first time at the theater   added 7 years ago
  By: hercules  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: straight cum theater adult
Location: A theater
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

My girlfriend and I have great sex, but she doesn\'t have a lot of experience with the wilder side of it. Me on the other hand, I\'m a freak and will try almost anything. I\'m always thinking of ways I can casually work my girlfriend into kinky situations. This is my latest idea:

My girlfriend and I will be moving to a new state soon. While I was browsing for new activities in the new city I found an adult theater. It has many large screens, and special sections for couples. Of course the sections are also very visible for others to watch. I want to take my GF there as a surprise one night. We will start to watch some random porn flick. Soon we are both getting very turned on. She is pretty shy, but I decide to take the first step and take my pants off so I can stroke my cock. I start stroking as we watch the movie, and soon she has her hand in her pants playing.

I reach over and slide my fingers into her beautiful pussy like I always do. We are starting to have an audience now, and it is just turning me on more. Another couple near us sits down and watches us. Soon they start giving each other oral sex. My girlfriend decides to do the same for me, getting on her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. There are random guys all around us, watching us as she sucks my dick so good. Soon I\'m removing all of her clothes and mine so I can return the favor, and put on a good show. I start to tease her slowly, she begs me and pulls my head into her sopping pussy.

The men around us all have their pants off, and are stroking their gorgeous cocks over us. We can\'t take it any more and I slide my cock into her slowly savoring every inch. She feels so good!! We are both sweating as we have some of the best rough sex ever. The strangers never say anything, just moan and sigh with pleasure. As we both get close to cumming everyone is moaning loudly and everyone is close. We announce that we are getting close to cumming, and the guys move closer stroking their hard cocks more vigorously. As my girlfriend starts to cum I do, and the men start to shoot their cum all over our naked bodies. We collapse together covered in sweat and cum, and everyone puts their clothes back on and leaves.

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