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  By: nympho69  Age: 27  Country: Canada

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Just recently, I have been feeling my taste changing. I have been wanting different things. I absolutly have to have sex atleast 2 times a day sometimes, up to 10.. I enjoy squirting all over the place where ever they will take it.. making an absolute mess. I enjoy any type of porn from lesbians to gay men, I love sucking cock, it gets my pussy dripping wet. & recently, i have been getting my man to pee all over my chest, with all that warm piss running down me, i could lose my mind. I find my self slowly running out of ideas.. i mean you can only go so far, right..?

I love for him to take control of me and call me down to my lowest, although he was not too comfortable with the whole idea at first he quickly warmed up when he felt my pussy grip is cock so hard, he could barely get it out. Sometimes i think I am crazy, if my friends knew what we were up to, i wonder what they'd say. I think tonight, i will get the camera out so i can have some memories when he is away. Im wondering about things i can try, im such a horny girl i can barely contrl myself.. i have the urge to have sex and just get off whenever we go somewhere. Ill try anything once..hmmmm

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