Part One..Not So Bored Now...   added 7 years ago
  By: ninnypyesmilk  Age: 39  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex, Other women, Identified partner, Romantic Setting/Exotic
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
... mmmm ladies. Remember the boring days of college. Oh but there were ways of passing the time. I remember sitting there, my cunt pressing against the seat. Then my mind wandering. OH thinking of the quit girl next to me. With her tight buttoned shirt. Awkwardly exposing her white lace bra. She was so nerdy, but she deserves attention too. I myself, was considered popular you would say. Popular for being friendly I guess. But i had been told enough how i should I had an idea I wasn't too bad looking.

One boring day after getting stoned before class. I found myself fantasizing about the girl sitting next to me. How she probably hadn't had an orgasm and how i could make her cum.
She asked to use the restroom
This couldn't be a coincidence.
I waited a minute and asked to be excused also.
I followed her to the restroom.
I heard her finish and flush.
Then she opened the door.
As she opened I said her name softly.
She looked suprised but i asked her if I could kiss her.
She was so shocked but didn't stop me.
I went in the restroom with her. Kissing her.
I put my hand up her skirt.
I had to make this quick.
She was already wet lol
Shit she had been wanting me.

Her cunt was pulsating, making my cunt even wetter.
I shoved 3 fingers in her and started to pulsate.
I shoved her dress up and pulled her panties to the side.
I dug my tounge into her. I felt her get tight. Wanting me all the more.
She must have felt like a dream......hell it was for me.
I had fucked so many. But this was different.
I ate her quick. Licking, nibbling, tugging at her clit.
She wanted to scream.
I then added the fourth finger as I french kissed her cunt.
I felt her vibrating.
She was about to explode.
She really was a pretty girl.
Her cunt was sweet and so neatly waxed.
and the smell of her perfume.
What a suprise for me.
She came so hard.
Cum streaming from that kitty.
She pulled me up.
She kissed ME, kissing me hard.
She said next time.
It's your turn.

We went out of the stall. washed up and put on our lipstick.
And returned to class.
No more boredom.

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