the virgin tears, beauty, and good oral sex with the hand some men   added 7 years ago
  By: masterofvirgin_007  Age: 45  Country: Indonesia

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Categories: Oral Sex, Virgins/Young women
Tags: cock hard penis glands men some hand in tears virgin good the
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
to make the hand some men become more strong ,manly, more brave,more dashing ,virile ,mancho, bold and more valiant..the kissing glands of penis must be with the love.. my body one moment of time after kissing by the asian hand some men..and then my body rise like the sun go to yellow deer..still student in the university i have experience with many hand some men.. i kiss their penish with the love but not play in the sex ..i put their glands in my lips and then i kiss so soft allow the rythim of his breath..and then his breath go more rugged but under controlled with the beautiful mind and beautiful rythim that has gone earlier..after play hard in his breath slowly i put my lips in his orificium urethrae with the love and the tears.. any beauty action some time i used to make his sperm go out..and then his sperm out slowly i take his sperm in next good and nice beauty my body and mind to take his love carrying .. so here become very important to the play oral sex for the human.. when the oral play .. the games must go with the good love and beauty love rythim for the men ..and the time that kiss the glands penis of the men must go so softly and nice with the full love and beauty mind..

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