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Categories: The Fetishists, Masturbation, Romantic Setting/Exotic, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: An airplane
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Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I love to travel but don’t go as much as I would like. However today was different. I had been saving money to take a trip to Europe for a long time, and today was the day that I would leave. I hoped that the trip would be memorable, and looking back I know it was one of my greatest memories.

How my trip began:

It’s late night, and I am at the Airport catching a red eye to Europe. I have checked my bags, and went through the massive security checks. Sitting at the gate, I open my book to read, when I noticed this incredibly handsome man, sit down across from me. He is so handsome that it causes me to take a second look. Tall, athletic, and well dressed. Trying not to get caught looking at him I go back to my book and start reading. Suddenly I hear the flights boarding call. “First Class” that’s me, so I gather my things and head to the gate. I notice a few people behind me, and the man. He is so handsome; I just can’t stop looking at him. The lady at the gate ask me for my ticket and snaps me back into reality. Handing her my ticket, I begin to board the plan.

I have made it to my seat, and have put my things away. I had just settled into my seat, when the handsome man sits down in the seat across the aisle from me. For a moment I thought “oh god, I am gonna be on a plan for 8 hours with this hot guy, and will not even be able to touch myself.” He put his things away and sat down. As he sat down he gave me smile, and said hello. Once he said hello, I felt my pussy start to get wet. He had an English accent, which is huge turn on for me.

The plan takes off, and I settle in for the long flight. I notice that he keeps looking over at me, and then back at the papers he is reading. I saw him looking and looked up at him. He smiled and we began to have small talk. He had been on a business trip to the states and was heading home. He said he had been away from home for over a month and was looking forward to getting home. With each word that came from his mouth, my pussy got wetter and wetter. His accent was so sexy, that I wanted to start touching myself. I know this is strange, but it’s a real turn on for me. We chatted for about an hour.

The seat next me was empty and he asked if he could move into the seat so that we could continue to talk without disturbing the sleeping man next to him. I told him yes, and moved over so he could sit down. As I moved into the other seat I was I was afraid that my pussy juice might have gotten on the seat as I was wearing a skirt with no panties. To my shock when I moved………….oh god it had a wet spot. He noticed this and just gave me a smile at sat down. He gave me a grin, and asked if flying made me hot. I gave him a sheepish smile, and said no, but the conversation did. Smiling he said why the conversation? I admitted to him that English accents were a real turn on for me. He laughed and told me that he had to admit something to me.

He then took my hand and placed it on his cock………….to my surprise he was almost hard. He then admitted that my accent got him hot too. I am from a small town in TN and have a very thick country accent. Slow Southern draw to be exact. He said he had always dreamed of meeting a girl from the country. I never moved my hand from his cock. I could feel it grow. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I wanted him to touch me, and caress me while he whispered in my ear. I began to slowly stroke him through his pants. His breathing became heavier as did mine.

Just then the stewardess came by and I managed to get my hand off his cock. She asked if we needed anything and said “ I believe my new friend is cold, could you give us a blanket.” I gave him a look and he just smiled at me. I was not cold, in fact I was hot as hell, and just wanted him to touch my pussy.

The stewardess returned with the blanket, and he put it over my legs, giving me a wink. The he moved his hand under the blanket he slowly caressed my inner thigh. I wanted to cum then and there. He moved his finger to my pussy lips and slowly rubbed. His finger moved to my already wet clit, and he began to massage. Faster, faster he went, moving from my clit to fingering me over, and over. I wanted to start bucking my hips, and moaning but I knew that I had to be quiet. Faster, and faster he went, I could not take it anymore, and orgasm all over his fingers. I let out a gently moan, and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, this made me wanna fuck him.

He then reached back and laid the back of our seats back to a reclining position. Pulling the blanket over both of us. In his sexy voice he said “turn on your side sweetheart, I need you.” I was at his command. I turned to my side, and felt his hand pull my skirt up. I heard him unzip, and felt his cock against my ass. Pushing me forward a bit, he adjusted my hips so that his cock could reach my dripping wet pussy. He moved closer and shoved his cock in my pussy. I let a louder moan. He again whispered in my ear “honey you must be quiet the entire time, no one must hear us.” This made me even hotter. The thought of fucking on a plane with people around, just made me so hot, I thought my pussy was going to explode. Slowly he slid his thick cock in and out of my pussy. His cock was so thick. He must have fucked me like this for over an hour. Slow, long steady strokes. I got off at least 5 times. Finally he said that he was going to cum, and started to pull out. I pressed against him, and told him to cum in me, I wanted it. I could feel his hot cum feel my pussy full. It was amazing.

After the plan landed we said good-bye, but I will never forget the night I took the red eye to Europe.


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