Maid~to~Order Fetish   added 7 years ago
  By: sissyfit-boi  Age: 34  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists, Transvestites
Tags: sissified crossdressing Mind-Control Transformation
Location: No specific location
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating
It was a simple "anti-procractination" CD with a French Maid Twist... using a special trigger word "Sexy Panties Makes Me So Productive" i feel myself becuming totally immerse in this bizarre Shangri-la-la land... while i feel myself being reduce to the emotional state of a moody and vulnerable servant "girl" - and kept that way PERMANENTLY!

"MOMMY!!! DADDY!!! PSYCHIATRIST!!!" It's not my fault!! i'm becum a victim of Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestion! Soon my pathetic male mind will be just a mere passenger, helplessly, trapped and totally enamored and preoccupated by dressing and looking like (of all things!?!) an Ooo-La-La FRENCH MAID!

"BONJOUR... i am zee leethe Franch maid... Mademosielle Sissyfit, Oui...?"i murmur in a meek, timid girl's voice with zee French accent...*curtsey* "... and zee Madame's personal worthless little 'cunt'!" (and am soooo happy about it) ... pouting my pretty painted lips and then coquetteishly lift up my skirt to show off my precious pink panties... "...with zee SUMTHIN' EXTRA between my"

(somebody pleassssse help me... the tiny lil' male voice inside me cries) BUT... all the while i gush about about how i LOVE being a "girl" sooo much.... and how much happier i am this way.

At one time i would be soooo ashamed and embarrassed... wearing the most fetching mini-frock imaginable with a ballerina's style tu-tu billowing petticoat to keep my pink ruffled "pantied" bottom fully exposed at all times. There's no doubt to anyone as to my new "sissy" occupation... black seamed fishnet stockings, daunting "FUCK-ME" high heel opera pumps and miniature babydoll pinafora apron tied to a pretty bow in the back. Inspite of my true nature... i LOVE all the derisive attention... the laugher and giggles as i parade myself in those excruciating arched heels... trying to be demure and coy as i can possible can as i undulate my hips and pelvis in such a provocative way.

Under this euphoric hypnotic spell i begin to associate wearing this French maid's oufit with being aroused. It makes me feel very VERY sexy and very motivated to DO maid's work. i Do so enjoy working as a maid now... especially dressed in the sexiest outfits... while cleaning house. i have such a need now to pick up messes, to make the place all neat and tidy... with sponge and bucket, i clean the walls... and my most proudest moments when the laundry is all done. i get sooooo very excited when i'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the commode wiggling my heinie and toilet brush in unison... till the porcelain is all nice and shiny... i almost have an orgasm with the results...

IS this my fate?... To only achieve sexual release by wear frilly things and having a HARD-On, cum-in-my-panties, cleaning fetish!?!

i suppose a lil' role reversal is good for the soul (keeps one from gettin' too "cocky")

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