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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists
Tags: femdom bdsm torture Control Medical
Location: Other
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

I heard the phone ring and my heart beat changed from slow to fast paced. She told me she was going to call but i never expected it to honest. Everyone always says there going to call. I picked up the phone and i heard her very melody sounded voice. It was like a angel stuck in the heavens wishing for freedom down on earth. She said "hello" and i nearly sank. The next few words were "I'm inquiring about your medical fetish?"

I slid down into my chair i was sitting in and gave a soft "uhh huh."she giggled after that and i gave a soft uneasy giggle. She sounded so young. Within a instance i asked her my own questions. She was rather sweet but when someones as sweet as she sounded it meant there was something else going on. "Sir, hun alex. Id like to introduce you to a "medical study" Of course i was curious about it but i just gave her a okay and asked the question. "will you be conducting it?"

she said with a very seductive and calm voice. "ooh yes dearest i work with several other R.N's here at the Hopes Beginning hospital. Its a rather small community."

I gulp some then get down to the real questions. She asked me just about everything all my medical history just to make sure. She assured me it would not only be beneficial but it would be rather fun and erotic. My mind raced with thoughts as she said out the address. She told me i had to be there early in the morning dressed and relatively clean. I was also to pack my things.

So there i was with my bags at the front step. I looked up at the sign that said Hopes Beginnings hospital. I pushed open the door and things started to change. My eyes went hazy and i blacked out.

The next thing i knew i was in a medical bed holding my head. Just as a nurse entered the room she asked me how i was doing. Her words were "Wakey up Alex." I phased out of consciousness and all of a sudden woke up on a cold steel table. My legs spread wide.

"wakey wakey Alex."i heard a voice say near me. I shook myself to clear my head.
I heard another voice read out information as a hand felt my body attaching some nipple clamps to my nipples."Patient:Alex Forte."that sweet voice rang in my ears. She read off some other personal information and i felt something sharp push into my anus. I let out a cry and blacked out again.

I heard the nurse again. "Alex time for your sponge bath," I gave a heavy pant and she said everything will be okay."i nodded as she sponged me a bit. "You passed out again Alex. When we picked you up from our own door steps you were breathing heavy and you were pretty beaten up."She said as she dabbled some of the soapy water against my body. "I felt like it had just happened like i was just recently nipple clamped like i was anally probed. I shook around a bit and she triggered another word and i fell out of place again.

I was back on that cold table when i came to. I wondered if i was being played with. Some of the lights were turned down and i was forced to focus my head on the table full of tools and odd toys. I watched as a very skinny very elegant nurse in a black latex suit with red crosses had picked up a tens unit. She lubed it up and smirked at me. "alex im going to stimulate some of your more unused senses okay dear?"she said as she slipped the little medical rod down my shaft. I screamed as it hit something. Id never felt so violated and she reassured me. "This wont be the last time i violate you. "it was as if she was probing my mind as if she heard my thoughts. I watched her attach some wires to the end and then to a box. I noticed it was making a buzzing noise. I watched as she flipped a switch and i screamed convulsing about. "Ahhhh'I cried out as it gave me a smart sharp shock. My cock was much harder then id ever seen it in my life. She flicked the switch off then flicked my cock. I screamed out and another nurse came in with a ball gag. She placed it on my lips. She gave me a soft kiss on the forehead and pushed it into my mouth. I gagged a bit and whimpered some.

(when i feel like finishing it :D)

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