Strong Top Black Man To Fuck Me   added 7 years ago
  By: anthonyashgar  Age: 77  Country: United Kingdom

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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Strong BLACK TOP MAN to fuck me. I fantasise I have a STRONG BLACK boyfriend with a big cock.
He makes love to me and fucks me every afternoon and also at night and sometimes in the morning.
He has a friend - another STRONG BLACK MAN who comes over to our place and one evening when my boyfriend goes in to get us drinks his STRONG BLACK friend cums sits next to me says he wants to fuck me; I tell him he should ask my husband's (my boyfriend's) permission - he says dont worry I regularly fuck him at my place; my lover cums in with the drinks sees his friend has his arms around my shoulders trying to kiss my lips - I look at my husband (boyfriend) seeking his approval he nods.

His strong friend picks me up takes me to our bedroom where he underessed and I underess we lay naked he starts kissing me starts fucking me when my husband (boyfriend) starts masturbating seeing me being aroused fucked by another man (his friend) - his friend who is fucking me sees him masturbating pulls his cock out of my body walks to him bends him down starts fucking my husband (my boyfriend) - seeing my husband (boyfriend) being fucked aroused me immensely - his friend having fucked him cums to me as I lay on my back my legs raised high spread eagled wide open he enters my body penetrates me deeep inside my body as I wrap my arms around his strong neck I raise my lips to this man on top of me we go into into deep french kissing as he starts fucking me deeep deeeper deeeper fast faster faster as my husband (my boyfriend) is watching me being used by his friend another black man who is taller and stronger than him. As this friend of his keeps on pounding inside my body he cums inside me and I also orgasm as our mouths are locked in deep french kiss as my friend is now again masturbating seeeing me being fucked by his strong black friend.

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