Habitual Masturbator part 3   added 7 years ago
  By: sissyfit-boi  Age: 34  Country: United States

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Categories: The Fetishists, Masturbation, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Tags: buttfucking
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating
"You were gonna bring yourself off over this magazine weren't you? Maybe you were gonna fantasize about one of them fucking your ass... bet you can almost feel their tits on your back..."

"HA! HA! HA!... KEEP MASTURBATING LIKE THAT, YOU SILLY GIRL BOI!!!...And you'll soon wear that cock of yours down into a tiny little bump..." She yanks down Her leather thong and reveals something quite HUMONGOUS and HUGE in mass and thickness.

It's quite the monstrious thing with its huge mushroom head and veins protruding from the sides, quite the healthy-looking specimen, Soon it's swelling to a rigid HARD piece of steel, throbbing unmercifully as i gaze upon it. SHE takes it out and strokes the enormous shaft quite suggestively. HORRORS!... In the decadent sexual "nether world" even Female Demons can grow and wield a massive male sex organ to torment Their hapless victums...

WHY?... Do i do this to myself? Why can't i just play with myself and cum instead of creating these elaborate bizarre scenarios and strange characters. Alas... i've becum the victum of my own visual and tactile hallucination... i'll close my eyes and pretend She's not there, after all it's only my imaginary FIEND, a product of my vivid sick perverted mind.

But Masturbatrix DEMONs from HELL don't go away that easily.... She jumps and mounts me... screaming...

"PRETEND THIS AWAY... YOU BEEEEATCH!!!!" HAHAHA!,Then i notice HER sumthin' rather HARD and STUFF being shoved up my tightly puckered lil' anus rosebud. Is this what you call an asscramming fuckfest!?!

In mere moments i feel that mega-sized cock rubbing between the inner cleavage of my asscheeks then in one quick violent thrust i feel myself being gloriously violated! i gasp as that monstrious genital giant stretches and dilates my tight hole and my sphincter slowly give way and that HOT, hard length of phallus sex plunnets into my heaving bowels. The rectal interior is far tighter than a vaginal canal and it clings tightly to Her cock as She plunges it in and out.


(neat sounds effects... huh)

No matter how i cry and carry on She FUCKs me long and HARD... not letting up one single iota... banging the bajeezus outta me, turning my nicely defowered ass into a lush pair of Fuck Pillows of LUST!

Will the Evil Demon's COCK survive the fierce churning in "sissyfits" heaving bowels? Will HER orgasm be superior or merely adequate? Inguiring minds want to know...


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