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Jaimee loved her Aunt Carol she always had stuff to do and she was going there for the summer.

Carol Left to go up state for three days and left Jaimee alone, Jaimee wandered around the big house, she found a box under Carols bed with a note it said:

Jaimee if you find thees use them with all fun intended clean them off when your finished...

There was more to the note but she wanted fun so she dumped the box and explored the contents she found apump that looked to small to be a dick pump so she put it on her pussy lips and it felt so good she kept pumping till she had this dick looking thing that was about 13 inches long she found this double sided dildo she jammed it in her long pussy and was thrusting hard she heard a car door shut her aunt was home early, she put her skirt on and ran down stairs to greet her her aunt shoved her on the couch and sarted sucking on her she dick and slid the weird looking thing into her own pussy and fucked her nieces pussy with the double sided dildo inside it within in minutes they both came hard jaimee looked carol in the eyes and said she was a virgin carol told her not anymore she was her lover and that was final.

Jaimme then followed Carol upstairs where carol grabbed this dick with a belt off the bed and went to the bathroom when she came out Jaimee saw a sack hanging between carols legs full of water or something carol slid it into jaimee's shrinking pussy and started pumping while sucking on jaimee's large natural breast, Jaimee felt this moist feeling deep in her pussy while carol was fucking it made her want to cum to so she did hten carol pulled the strap on off and handed it to Jaimee Carol then got on all ford and Jaimee fucked her like a dog.

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