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  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: A pet ON leash
Location: A resort
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

The evening before, my master had been very happy to announce that we would leave for an extended week-end this morning. He also told me that the trip would be unusual. I asked no questions. If he had meant to tell me, he would have. It wasn’t my place to question him. Mine is the part that obeys, always. As for all of our escapades, he would be packing the suitcase – including all the stuff I would or wouldn’t wear. That, too, was his prerogative.The morning came, and my master woke me up. When the time came to get prepared, he said:

On the bed, you will find what you will be wearing for the trip. Go get prepared and wait for me.

I went into the bedroom. Getting ready was quick work – I had to strap the leash onto my collar, insert a rosebud with a ponytail, and a quite large vibrating egg into my pussy. Then, hand- and anklecuffs, a ballgag and nippleclamps with a small dangling weight ; and, finally, a pair of thick kneepads. Those intrigued me. They meant I would spend a lot of time on my knees… So, all this, and nothing else. I knelt by the bed and waited. After maybe fifteen minutes, my master came for me and picked up my leash.— Come, girl.I followed him to the living-room, on all four. Inside the room, I saw a cage. An open cage, sturdy but not too much – the kind you move animals in. Three sides of it were already covered by a tarp, fastened on top so the inside was all hidden.You see were this is going, uh? So did I.

— Get inside.

I felt my belly tense. The cage was giving me some ideas, but surely, it couldn’t…I got inside the cage. The door pushed at my feet. I dragged them in, more or less rolled in a ball. I did not have a lot of room to move. From each lower corner protruded a short chain. My master proceeded to attach each to one of my cuffs, giving me even less freedom of movement. I tried to find a position where my head and my but would not be pressing against the metal. It wasn’t easy.Once I was tied in place, my master slid his hand between bars, slipped a blindfold on my eyes and patted my backside.

— My sweet bitch. See, I found out one shouldn’t take animals inside the passenger compartments. But luckily, they have special sections reserved for animals. So you will be travelling there. But I wouldn’t want you to get bored, so…

At once, I felt the egg start vibrating inside me, rocking against the metal of my rosebud. I gasped.

— There, this should keep you busy. After all, we will spend several hours on the train. Once aboard, you may come as much as you want. Scream, by all means…I heard him fasten the fourth side of the tarp, on top.— Regulations ask that the cages be covered, so the animals won’t be upset by others standing so close. Lucky for you, eh? OK, you can start practicing being a quiet, sleeping pet. Somebody will come pick you up in a few minutes.

Somebody? What did he mean?Sure enough, after a short while, which I spent trying to get into the egg’s rhythm so as not to get too aroused, somebody rang the bell. My master went to open the door, and I heard voices come closer.

— OK gentlemen, here it is. Can you load it while I go and get my suitcase?

— Sure. OK, you take this end, Paul, I’ll push.

The cage began sliding – I hadn’t notice but it must have small wheels underneath. A shiver went down my spine and made me contract my pussy. I was being taken away by two strangers, locked in a cage, naked. Fear and anticipation made me dreadfully more susceptible to the toys inside me. The movements of the cage as it was rolled along made the weight dangle from my nipples, pulling them and teasing me.They rolled the cage to the street and loaded it in some vehicle. I felt us move. I did not know where my master was – I was alone, totally helpless. After some time, we stopped and I heard a door open. Street noises poured in, and someone came to unload… me, I guess I should say. Once the cage was on the floor, I heard my master say:

— Thank you gentlemen. If you’ll wait just a few more minutes, I’ll go and get someone from the station to take it from here.

I could hear people walking and chatting just a few inches all around me, cars a little farther off, and the audacity of it all, the anonymity of my nakedness and submission, right under their noses, was getting to me. I was having trouble not to pant, not to gasp, assaulted by the egg inside me. I heard one of the men speak next to me.

— What do you think he has inside?

— I dunno. He said it was some kind of dog, but it sure is heavy.

— Yeah. Must be one of those mastiffs from up north. The cage sure is big enough.

— Yep. Probably. Must be pretty well trained, too, if he’s keeping it in this apartment of his. Big dog like that, must feel quite cramped.I could have told them I was infinitely more cramped in here, but I just shivered in pleasure. Once more, my master had managed to have people treat me like his bitch – they just didn’t know how their matter-of-fact chat was getting to me.My master came back and I heard him thank the men and pay them. Once again, my cage was in motion. I knew people couldn’t see me, but wearing a blindfold meant I couldn’t see that they couldn’t see me. I know it sounds silly, but I was on fire, like I was being paraded like that for anyone to see. I wanted the world to know the bitch I was, to know how I totally belonged to my master, but I knew I could never bear to be shown like that, the humiliation, the shame of putting myself there…

The cage kept on rolling, sometimes flat, sometimes on an angled ramp. Finally, I heard it rattle on something metallic, and the change in noises told me we were aboard the train. I felt my cage stop, and heard the men secure it to the wall. My master said:— I’ll just check that everything is fastened properly, I’ll be outside in a minute.— Yes, no problem sir. The door locks once the train sets off, and that’s in about ten minutes.— Thank you.I heard a door open and close, and all the sounds were muffled again.— I’ll take a few pictures of the place, so you can see how you travelled later on. It’s really lovely. And you’re not alone.I had already figured that much out.

A few sighs, and the sound of a panting dog nearby, had told me I was where my master had said. An animal, among my peers.

— So, as I said before, feel free to come as much as you want. You’ve got a few hours ahead of yourself, bitch, so enjoy them as much as you want. While you do that, I’ll be with the humans.

The egg stopped vibrating. I moaned, a mix of relief and unfulfilled lust. My master had a soft chuckle, and the egg started again. I let out a throaty groan. Then, with a pat on the roof of the cage, he left. A few minutes later, I heard the departure announcement, a soft click at the door – probably the lock – and felt the train move. Secured though the cage was, the movements made the weights dangle even more.

I had my first orgasm within minutes.The trip was spent in a blur of sorts. I had several orgasms. At some point, I felt the egg stop inside me, start again, at erratic intervals, for long or short periods. That could only mean my master was outside the pen, playing with me. Was there a window he could look through? Was he looking at my cage, imagining me writhe, arch my back? Could he hear the moans that escaped me sometimes? I dreamt he could. And came even harder because of it.Finally, the train stopped. I heard the door click open, and people unloading the cages. I heard them talk among themselves, wondered it they could smell my orgasms, if they could smell the wetness on my thighs and buttocks. Could they tell this bitch was in heat?

I was unloaded, then rolled and I heard my master speaking with someone.— Ah, there it is. Let’s get the dear pet inside.I felt my cage lifted, and put down again. A car door slammed. Others. My master spoke again, to give out an address. Apparently, the other man – a taxi driver? – knew it.— The hotel, you mean? The big inn they rebuilt a few months back?— That’s it. I hear it’s beautiful.— Oh yes. Plus the holidays are over, you should have the place to yourself, or close to it.— Yes, that’s how I wanted it.— OK then, maybe fifteen minutes and we’re there.My master kept turning the egg on and off the whole trip. Being off the train, I was no longer allowed to come, and did not want the driver to hear me. I kept quiet, and held out.When the car stopped, the driver and my master came out and unloaded the cage.

Then I heard the car leave again, and my master said:— We’re there. I’ll take you in, go and fetch the key, and come back for you. We’ll have great fun here.And so he did. I felt him push the cage, then heard him walk away, then back again a few minutes later to push me back again. Then, I heard a door unlock.After a final push, I heard him untie the cover to my cage. A hand against my face – and how I wanted for him to touch me – took the blindfold off. The drapes were drawn, and there wasn’t too much light for my eyes. I could tell I was in a small room, maybe the entrance to some suite.— See, my bitch, we have this whole little cottage for us. In the middle of the grounds of the inn. Except on Sunday afternoon, there will be nobody else around to bother us. We’ll take all of our meals here, and have all the time we need.

He let me out of my cage. I had trouble standing back up, my back and thighs were a bit cramped, but was so aroused I didn’t mind much. I felt him take my lead, drag me towards him, and unfastened my ball gag. Instantly, his tongue was inside my mouth, and I sucked greedily on it. He slid his hand on my pussy, rubbed it on my wetness the spread it on my breast.We had a wonderful time. He hadn’t brought any clothes for me, and kept me on a leash the whole time, taking me for strolls on the grounds, fucking me whenever he felt like it – we’d just stop and he would slide inside me, in whichever hole he felt like. Then he would come on me and we would walk some more. Or he would lie on a lounger outside, me lying next to him on the grass.

Nobody saw me at all, or at least nobody I noticed. It felt wonderful being just a pet my master could use at any whim.I heard voices on the last day, somewhere on the grounds. Probably other people walking around. My master was deep inside my throat then, and did not stop pounding before he covered my forehead and cheeks in his cum. The egg brought me to climax right there and then.The return to Paris was just like the first trip, and I came home exhausted but with wonderful memories of me being a pet for days on end.

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