and take a bath,
after that.. go back again in the group and watching TV, one of my co-worker Edgar asking a joke.. why your front pants is like that.. have looking a partner?.. being a single person he blush and become very red bec as we notice is true... not a normal size i thought.. then all laugh..

Edgar ask me that you want to bless the virginity of Jay,,, all is Joking but for me I can.. so I answer if he want why not... again he looks very red.. then after dinner.. all is asking me and continue joking for Jay, but I feel so excited.. after 20 mins of asking ang joking for that kind of issue, Edgar start the scene..
he and Elsa,one of my girl co worker have a relationship.. but I know just for fun only bec like what ive said Edgar has a family already,

Edgar call Elsa and asking to make a sample to Jay, so two of them start a scene but very daring... two are fully naked in front of us.. but we are eight so how about the two guys Elsa said.. then I answer,no problem we share... in all the things in the house we are share so i think should be no problem if we share together also in happines, all is agree.. even Edgar and Elsa,

So we start our scene... but I concentrate to Jay that i know he dont know what he feel... I think very nervous.. then I start for him..but after I taking out all my dress, he come to me and he full my body as like as a very hungry man...

I feel a little bit shocked but I let him to continue.. he touch my breast, fingering my pussy, all he can do as fast as he can.. then he lye me down in the sofa and he open my legs and start to lick my pussy using his tounge.. but very hot.. that scene..

I surprise what he doing.. he takes more than 20 min to lick my pussy and I almost cum already, so nice... but all is busy and as I can see all doing a different style.. all share but I understand that me is just only for Jay that night.. he need to fell the good of sex..

So we continue until morning and we all sleep in the sofa, we are very tired after that, around two o'clock in the morning.. I wake up and I see all looks very tired but have a smile in face, meaning all is satiesfied what happen, Jay also wake up but he request to me to continue so we transfer to my room bec I dont want to bother all my co-worker, so we can continue until he really satiesfied,

Luckyly its sunday, no work..but as I noticed he really enjoy what he doing and I cannot see him to feel tired.. he touching my breast... licking my pussy.. fingering.. if her cock feel hard again, he insert again to my pussy until he finish.. then fingering again.. and believe me.. we do it same thing until 10 am.. we feel very hungry so thats why we stop and checking if have something to eat, all my co worker is not in the leaving room already,

All go inside in the room,and as I noticed.. all are continue also, so we eat first then take a shower, take a rest just only ten minutes i think, then Jay is request again to continue.. we stay in the room whole day and I allowed Jay to do what he want... I know that he really satiesfied for his first time and he never forget that.

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