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This all started a year or so ago. I wanted to have sex but my girlfriend wasn't in the mood. I went off in a bit of a huff. I went to the bedroom and popped in a video. I took my clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed and started to masturbate. I laid back and was quite enjoying myself lets say. My girlfriend Meagan, heard the video and me and decided to come have a look. She stood in the doorway and watched me. I came after a few minutes and then I stood up to go take a quick shower.

Afterwards I came back out wearing just the bath towel and Meagan started telling me how "Hot" that was. It really turned her on. It was the first time I had done that in front of her. She asked if I could do it again for her. After a few minutes I agreed. I grabbed some lotion and worked it on my cock. Soon I was hard and slowly teasing myself, I stood up and came for her.

This "routine" was soon a normal part of our sex life. I would jerk off for her several times a week and several more times on the weekends. Most of time Meagan would tease me, she'd put on a short skirt and sit across from me and slowly lift it and spread her legs. She loved teasing me. I loved it as well. Meagan's friend Alley was staying with us for a weekend while she was having some painting done at her place. Alley (Allison) is a bit older than myself and Meagan, but they work together and have gone out several times for a girls night. So this wasn't really anything new. Alley is in her 40's and still atrractive and in shape.

The second night of her stay we had went out for dinner and had come home and started enjoying some drinks. I will say this about Allison, she had a perfect pair of D sized tits. I had been trying to sneak a peek at those for quite some time. While I was in the kitchen getting more snacks I happened to make that comment to Meagan. Allison had a tight fitting white blouse on and you could clearly see the outline of her bra through the material. Meagan laughed it off and went back to the living room. It took me a few more minutes with the snacks before joining them.

I came back to the girls giggling and giving me some strange looks. Obviously Meagan had told Allison what I had said about her breasts. Meagan leaned into me and whispered "If you jerk off for us, She might show you her tits". I was speechless. I just looked at Meagan and said What? "You heard what I said" was her reply. I did hear and just couldn't believe it. Meagan reached down and started rubbing my crotch. I instantly started getting hard. Without another word I undid my jeans and slid them off. Meagan reached behind the sofa and had a bottle lotion all ready to go, imagine that. I took of my shirt and started to oil my cock for the ladies.

It was a bit awkward at first but I found myself really getting into it. I stroked my shaft a bit while massaing my balls, then just stop and let the girls get good look. They could see it throbbing. It was an intense sensation, I had never before been naked with two clothed woman watching me jerk off. Meagan enjoyed watching Allison's reaction. They both started to say things like " I bet that feels really good doesn't it" and other little nasty sayings, and I must admit it was getting me even hotter. It wasn't long before I was going to cum . They could tell I was getting close. I looked at Allison and said "Please show me your tits". Allison stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. My cock was aching so bad, I had to stop stroking it for fear of cumming to early. While Allison was unbuttoning her blouse I stood right in front of her to get the best view I could.

She opened her blouse in front to show me what I'd been waiting to see. A pair of big perfect tits in a see thru bra. I could clearly see her nipples which were now erect. "Oh my God" was all I could come up with. I had never been so horny in all my life. I just reached out and took those tits in each hand. I couldn't keep my hands off them or my mouth either. I leaned in started to suck her nipples through her bra. Allison pushed me back a bit and undid the front clasp of her bra and let it fall away. I fondled and kissed each nipple. She gently pushed me back and said"thats enough for now". I looked right into her eyes and started to cum. I shot a huge load for them. Meagan said " I think he really likes your tits".

I took a shower to rejuvenate myself and came back to the living room wearing just a towel.
The girls began to gently rub my chest and legs and soon the towel was on the floor.
I sat with my head on Alley's lap so she could hold her breast's in my face. I suckled those while I stroked my cock erect for them. Later the girls would take turns sitting over my face in their panties while I was stroking myself. They were really teasing the hellout of me. Finally I was going to cum. They both sat on the couch and spread their legs wearing just their tight white panties. I leaned in and put my face in each of their pantied crotch's, the aroma was intoxicating. I leaned as far back as I could and shot another load of cum for them.

It was quite a weekend...

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