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  By: naida  Age: 31  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Cuckolded, Young boys, Masturbation
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Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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Nature: Romantic

I was travelling from Harrow on the Hill towards Bakerstreet. When the tube stopped at Harrow on the Hill, the train was extremely packed and I normally do not enter the train when its so full, but then i saw this guy, standing quitely and reading a paper by the door.. I just had to get on to see him some more, so I did.

I got in such a way that my pack was towards him. We starting running against each other almost as soon as the train started moving non stop to Finchley Road, I could feel his manhood growing between my well built butt cheeks. I was wearing lose trousers so i kept moving sideways also from time to time. I had nothing to hold on to so I was at the mercy of gravity or his developed rod between my butt.

No one was noticing us and great thing was that i could not see his face anyway so i kept my smile to myself and kept just pushing and pulling as the train moved. OH he was really really hard in a minute. I could feel the strain he was putting in his pants, he must be wearing boxers beucase there was a bit of movement. I could feel his heavy breathing on my shoulder he must be really enjoying it. He did not touch me by hands at all but ee did managed to push my panties right in to my ass with his manhood. I loved the sensation of hard cock rubbing behind me and this guy could do nothing.. nothing at all.

OH i had such great fun for so long, then when the train stopped at Finchley Road I got off and as i got off i glimpsed back at the guy. I am sure my smile told him that i enjoyed it as much as he did.

He was all flushed and stunned hehe.. did he come also.. oh i don't know. but I wonder what would happen if he followed me..but alas he didnt maybe the doors shut too quickly or maybe he had no energy in his legs.. but if he did followed me, i would have let him have his lovely cream pie.

Why do boys think that they are the only one who know how to have fun huh? hehe.. Us girls can have a bit of fun too you know ;-)

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