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I have been married 18 years and I'm bored with sex with my husband

I fantasize about being with another man while my husband watches me, as I'm on my husbands lap kissing him and pushing my pussy down on his cock he whispers to me I have a surprise for you I smile
and he says come on in and a tall athletic built black man walks in , I look at my husband and said are you sure? He says definatel, he slides his cock out of me reaches around me to spread my pussy and ass
apaet for the black man and says which ever hole you want first, that made my pussy ache with desire.

I hear the black mans pants hit the floorand feel the head of his cock against my hot juicy pussy , my husband kisses me and whispers take it all baby, as the black man slides the head of his dick in me I begin to squirm from excitement because it feels so bog I can hardly wait so I push back and take more inside me, it feels so damn good, my husband jerking on his dick like crazy watching a big thick black cock enter my pussy Im so excited I begin to cum before he even gets it all the way inside me. He begins to fuck my pussy with long deep strokes holding my hips tights with his big black hands he fills me with his big dick ahhh its almost more than i can handle my pussy stretching apart and it hurting so good.

He begin to fuck me harder and faster I am so turned on I start sucking my husbands cock being a total slut excited me feeling that huge meat pound my pussy was awesome, my husband saying fuck that little bitch harder, hearing and feeling how wet my pussy is he begins to fuck me so hard its really hurting me but the though of getting raped by him someday kept crossing my mind and kept me very wet.

I wanted to feel him in all my holes so I turn around and suck his beautiful black cock my husband stands beside him and i take turns sucking both cocks feeling like such a nasty whore made me want to do more, I didnt care at that moment what they done to me, my husband layed me on my back spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole which made me moan very loud his tongue darting in and out of it I begin to cum so hard and as I did he told the black man to fuck my tight ass omg I cant its to big and my husband held me down and made me take it yes the black man raped my tiny asshole he acted like a beast plunging inside my ass my husband jerking on his dick he cum into my mouth as the black man got ready to cum he slid it out of me and told me to turn around as i did I seen him shooting his cum inside my husbands mouth

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