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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner
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Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

Diana jumped on the crowded tube as she did every day after work. She didn't know it but she was about to enjoy the most amazing sexual experience.

Just before she entered the train Steve had got on and was crushed in the corner behind her and couldn't move. Through no one's fault their bodies touched and Diana turned and looked at Steve in shock at what she thought had just happened. She had felt what seemed like a cucumber hanging down in his trousers half way to his knees. Steve just smiled back in a "come on" sort of way.

What Diana did next shocked her as she dropped her hand down and felt the cucumber. It was thicker than her wrist and as long as her forearm but it felt really good. She stroked it gently and it started to grow.

Steve said quietly so no one else could hear "If you keep doing that every one will be able to see it. Would you like to come back to my hotel." She shocked herself again by simply smiling and nodding yes.

They entered his room and Diana said immediately "I have to ask right away. Can I see if that thing is real?! Steve dropped his pants and she looked on astonished. "That is over twice as big as any I've ever seen before!" She said as she grabbed it with both hands. It was too thick to get her fingers around.

Slowly she started to stroke it and it began to grow and grow ever bigger. When it was rock hard it reached from her wrist to her elbow and beyond and was too thick to fit in her mouth.

She was already very wet and excited but also a bit scared of this monster weapon. What next" said Steve.

Diana replied "Part of me wants a guy to rip me apart but another part of me wants him to be gentle. I'm not sure I could take this."

"It's OK" said Steve "I will be gentle at first and I have an inflatable dildo we can use so you can get used to the size."

Amazingly to herself she agreed and they undressed each other and got on the bed. All the time she was looking at his huge cock which seemed to be growing bigger.

After some long tender foreplay when Diana came several times and could wait no longer Steve gently pushed the dildo into her. Slowly its full 8 inch length went in as she moaned and wriggled in pleasure. Steve began to pump up the dido which got thicker and thicker as Diana felt it grow slowly inside her. "Not too much" she said "but keep going". It was now over 2 and a half inches thick and she was fucking it herself and coming time after time.

"I want you now" she said "I can't wait any longer"

She jumped astride of him and almost had to stand up so that the tip of his cock was below her body. She slowly dropped down and after the initial shock of taking in his width she moved down the shaft. "Take your time" he said as she slipped up and down about half the length of it.

After a while and some struggle their bodies almost touched. She had taken all but the last two inches inside her. She started to rock and slide up and down faster and faster as she came again and again. "Fuck me, fuck me" she screamed.

Steve flipped her over and began to thrust into her slowly at first but getting faster and faster. She moaned and screamed in pain and pleasure at the same time. "Please stop" she shouted and then immediately "yes, oh yes, give me more".

Steve was now building to a crescendo his thrusts going deeper and deeper her moans and screams getting louder. There bodies touched together as his whole length was now buried deep inside her and they finally came together in one almighty finish.

After a while Diana said "You were gentle at first and thank you for that. Then you ripped me apart and thank you even more for that."

Steve smiled and said "Next time lets see if you can take it even bigger."

"You can get it bigger?" She gasped.

"Yes" said Steve, "but that's for next time."

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