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This jus some fun my bf and i had on our anniversary when we couldnt see each other..
Hope you enjoy reading it, because i know him & i enjoyed wirting it.

I wrote:

As we finally get home from a long night out with friends, I can tell you want me by the way you look at me. Your eyes deep into my soul, trying to catch a glimpse of my heat for you. I knew you wanted me all night, by the way you kissed my neck and tappered your finger into my cleveage, trying to get me worked up. The way you carressed my thighs and back. What you didnt know is i wanted you just as bad. As soon as the front door closes, i've got my arms around your neck, taking your soft tongue deep into my mouth. You slide your hand up the back of my shirt, reaching for whatever you can. Running your hands through my long hair, wrapping it around your hand and giving it a little tug, just enough to let me know that your in control. Slowly making our way through the living room, but only making it half way up the stairs before you have your hands between my legs touching my swelling pussy, knowing that your driving me wild. I slap your hand away to show im in control; not you.

I lead you up the stairs and into the bedroom, and throw you onto the bed. When I get you where i want you, i start kissing your neck, and sucking your tongue. You try to take over again, its not happening. I push you back down and run my hands through your hair, while moving down to your chest and taking off your shirt. Kissing you all over and moving toward your throbbing cock. I remove your pants, and rub your rock hard dick and watch your face as you are taken over by pleasure. I begin by very slowly reaching my hands between your legs just to touch you where i dont usually touch you. bringing my mouth toward your cock I start kissing and licking it, up and down until its nice, wet and easy to slide around. When I finally put my mouth over the head of your cock you gasp for air. I go down an inch at a time and your cock is so big it takes a few minutes. I move it in and out of my mouth at a steady pace, hands matching my mouths rythm, swirling my tongue around the tip. You can feel my tongue ring rubbing and it feels so good, you cant stand it anymore, you grab my head and push it down all the way.

You want it deep into my hot mouth, as you shove it into my mouth one inch at a time. Theres no room for breathing, beause you love it when i deep throat, you love to push it in there as far as it will go, but your big cock is no match for my little mouth but we manage to make it work. By this time your anticipation is so high you flip me over and take of what little clothing i have on. You touch my face and move your hand down, tracing your finger down my face, along the side of my boob and down to my now pulsating, very swollen and soaking wet pussy. When you touch my lips you know im so close to cumming all over your face that you have to be gentle. Stroaking me lightly, you work your way to my wet opening. Your finger going around my pussy hole, making sure im ready, you put it in gently. I was so wet but still soooo tight. Figuring you should work me up to two, you put your finger in there just enough to make me cry out in ecstacy. Working your one finger for a little while, you take it out and insert another. You know what your rubbing.

You can feel my very swollen g-spot. When you realize how good it feels, you start by kissing and licking my juicy clit and sucking my lips. The amount of juicies i have made is amazing you. Your tongue going wild on me, you stop for jus a second. Remove your fingers & slowly twist them as you put them back in to my oh so very wet pussy. Im so close to cumming, but i stop you.................(Your turn, finish the story. What happens next?)

He wrote back:

As you stop me I flip you over and start licking your ass. This drives you even more wild. As I lick you my hand slips down to your now even more dripping wet pussy. I caress you pussy as i lick you. You're so worked up you don't even know what to do besides scream. I flip you back over and kiss your neck and caress your body. You need to calm down a bit. As you calm down I kiss you all the way back down to your dripping wet vagina. I slowly lick around your juicy opening and then slowly stick my tongue inside you. I take it back out and tease your clit with it as I tease your pussy with my fingers. I slowly go back to eating you out and massaging your g-spot. As I lick your throbbing clit, and finger your wet hole I can feel the tension building up. You start squirming. I can tell your about to cum. I can also feel a huge amount of fluid streaming out of u.

As you climax I quickly take out my fingers and you squirt cum all over my face and the bed. By now my dick is rock solid. Waiting to go inside you. I flip you over and grab you by the waist as I slowly insert my dick into your soaked pussy. As I slowly start to go in you cry out in disbelief. I still slowly insert my dick. Your loving it. I fuck you long and hard before you start to feel my dick getting even bigger. You match my motions and thrust into me, as I cum all over your insides. You can feel my dick pulsating as it spews cum in you. After we're done we both lay down staring at eachother in disbelief. We light up a smoke and reflect on what just happened.......Round 2?......

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