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I'd been sent to a conference weekend along with two colleagues, Karen and Linda. The hotel we had beenput up in was one of those annoying ones on the outskirts of a city so by the time the day's events finished and we'd had some dinner it would have been a bit of a chore to try and get into the city to go for a few drinks, so we went to the hotel bar, but as usual it was pretty steep price-wise. Fortunately I had been to several of these things before and planned ahead; in my room I had a couple of bottles of red wine stashed and even the plastic glasses to go with it, so the three of us headed up to my room. 

Linda flicked on the TV and the three of us sat on the bed, getting comfortable and enjoying the wine, chatting more than we were paying any attention to the crap made for TV movie that was playing on the screen. It was very warm in the room and after a while Linda announced she hoped nobody minded but she wanted to make herself a bit more comfortable. Off came skirt from her suit so she was sitting there propped up on some pillows with her glass with only a half unbuttoned blouse and her knickers on. To my surprise Karin decided to do the same - she always seemed a bit more uptight and reserved to me than Linda, so I was surprised when she said she too was tired of being in her tight-fitting business suit and slipped it off before settling back, sitting against the bed's headboard, like Linda just in a half open blouse and panties. Both girls were very different in appearance - Karin was very slim, with lovely long legs and small but very perky titties while Linda was larger and curvier, a little plump but in the nice womanly way rather than fat, a very round ass while Karin's was small and tight, huge, round boobs to Karin's tiny tits, dyed red hair in a short bob to Karin's long, dark brown hair, she was in her 20s compared to Karin's early 30s. What the hell, I thought and joined them, sliding my trousers off and sitting there with them as we got into the second bottle. 

Linda had the remote and was flicking through the hotel channels when she found the porno one, which set her and Karin off giggling into their wine glasses. Karin patted the space between her and Linda, telling me to sit between them and top up their glasses while we watched. It was the free channel so it was pretty poor porn, but that made it funnier and soon we were all cracking comments on it. I was more interested in the girls though; looking to one side of me I could see Karin's gorgeous, slim, smooth legs. I could see down inside her open blouse to her small, pert, braless tits and her black panties were clearly visible where her unbuttoned blouse fell away from her hips. On the other side of me it was hard not to notice the huge swell of cleavage from Linda. The inevitable happened and I started to get a hard on; since I only had on my underpants and a shirt now lying open on my broad chest it was pretty hard to hide. 

Surprisingly it was the normally more conservative Karin who commented first and then, of course, Linda joined in and there was some good natured drunken ribbing of me and how men can't just sit there and enjoy girl's company without thinking about sex, but it was all done with a laugh. I pointed out in my defense that I was sitting between to half undressed sexy women and there would be something wrong if I didn't have an erection. And besides while it was funny for them it was getting painful for me with my cock stiff as a log but not doing anything with it. Well, says, Karin, no-one's stopping you from that. Yeah, adds Linda, if you want to strip off completely and start tossing off, we won't stop you, before collapsing into more drunken giggles. Oh, so I'm not even getting a hand from either of you then even after you caused my stiffy with your femine wiles, eh? Well, what the heck, I decided to see how this would play out and removed my few remaining togs and threw them across the bed, sitting back between them, my cock sticking right up in the air. 

You know, if you too are going to enjoy watching me being naked and wanking off its only fair you get the rest of your clothes off. Linda giggled but didn't make a move; suprisingly again it was the normally more buttoned up Karin who agreed, undoing the last couple of buttons on her blouse then removing it to reveal her cute little titties and a very taut, flat tummy, before sliding her panties down her smooth legs and throwing them to the floor. I could feel my cock getting even stiffer - I'd always fancied Karin. Normally I liked curvier women but she had such a beautiful face I'd always fancied her and that skirt would stretch nice and tight over her taut little arse whenever she bent over at work. She was eyeing up my cock as I started to stroke myself, feeling the relief as my hard on finally started to get some attention. You know I'm married, otherwise I'd suck that lovely, thick cock of yours, she said to me. Linda, normally the brave, outgoing one, was suddenly very quiet, watching the two of us. That's a shame, I would love to 69 you right now, feel your lips around my cock while I shove my tongue right inside that little pink cunt of yours. But I guess we're going to have to settle for wanking off. 

Karin had one hand between her legs now, stroking her pussy as I tugged on my cock, her other hand circled over her taut tummy and up to her perky little titties, her fingers pinching the stiff nipples. God, I'd love that, she said, I'd suck you off all the way and let you come in my mouth. I moved over the bed so I was now kneeling facing Karin. Well, since you don't want to cheat on hubby I can at least wank off watching you, I've always fantasised about you before. Have you tossed yourself off thinking about me before? Yes, I confessed, I've thought about licking you, fucking your hot little arse, coming in your mouth and come off big time. She smiled. I thought you fancied me a bit. Well tonight you might not get to fuck me but you can wank off while you watch me finger my cunt. 

Linda, who had been in a sort of dazed silence during all of this, finally decided to get in on the act. We'd both almost forgotten she was there and only now noticed she'd stripped off and was rubbing her wet snatch as she watched the two of us wanking off across from each other. Jeez, Linda, I knew you had big knockers, said Karin, but they're fucking huge. She was right, Linda's boobs must have been 38D at least, full, round, plump, just like her broad, curvy hips and ass. She reached one hand over and squeezed one of Linda's massive tits. Linda smiled and leaned over Karin, letting her huge knockers droop over the other woman's face. As I watched Karin's tongue flicked out over Linda's nipples while Linda's hand ran down over Karin's pert tits, squeezing the nipples before continuing down until Linda's fingers were rubbing at Karin's twat. She looked at me, watching them and smiled, saying you think you're the only one in the office who fancies Karin's tight little bod? 

Linda swivelled around she could sit across Karin, their breasts rubbing together, her pussy grinding against Karin's, both women gasping. I could see Karin's hands reaching around and grabbing handfuls of Linda's big, cury arse and pulling her in towards her; presumably not cheating on her husband didn't include shagging other women! But she hadn't forgotten me either - she smiled over Linda's shoulder at me and winked, then turned her eyes down to where her hands were spreading Linda's fleshy cheeks apart. I took the hint and started rubbing my throbbing cock up and down Linda's arse crack, enjoying wanking against her round butt cheeks. She seemed pretty focussed on grinding her cunt against Karin's and didn't object. Karin was still looking over Linda's shoulder as they ground against one another, she obviously liked watching my hard cock rubbing between Linda's butt cheeks while she held them spread for me. I was hornier than I'd even been in my life by this point and decided I needed more. Karin looked at me and knew what I was thinking, nodding her head and saying yes, slip it inside her, I want to see you fuck her lovely arse. I didn't need any more encouragement and with Karin holding her cheeks apart I forced my throbbing cock right inside Linda's arse. 

She gasped out in shock as I shoved all seven inches of thick, hard, hot cock right insider her anus while she and Karin frantically rubbed their wet cunts against one another. Fuck her, Karin yelled at me, slapping Linda's bum with a loud crack, I want to see you fuck her in the arse. Linda was moaning louder as her pussy rubbed against Karin's and my cock sodomised her big, round arse, my balls slapping against her cheeks. God, I need to come soon, my balls are aching, I said. Fuck her arse properly, I want to see you come inside her. Linda started a little at this, I think maybe she wasn't so keen on that, but Karin was humping her cunt against Linda's so much at that point it was hard for her to make a move away, especially as Karin still had her arms around her, hands on her butt, holding her down against her while I sodomised her. Karin was looking over Linda's shoulder at my cock plowing her arsehole. I can't hold out anymore, I yelled. He's going to blow a huge load of spunk right inside your arse, Karin, I want to see you take it. That was it, my balls spasmed and my self control was gone and I was shooting a huge load of sticky semen right inside Linda's arsehole. She shook against Karin and both women came against one another, before we all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, my cum dribbling slowly from Linda's abused arse. 

I may not have got to fuck the tight, slim little body of Karin that night, but I'd certainly not lacked for sexual fun either and neither had the girls. A little later while Linda was cleaning herself up in the shower I was lying naked against Karin. Its a shame you're so seriously married, I'd love to do your hot little ass too, I told her. Oh, you would, would you, she smiled. Oh god yeah, I'd love to have you on your knees and split you like a log. She laughed. Well, like I said, I'd never cheat behind my husband's back. But I might do in in front of him, she smiled. How do you feel about a different kind of threesome some time when we get back home? Hmmm, that sounds pretty interesting, I said. Maybe we should ask Linda when she comes back too and make it a foursome...


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