The magic big cock   added 7 years ago
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The magic big cock

I've spent the whole day using a vacuum pump on my cock. It's got bigger and bigger and now it's as thick as a beer can and almost as long as my forearm. I get caught by a young woman who is inquistive about what I'm doing. She moves around the room until I'm in full view and the shocked look on her face is amazing.

Wow! Look at the size of that cock! She gasps.

I take it from the pump and place a large cock ring round the base and stroke it hard again. She can't resist and grabs it and tries to put it in her mouth but it won't fit properly. It's too wide!

She strip off and already her pussy is wet with exitement. She lays me on the ground, straddles me and slowly descends onto my cock. Slowly, inch by inch it disappears into her until only the last inch or so is showing. She is full but she wants it all. Now she starts to ride it faster and faster and as she gets used to it so that gradually it all fits in and now she is riding it wildly and coming again and again.

Then something incredible happens. Just as in the pump my cock continues to grow inside her slowly getting bigger and bigger as she frantically fucks herself stupid. I't's over 3 inches across and 12 inches long and still growing and she is still fucking it.

Eventually she can come no more nor take no more and she slowly gets off. With both hands (and there are still inches to spare!) she brings me to a massive orgasm and swallows it all.

Next time, she says, We'll try to get it even bigger!

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