A very good day at work!!   added 6 years ago
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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur, Oral Sex, Identified partner
Location: My desk at work
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
Here I am at work. standing and chatting with a co-worker, when I feel a light touch moving up my leg. I thought nothing of it, because the co-worker I was chatting with was dress very provocatively and she is very hot! Of course, whenever I see her I feel a slight stirring in my pants,thus the light movement in my pant leg was probably from that blood movement to my crotch. She always talked about the women she dated which always made her that much hotter to me. She had never mentioned any men in her social life, so I assumed she was only into women. Much to my chagrin.

She is a perfect female~~ at least for me~~ She is a busty, voluptuous redhead with a great sense of humor and very intelligent and a smile that makes me shutter. We have had drinks as colleagues before and there was/is always some causal friendship flirtations but never led anywhere but me returning home taking a shower and relieving my tension by my lonesome, but with dreams of her in my shower with me.


Anyway while I had to depart our conversation to attend a boring meeting, which made it all the more difficult not to drift back to thoughts of her and her sexuality during this boring meeting. Of course as I did this the blood flow began its trip to my crotch again!! Damn, I was so very horny! Well the meeting ends and I return to my office, my penis still engorged a bit, but not so much to be obvious. Perhaps I should have made it obvious because we did have a couple office errrrr........ sluts who probably would have been happy to relieve my tension caused by my redheaded colleague who was beginning to become an obsession! But I just meandered back to my office to go over some reports.


I grab some water and sit at my desk, when my red headed fantasy comes to my office and asks if I have a few minutes. My initial reaction was to say no because she had already frustrated me all morning and this would just make things worse. But again that smile made me say yes. She close my door and came and sat across from me. She strangely looked a bit uneasy, very unlike her. Then once again I felt that light touch on my pant leg. My mind was bouncing all over. She began to talk about her girlfriend and her desire to hook up with a man and have a threesome. Damn I am getting so hard now, feeling kind of nervous and shaky.

She continued that she had mentioned to her girlfriend that I would be perfect. She turned red I am sure if I had any blood left in my upper head I was red also. I found it difficult to stammer out any thing, when I felt my balls being caressed. I hear this voice come out from under my desk that said, "I believe he wants to accept our invitation". Her Girlfriend was under my desk! Holy crap I though my heart was going to pound out of my chest or my penis would break off!!! She already had my pants down to my ankles and licking me so amorously. She was also a redhead and stunningly sexy.

 My colleague. Colleen, came around the desk and kissed her girlfriend then kissed me. She began unbuttoning my shirt  and loosened my tie. I was exploring her supple body I had dreamed so many times before, it was even better. Her girlfriend, whose name I learned was Ginger, has licking and sucking on my ball. While Ginger was using her talented tongue, Colleen's clothes were flying everywhere. her sweet breasts were swaying so  sensually. I went to suck on her hardened nipples, when they both helped me to the floor. I got a much better look at Ginger, she too is so very stunning!  This truly was a fantasy! but it was real!! Colleen begins to wiggle down on my rock hard dick as she winks at me! Ginger climbs on my mouth and demands service on her clit. Damn I feel as though I died and went to heaven.

I can tell she is a sexual dynamo, her clit is as hard as my dick. She is very vocal too. she is moaning and cumming very quickly. As she is cumming see Colleen pinching her nipples very hard. Ginger says to Colleen, "I told you this would be great". I am about to explode into my fantasy woman, I feel her tight pussy contracting on my very happy dick as I explode into her. she is yelling too, When Ginger tells Colleen she wants to taste both of our love juices mingled together. She begins to lick our juices out of Colleen, before she does she looks lustily at me and says you better get ready I am not done with you!  

I go to caress and suckle on Colleen's heaving breasts  and soon move to her sexy mouth and plat tonsil hockey with her, while she rubs my dick and I finger Ginger's sweet asshole. Both of these hot women are moaning and cumming again!! My dick is recuperating more quickly then usual.Thes two women have moved together and are kissing so lustfully I almost feel guilty watching them they are whispering to one another. I am so into this great experience I have forgotten I am at work. Soon Ginger looks at me and  and says, "Well I have waited long enough, are you going to fuck me or what?"   In  lower voice then usual, (not sure where that voice came from)I say, "Oh Hell yes I am." I roll her over and fuck her doggie style my balls slapping against her sweet ass..

Colleen is just laying there watching  and smiling and cheering us on. I am so energized as I flip her over and put her sexy legs on my shoulders and ram her hard and deeply her eyes are rolling around in her head, as Colleen begins biting her nipples, she screams at me to cum and grabs my ass so to stop me from ramming inside of her. We both are cumming, her cum is so hot! All three of us collapse together  in exhaustion, well at least I am!  Colleen reminds us all we are at work. we all begin to try to put ourselves together. I get a kiss from Colleen and a thank you and she suggests that Ginger wait a few minutes before leaving. I laugh and she looks at Ginger and says, "only a few minutes, sugar!! ok?? We will have him for dinner tonight!!" she laughs as does Ginger. They never asked me but I guess my answer was obvious!! 

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