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I work at a company where I'm the only woman and there are 10 men although I'm in the office and they are in the field there are times they are in the office with me

Needless to say my panties are wet daily thinking about each and every one of them having their way with
me, I fantasize about having a employee only party all 10 of them and me all drinking listening to music and having a good time, I'm dancing with one of the men we are kissing and making out while the others are getting turned on watching his hands continue to slide up my skirt and the cheeks of my ass showing each time he slides his hand into my panties.

He says to the other men her pussy is so hot and wet I know she wants more than one cock come on guys
lets party with her and he looks at me and i nod with approval. They all gather around me all of us are taking off our clothes immediately im so tuned on knowing all of them are gonna fuck me but, I said first get the camera lets film it as the one man sets up the camera I'm in the middle of a circle of men kissing me pinching my nipples sucking them and fingering both my pussy and ass, seeing all their cocks harden made me want to be used up by all of them, I was so anxious.

So I picked the man with the biggest cock got on my knees and started sucking it like a little whore I loved feeling it slide down my throat and hearing all the other men moaning and begging for me to suck their dicks another man steps closer and I take turns sucking both cocks mmmmm, next thing I feel is a big fat cock slide in my pussy omg thats all it took I'm so ready for a good fucking he fucked me so deep and hard while I kept sucking cock after cock, the man fucking me started yelling Im gonna cum in you, you little bitch and I felt him explode deep inside me he was filling my hot pussy hole as another man was filling my mouth with his creamy load, as soon as the man pulled his cock out of me I got on top on another man and worked my pussy down his cock I was so anxious to have more knowing I was full of cum.

Then I said someone come and fuck my ass 3 men walked behind me and I knew I was gonna get the ass fucking of my life, with no mercy the first man shoved his dick up my ass and pounded me fast and hard its so awesome feeling a big dick in my pussy and ass at the same time and one getting shoved in my mouth, the big hard cock in my ass started throbbing and I began to cum knowing he was ready to fill me with his juice, I cum and it was running down that dick in my pussy and the man that cum in my ass he filled it so full that it was dripping out.

Another man knelt behing me spread my ass chekks and started lapping the cum off my ass I felt his tongue go deep inside my ass swirling around to get it all even licking the balls of the man fucking my pussy. I kept sucking dick after dick my face covered in cum a couple of the guys licked and sucked the cum off my face and then I told all them to line up as I got on my hands and knees and takes turns one at a time and fuck whatever hole they like best knowing the camera was going I looked up at it and smiled knowing I get to watch this happen to me over and over.

They all fucked my pussy and ass both holes were so sloppy from all the cum but they didnt mind they
kept fucking me and Im loving every minute of it filled with all their cum more than once my husband walked
in I looked at him and said I told you i love to fuck I didnt mean just you.

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