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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

She was often round at our house. For some reason, despite the age difference, my Mum and she had become close, swapping stories in the kitchen, in the garden. You could often hear them laughing together, though they had long serious chats as well. She was late 20s and whenever the moment was right, she’d give me a smile or a wink, telling my Mum what a handsome boy I was, and how I’d make a wonderful boyfriend for some lucky girl. I fancied her so much. Lucy was perfect, lovely figure with slim, long legs, always dressed in the sort of flimsy clothes that made her float. But I had no idea how to make a move, or tell her that I thought about her most nights.


And so came the day when they'd been out picking and Mum gave her a sack of apples, and asked me to put them in the back of Lucy’s car, and asked me to go home with her so I could carry them down to the cellar.

“Is that okay?” said Lucy, “I don’t want to be a nuisance”.

“No problem”, I said, and soon we were on the way.


She had a nice house, in the country, and the windows were open, warm lazy summer day. Her husband, can’t remember his name, worked for a tea company, and was travelling somewhere. I'd met him before, and remember he was quite a lot older than she.


I put the apples down in the cellar and came back up. She asked me if I’d like a drink or something. I looked around the massive open plan kitchen snug sitting room.

“Sure”, I said, and went over to the baby grand. “Can I play?”

“That would be great” she said.


I played bits and pieces, and she came over with a fruit juice, and put it on the piano.


“You’re really good”, she said, and she was standing close to me, just behind me, to my right. I could sense her there, could smell her, a mix of light perfume and summer smells, and the apples. I carried on playing, starting to feel turned on. I felt the beginnings of stiffening in my pants, and thickening in my throat. Still playing I leaned back just a tiny bit so that my back touched her ever-so-lightly. She didn’t move away. I carried on playing, my hands were feeling good.


“Can I ask you something?” said Lucy.

“Sure”, I said

“Are you a virgin?” and it seemed her voice trembled just a little.

I trembled more than just a little, and felt myself blushing deeply, and was just so embarrassed. I was ashamed still to be a virgin, but the chance had never come my way. It seemed ridiculous. My sisters said I was really good looking, and I was aware that girls looked at me. But I was shy and couldn't get over it.

“Yes”, I said, feeling miserable, still having not much idea where all this might just be going. I guess she knew though. Those 10 years extra made a lot of difference.


“Do you ever masturbate?” she asked, and the words came out slowly, her voice sounding a little slurred, as though her tongue had gone slow.


I hadn’t expected her to ask me that, and I was taken aback, and blurted out “yes and when I do, I think of you”.


“But why didn’t you tell me before?” she asked fast and loudly and instinctively, and I didn’t see any reason to answer. I guess I’d lost my piano-playing concentration by then, and she stroked my shoulder in a sort of sisterly, motherly, girlfriend way. I’m not sure which, all this was so new.


“Don’t be embarrassed” she said, and her voice was so soft and gentle again. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, sure, I’m fine”, I said, and I guess I was. Here was the woman who I’d first seen only a few months ago, who I fancied like hell, and who was the centre of all my fantasies. Pretty advanced fantasies they were too, for a 19 year old virgin. And here she was standing close to me, with her hand on my shoulder, and starting to talk intimacies.


“When you think about me like that, when you’re masturbating I mean, do you have fantasies about me?”


I lost my hard-earned composure, and gulped. “Well yes, of course”, I said. Who would masturbate without fantasies? What fun would there be? I guess that’s why my fantasies had moved to advanced level.


“Would you like to tell me about them?” she asked. It seemed every time I was able to start breathing after the last question, she’d increase the pressure with the next one. But this time, she seemed to anticipate that she was asking too much all in one go, and she said, “Look, I can help you tell me. I can ask you this and that and guide you all the way through. Just you say yes and no”. I thought I understood her so I said “sure”, and she kissed the side of my neck gently. I could have sworn her lips were trembling a little. And I’m still certain that the hand on my shoulder was shivering, as if she were cold. Looking back, I’m not surprised. She knew what was coming.





“Stand up and face me” she said, and I did. “These fantasies of yours, do they start with us together, dressed, like this?"

“Yes” I said, and I leaned my face towards hers. I couldn’t stop myself. God, I was so inexperienced. I kissed her forehead, and my lips moved through her hair towards her ears, and then down to her neck, and then up over her throat to her lips. I felt so clumsy. She put her hands on either side of my face and kissed me. Gently then harder. Expertly.


Her face was sort of perfect. Blondish, full lips, blue eyes, perfect silk hair. Nose a little upturned, like a doll.


She put her hands on my chest and pushed a little. “I want to know your fantasy” she said. “Every detail”.


I felt my eyes water. How was this going to happen? And what would happen later?


“In your fantasies” she asked, “do we start like this, with clothes on, and kissing?”


“Yes” I said, “I guess so”.

“And do our clothes start to come off some time?”

“Yes” I said

“Do we undress each other?”

“Well sort of, sometimes” I said.

“Well sort of what?” she asked, her voice sounding a little strained.

“Well, sometimes, I imagine I take off some of your clothes, most of your clothes, but you always take off your panties” I said. I was feeling more confident.

“I think you’re going to have to show me” she said, and she took my hand and led the way upstairs. She left me in their bedroom, and went through a door into what I guessed was the bathroom.


I always find it odd to be in a bedroom in the daytime. Bedrooms are meant to be used at night, dark, curtains closed, lamp-lit. But here I was, sun-filled bedroom, tidy, a woman’s place it felt. Smells of perfumes and freshly ironed bed linen. I was looking at the bookshelves when she came back. She'd been quite a while, and her face was flushed. She was wearing the same mid-thigh mini skirt, no shoes and her feet looked comfortable in the thick carpet. She had a longish blouse, so flimsy, with three small buttons at the back. I could tell that the bra was white and lacy. She came straight over to me, putting her hands on my chest, smiling. She smelled gorgeous. God, how I wanted to taste her. “You were going to show me how we undressed” she said.


I kissed her gently on the lips, less awkwardly than before, and putting my hands on her shoulders, turned her round. I kissed her neck, kissed the buttons, and undid them. Still kissing her neck, my hands started stroking her breasts through her blouse. She sank against me with her back, purring. My hands moved over her stomach, down her mini, feeling her hip bones and shapes and curves, all so new to me. I lifted her blouse from the waist, and started raising it over her shoulders. She lifted her arms, and the blouse seemed to float off her, while I kissed the soft tanned skin of her shoulders and between her shoulders, and slowly down her spine. Her skin was so warm, and smelled so special. My lips seemed to move on autopilot, and I kissed the waistband of her mini, and kissed lower, hard through the skirt, down to the underside of her ass, kissing into her. Still, she returned my pressure, and with my hands on her hips, I pulled her back towards my face.


“My bra?” she said, bringing me back to the reality of her bedroom. I slowly stood, kissing her up her spine, and worked out how to undo the strap at the back. She shrugged off the bra and turned to face me. Her breasts were as beautiful as I’d expected. Full, not large, but like ripe peaches, and for the first time in my life, I bent to kiss a woman’s nipples. She pushed me back so gently, so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was more comfortable like that, and I just carried on kissing and licking. Her hands were in my hair, on my cheeks, stroking me hard, and urging me on without a word. I moved my head lower, kissing her stomach, poking my tongue into her belly button. She squirmed and laughed. “mmmmmmm” she said, then pulling me up so that she could kiss my mouth, and then pushing me back down again. “Is this how your fantasy usually goes?” she asked.


“It’s perfect” I said, and it was. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I pushed her gently and she took a step back. That gave me space to kneel down in front of her. I went back to kissing her belly button, and then started kissing her lower and harder, feeling the hardness of her pubic bone, and then the softness below it. I reached around behind her, and managed the button and zipper of her miniskirt, and she didn’t object at all when I slid it down over her hips. When it fell to her ankles, she kicked it away, and came back in front of me so I could continue kissing her, now through her delicate white lacy French knickers. God she was a dream. And as I kissed, I realised she was wet and that excited me more, and I started licking her through the flimsy material. With my nose, I stroked her where I thought she might like to be stroked. With the middle finger of her left hand, she stroked up her own thigh and slid the finger into her soft cunt, and then stroked her finger against my lips. She lightly raised the crotch of the knickers to the side, and with her right hand on the back of my head, drew me into her. The smell and wetness seemed familiar from my dreams.


“Aren’t you going to take my knickers off?” she asked, and her voice was very thick.


“No” I said. “In my fantasy, it’s you who takes them off”.


And she stood back from me, and while her beautiful body slowly bent as she removed her knickers, I threw off my clothes and lay down on her bed. She looked down at me with an almost imperceptible question in her eyes. I replied with an equally imperceptible nod of my head, and she put her left knee next to my face, and with both hands on my face and with eyes fixed on mine, she lifted her right leg, straddled me, and knelt over me. Still, she looked down at me with a mixture of a question and hope, and seeing my expression, she lowered herself onto me. I put my tongue into her sweet wetness and licked upwards and downwards, and putting my hands under her buttocks, I raised her a little so that I could kiss the softness of her thighs. Her eyes stayed locked on mine; her hands were behind my head again, and she raised my head as she lowered herself onto me, and with slow sweeping urges, she slid herself repeatedly over my face from chin to forehead. I licked and we could hear my licking, and the wetness of it. Her pressure on me increased and she came and she came and she shuddered and she held my head against her. I never wanted it to stop. She opened her eyes and our eyes met. She smiled.


“You’re turn” she said, and gently she unwound herself from me, and turning, she straddled me again, ass over my chest, as the tip of her tongue met with the tip of my prick for the first time. As her lips encircled me, she straightened her back and I felt her breasts on my stomach; her gorgeous ass slid over me chest towards me and I kissed the smooth skin. I felt her pressure, and instinctively, I knew she wanted more. I licked her sweet juices, and for the first time, my tongue slid so easily between her cheeks, and probed her hole. She thrilled and the excitement raised my own as I French kissed deeply into her ass. I came without end into her mouth and when our bodies stopped their straining and arching, heavy relaxation starting to overcome us. She slid off me, and turning, brought her face up to mine.


“Was that your fantasy?” she asked.


“Yes, and better” I said.


“Next time, it’s my fantasy” she laughed. “And I’m going to invite Linda.”


“Yes” I said


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