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The day starts as any other. I load the tools into the van and join the traffic.

I arrive early to find the man of the house leaving for work, we discuss the job again and he leaves me to get started.
I finish bringing the last of the tools in from the van and begin sorting the stuff I need first. I sense someone behind me and turn to face them, there in front of me is a woman, probably in her early forties, I presume she is dressed for work as she is wearing a tight blouse, a black skirt finishing above the knee and holding a jacket, she is wearing either tights or stockings (I can't tell) and they make her legs look great, actually she looks fantastic from top to toe. I can feel a slight arousal at the sight of her full breasts pushing against her blouse, the evidence of a lace bra just visible through the material.

She introduces herself and asks if there is anything I need before she leaves, I manage not to blurt out my increasing desire to caress her body right now, and instead ask where I may get some water from. She motions to the right of the house and tells me there is a tap in the garage.

She glances at her watch and asks if that's all, I bring my mind back to the job and tell her that's all thanks. With that she takes two pairs of keys from the side, hands me one of them and says "I will be back at lunchtime, if you need to leave then please lock the front door and post the keys back through the letterbox". I dutifully agree, doubting that I will be finished by at least the afternoon. As she walks to the door I admire her pert bottom moving with each step, the trim line of her leg visible through the split of her skirt, "this woman's husband is a lucky man" I think to myself. As I bend to pick up my bucket I can see that she is indeed wearing stockings, and with one swift movement she is out of the door and off to work.

I make my way to the garage to find the tap, it's tidy, not like my own, with shelves for everything. I look along the walls for the tap, nothing. I scan them again, and in all the order there is one item that stands out, a small suitcase is leant against one wall, sure enough there are pipes running behind the case. I move it out of the way and begin filling the bucket, I look at it again and can see something hanging out between the zip, intrigued I turn off the tap and begin closer inspection. It is a small wallet like photo album, my mind wanders, do I look or do I place it back. I find myself opening it, unable to restrain, and my heart quickens.

This is a private photo album, one that I should not have seen, pictures of the woman I have just spoken with, her husband and various others. I close the album, and turn to place it back in the suitcase, I have the familiar feeling of someone else watching me, I turn with the album in hand to see the woman in the doorway.

I start to blurt out my excuses, but she is not listening, she has a small smile at her lips. "I see you have found my special photos" she says, walking towards me. I don't know what to say so I keep quiet, "do you like them?" asks the woman. The nod of my head betrays my mouth, her smile turns to a grin, "I love those parties" she offers, pointing at the album.

"Parties?" I ask. "Yes, such fun!" she exclaims, taking the pictures from my hand. "You have seen my photos, would you like to see the real thing?" asks the woman. I cannot believe what is happening, there is nothing I would like better than to see this beautiful woman undress, again by autopilot my thoughts are now in the air as spoken words.

She takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen, she turns to face me, a glint in her eye. My hands in hers, she guides them over the contours of her shoulders, down over her firm breasts. She reaches down and pulls at my belt "you first" she smiles.

She slides a hand around the waist of my jeans and pushes them to the floor, I can feel her nipples hardening under my thumbs as I trace their outlines. I move my hands down around her waist, find the zip and catch to her skirt, the skirt falls to the floor and my hands cup her warm silky cheeks. My cock is straining against my boxers and I kiss her neck, I can smell her perfume and taste her skin. My hands gently work her cheeks, squeezing and pulling, exploring.

My lips find hers and our tongues flick against each other, she reaches down and strokes my cock through my shorts. I pull my t-shirt over my head, and she flicks her tongue across my nipple as her hands move over my torso. I unbutton her flimsy blouse to reveal her breasts, I push the blouse over her shoulders and work my lips down over her shoulder, gently kissing, nibbling my way lower to the naked tops of her creamy thighs. I can smell her and, it makes me ache to taste her, my tongue traces the line where her leg meets her mound, pausing to savour the moment before I place a slow deliberate kiss upon her sensitive prize. The sheer material of her thong hugs every delicate detail, my hot breath adds to the heat from her, I trace the lines with the tip of my tongue, my hands pulling her to my face.

I slip a finger between the material and her soft warmth, she is hot and moist, I run the finger down and ease her panties to one side. The sight before me is one of pure beauty and perfection, her dark hair neatly trimmed, forming a perfect line. I use my thumb to encircle her swollen clit, whilst my fingers explore that damp heaven. One finger slides into her, followed by another, my fingers twist and tease her inside. My tongue takes over from my thumb, the taste of her is sweet and pure, her clit is hot and almost throbbing, I take it gently between my lips and suck lightly.

She places a leg over my shoulder, leaning back against the refrigerator she arches her back, pushing her mound hard against me. She gasps as my tongue pushes up inside, my stubble against her clit, I pull back to look at her, my eyes following the elegant line of her stocking clad leg upon me, I lower it to the floor and begin kissing my way up, past her stomach to her full breasts.

I reach behind and unfasten her bra, it slides over her shoulders with ease, and I am presented with two beautiful orbs of creamy flesh. Her dark nipples are proud and I lean to take each in turn between my lips, my tongue circles them, following around and over.

I move her hair from her shoulder and kiss her neck, the perfume mixed with her smell, I follow her neck to behind her ear, pause and nibble her ear so softly....

To be continued...

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