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I recently got contacted for a meeting but this was an unusual one, at least for me. Typically when someone reaches out to me for sex it's a man but this time my client was a woman. To be honest, I never expected a situation like that and it's not normally my thing, but I figured it would be safe, trouble-free, and low risk, so I agreed. We exchanged a few emails, as is my general policy, and set up a meeting at her house. I felt more comfortable because she had invited me directly into her home rather than setting a meeting at a neutral, anonymous hotel room although I NEVER mind a fun romp on one of those!

When the day of the appointment came around, I tried to dress very professionally because it was my understanding that Heather, my client, was older than me. My hair was pulled back into a pony tail, leaving my neck exposed, I had on a striped black blazer, a matching miniskirt that barely covered my upper thighs, black stockings with a sexy crosshatched pattern, and black heels. She greeted me at the door and I have to admit that I hope I look as good as her in 10 years. She was tall, which is very much unlike my tiny little 5'1" frame, blonde, had those firm and voluptuous breasts that I wish I had, and was wearing a yellow silk robe. I was dressed for business, she was dressed for pleasure.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I guessed that we would spend a little time chatting and getting to know each other and we did. She offered me a glass of wine and told me a little about herself. She was ten years my senior, married, and had a very professional job. Heather and her husband had a great marriage and a great sex life, but he was out of town and she was looking to have some attention while we were away. I was enjoying my time with her, and the nervousness at what was to come was dulled by the second and third glasses of wine. By the fourth glass, we were both laughing like we had known each other for some time and were swapping stories about men we'd been with. She confessed that this was not her first time with a woman and that her husband knew about that and definitely did not mind.

My throat tightened up with a chilly nervousness when she got up from her couch and sat next to me, taking my glass and putting it on the table nearby. "Relax," was all she said in a sisterly tone as she ran her hand up the inside of my thigh. An involuntary shudder went down my spine as she rubbed my thigh, continually getting closer to my panties. Heather put her other hand on the back of my neck and started to rub my neck, shoulders, and up the back of my head. Under her expert touch, I started to relax even more and my legs opened up to let her slide all the way up. She teased me this way for several minutes and then unbuttoned my blazer. I had on a black bra that clasped in the front and she unhooked it and started to lick my breasts while at the same time her hand ran over my pussy for the first time. A shock went through my body, one that surprised, excited, and embarrassed me all at the same time. I was very turned on and I could feel my panties getting moister.

Heather knew she had me when I unbuttoned my blazer the rest of the way and took it off, letting my bra slide off at the same time. She pulled a long metal vibrator out from under her pillow and turned it on, letting it rest against my clit for a moment and then taking it away only to brush it against me again and again. I was so turned on and was actually finding myself getting closer to cumming only twenty minutes after the first time I had been touched by another woman this way. She smiled. Her smile was one part a sisterly, knowing smile and one part a domineering, "I have your body under my control now" smile. And she did.

She stopped touching me as I got very close to having an orgasm. She undid her robe and let it slide off of her and lay back on the couch, totally naked. "Get on your knees, girl, like you do for all those men. I will let you cum once you satisfy me." At this point, I didn't even care that I was here to do a job. I was so turned on that I could barely see straight. Before I even knew it, I was on my knees and my lips were kissing her toned body. Her breasts felt smooth and soft in my hands and I found myself licking and gently biting her flat stomach and her nicely curved legs.

Heather let out a moan as my hands excitely explored her hips and thighs. She spread her legs apart for me giving me my first sight of another woman's pussy, viewed through the haze of lust. I've seen women naked before, but never when my body felt this way. I kissed her feet and worked my way up her calves. Hooking her legs around my shoulders, I gently kissed her knees and the inside of her thighs.

I had smelled my own scent on my fingers several times after masturbating and I had smelled the rugged scent of many men while I had my head buried in their crotch, but I caught the gentle aroma from between Heather's legs and it soothed the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was a warm, almost inviting smell like expensive body wash or an elegant perfume. She sensed my hesitation and used her legs to pull me into her, wrapping around me and guiding me into this new phase of my sexual experience.

There was a sharp breath followed by a relieved sigh as my lips met the lips of her vagina and my tongue met her clit. I gently kissed her, savoring the tangy taste that was uniquely hers. My mouth pressed against Heather's lips like a deep kiss and I let my tongue tenderly explore every fold of the most secret and intimate part of her body. She let out her first moan and I heard her breathing get much more rapid and I started to get more focused on what I was doing. I moved my head to the side and let my tongue start to nervously probe inside of her.

My hands slid up her thighs to her stomach. I tried to reach her breasts but couldn't so I let my heads wander around her tummy, hips, and the inside of her legs. For several minutes I knelt there, exploring her body with my hands while giving her pleasure with my mouth. Heather got more and more excited until finally she grabbed my head with her hands and pressed me against her. Then I stopped. She let out a whimper and tried to pull me back against her but I just kissed her and nippled on the neatly trimmed hair around her pussy as her body involutarily relaxed. I could feel her squirming, trying to press her clit against me however she could. My hair brushed against her and she practically begged me to start again.

After a minute of teasing her like this, I started to pleasure her again. Again I brought her close to orgasm and stopped, letting her relax. When I started again, it was with more pressure as I drove us both into a lust-fueled frenzy, both of our bodies craving satsifaction but only one of us about to receive it.

I heard her start to cum as I stimulated her as fast as I could. It seemed to go on forever, with wave after wave of pleasure rocking her body. We were connected in a very intimate way and each time she tightened I felt myself tighten as well, her orgasm radiating through every limb until it pulsed through her sex and from there into my body. I never feel as close to someone as I do when I feel them orgasm against my mouth, and this was a very unique example of that for me. Her pleasure was my pleasure, her tension was my tension, and her release made me feel as womanly as I ever had before.

Soon it ended and she became very sensitive. She pushed me away from her and I could feel the sweat beading on both of our bodies. I lightly blew between her legs and she arched her back in pleasure as I did. To relax her, I ran my hands along her thighs and lightly massaged the muscles around her vagina until her breathing started to return to normal. For several minutes she lay there and was so quiet you wouldn't even know whether she was awake or not. I continued to touch her with my hands and soon started to kiss her legs and tummy. Slowly, I got up from my knees and sat on the couch and she lazily sat up next to me.

No words were necessary as she reached over and began to massage my bare breasts. She took locks of my hair and brushed them against my nipple and kissed my stomach. I leaned back and unrolled my stockings when she reached for the vibrator again. Gingerly she pressed it against me and turned it on. I was so consumed with desire that I lost track of time. It could have been five minutes, it could have been an hour and five minutes, but it felt like my whole life had been spent under her expert care. She nearly straddled me as she wrapped her other arm around the back of my head and bit my neck, her naked breasts pressing against mine.

Seemingly with a will of their own, my hands gripped the back of the couch as I felt my body tightening until I exploded with pleasure. My legs pressed together, gripping her hand and the vibrator closer to me. My body arched in vibrant pleasure and I pushed my breasts against her, intesifying the feeling throughout my whole body. I heard myself let out several high-pitched whines as I clawed the couch and she pushed the vibrator through my lips and inside of me. It felt like forever that my body was bursting with this feeling until it finally, blissfully wound down and with a flick of Heather's finger against the switch on the vibrator I could finally breathe again.

Slowly I returned to normal and my body shook with exquisite spasms that expertly walked the fine line between pleasure and pain. I could feel sweat cooling my face, my arms, my breasts, and my legs, and I was vaguely aware that my hair was sticking to my neck and shoulders. Gently my hands released their grip on the couch and I gingerly started to unclasp my legs from Heather's hand and vibrator. For several minutes I just sat there, wallowing in the alternating waves of warm and cold that flowed through me. Finally I could open my eyes again and let the world back in and Heather calmly sat next to me. She had put her robe back on and had put a thin but very soft blanket over me. Quietly, she stroked my body through the blanket and I felt protected and secure wrapped up there on her couch.

She told me that she had very much enjoyed our time together and asked if I had as well. Sheepishly, all I could do was smile and she knew what I meant. We sat there together for a while and started to talk again. I stayed at her place for another few hours as the conversation drifted all over the place, trying to keep up with my racing mind.

As I was getting ready to leave, she asked if I would be interested in coming back sometime when her husband was around. At the time, neither of us really knew how that would go but she wanted me to meet him and she thought it would be a nice birthday surprise for him if I joined them one evening. It was something to think about. My mind was still reeling from the wine and sex, so we agreed to discuss it later.

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