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Campus Tramps

Chapter Ten

Henry Gets Shauna

It was a cool, beautiful evening. Shauna gulped fresh air gratefully into her lungs.

She held her copy of The Virgin and the Buccaneer pressed tightly to her chest. All manner of thoughts and fears raced through her mind, but now they were overlaid by a weird calm.

Henry's house was at the end of a cul-de-sac in suburban Pattison, walking distance from her own house. She strolled along, listening to the crickets singing -- when they weren't drowned out by the hammering of her heart in her ears.

"Hi," said Henry at the door. "You're early. But I'm glad you came. Come on in. My folks are out for the evening."

Well, wasn't he being gallant! Shauna tried to keep a faint expression of derision on her face, just so he wouldn't get the idea she wanted to be here.

Did she want to be here? Everything depended ... but on what? All she knew was that if Henry cracked up laughing when she read her work to him, she'd die of shame.

Shauna had dressed for the occasion in a white cotton skirt; a light blue tank-top covered her smooth young breasts. If Henry really wanted to see a little of her naked, well, he was going to get her breasts -- and not a square inch more.

"I guess we should go up to my room," said Henry.

She followed him nervously up the winding staircase from the den. It was a comfortable house; Henry's folks seemed to have more taste in interior design that her own parents did. He led her down a carpeted hallway to a door with a big Bob Dylan poster on it. Of course, the guy was a brain. Anyone else would have the latest heavy-metal group up there.

His room was small but cozy and well-kept.

"Shauna, have a seat. I'm going to leave you for a few minutes. I have to get something at the corner-store, okay? But ..."

She looked up at him with her bright blue eyes. "But what, Henry?"

"There's something I want you to look at while I'm gone."

Shauna tried to keep any curiosity out of her voice. "What's that?"

"I don't know why I'm doing this," sighed Henry. "It's not like I have to or anything. And you could probably get me strung up a mile high with this, if you had a mind to."

He went over to his desk by the window and opened a drawer. He emerged with a big manila envelope stuffed full of papers. Without looking at her, he pressed it into her hands.

"Take it before I change my mind. I'll see you in a few minutes." And he was gone, leaving only a slight disturbance in the air.

Her interest well and truly piqued, Shauna pulled the papers out of the envelope.

It was a manuscript!

She looked at the title page, and drew in her breath. A Castaway in Tahiti, read the title. And underneath it, "By Robert O'Hanrahan."

Shauna laughed. "Jesus Christ! Henry Dyer, meet Robert O'Hanrahan -- although I guess you two know each other well. In fact, I guess you're one and the same fucking person!"

She opened the manuscript randomly to a page, and began reading.

... The ceremony was about to begin. Maybe Seaman Roger Jones would have felt silly, standing on the altar with a grass skirt around his waist, a necklace made of shark's teeth, and nothing else covering his tanned body. Maybe -- except that liquid they'd given him in the coconut shell seemed to have gone straight to his brain.
He was feeling absolutely alert and yet drunk at the same time. His blood flowed through him in hard pulses. What on earth did they have in mind? Surely they were a peaceable people. God knows they'd had enough chances to finish him off since they'd found him lying on the beach, shipwrecked and helpless. But he couldn't stop visions of ritual sacrifice leaping to his mind -- with him cast in the role of victim!

Shauna laughed gleefully. "Ritual sacrifice? Henry, you've got to be kidding! But this is great."

She turned the page quickly:

The village chief approached Roger. The chief was a fearsome sight: a shark's tooth pierced his nostril, and his cheeks were tattooed with iridescent blue spirals. He was a big man, who looked as though he could snap Roger's spine in a second.
The chief waved a shell filled with some sweet-smelling incense under his nose, and began speaking something that sounded like an incantation.
Roger's heart beat like a tribal drum. The crowd of villagers pressed closer around the altar, murmuring with excitement. The sweaty night air, full of jungle stink, hung over the scene like an ancient curse.
Suddenly the circle of villagers parted. Into the jungle clearing there came ... an apparition.
She was a bronze native beauty, tall and lithe. And like all the women in this society, she was naked above her grass skirt.
The apparition's full breasts shimmered as an old woman, breasts dangling slackly down to her belly, led her towards the altar where the chief and Roger stood.
Roger felt his eyes rivetted to this extraordinary young woman. How old was she -- eighteen? Nineteen? Impossible to say. But she exuded a mature, womanly beauty. It was something in the way her cheekbones were sculpted; the way her long black hair spilled over her shoulders and down her back, out of sight.
She stood in front of Roger, and the chief turned to her.
"Tama-la'a," said the chief. He pointed at the girl and said again, "Tama-la'a," his mouth open in a wicked grin.
Through the fog that filled his brain, Roger realized the chief was saying the girl's name.
"Tama-la'a," Roger repeated, and the villagers standing around broke out in laughter at his faltering pronunciation.
The beautiful Tahitian girl stood straight and still before him. He didn't want to offend her by staring at her spectacular breasts, so he forced himself to look into her eyes. He found them dark and shining -- though whether she was as excited as he was, or whether she too had been served some of the mysterious liquor, he didn't know.
He felt his cock stiffening against the rough grass skirt around his waist.
They looked into each other's eyes for a long moment as the chief began another incantation. As if by prearranged signal, two girls separated themselves from the crowd of villagers. They came close, bearing halves of coconut shells in their hands. The girls were young and attractive, though not as breathtaking as Tama-la'a. One stood on each side of the altar. They held the coconut shells out to the chief.
Roger saw there was liquid inside the shells. Not more to drink, he thought! But no. The chief was dipping his finger into the bowls. His finger emerged glistening with oil, which, with a sly expression, he reached across and dabbed onto one of the girls' nipples.
The crowd exploded with laughter, and the girl blushed and smiled. The chief said a few words which sounded approving, and then something which sounded like a command.
Instantly, the girls snatched Roger's grass skirt away from him. He stood naked except for the shark's-tooth necklace.
"What the ...?" But Roger had no time to be confused. He was too busy feeling embarrassed -- because his naked prick was still semi-stiff from the sight of Tama-la'a!
The villagers let out a low sound of appreciation at the sight of his erection. With a smile, one of the girls dipped her bronze fingers into the oil. She came closer ... and pressed her hand to Roger's hard-on.
He gasped slightly, and the villagers chuckled.
The other girl started doing the same, rubbing oil over his cock. The exquisite friction of their stroking hands quickly brought him, almost against his will, to a state of full erection.
He looked up at Tama-la'a. She was staring down, fascinated, at his crotch.
Tama-la'a's eyes widened as the girl assistants continued stroking and kneading his stiff tool. They rubbed in the slippery oil, and their seductive hands were making Roger as hard as he'd been in his life!
The liquor spun through his brain. His heart throbbed and jumped. ..."

"So what do you think?"

Shauna jumped with surprise.

"Christ! Henry! I didn't hear you come in."

Henry stood in the doorway. He was holding a bottle in one hand, looking nervous.

"So what do you think?" he repeated.

Shauna laughed.

"Are you kidding? It's terrific! Why didn't you tell me you wrote this sort of stuff too? I'm at the part with the ceremony, where Roger's just about to -- "

"Read it for me," said Henry. "I'm going to pour us some champagne."

Shauna opened her mouth as if to protest, but she shut up. There was something in his eyes that wouldn't be denied.

She looked down at the manuscript in her lap.

"'The liquor spun through his brain'," she read, haltingly, hearing her voice catch. It was all so strange. ...

"'His heart throbbed and jumped. It was then he noticed Tama-la'a' -- am I pronouncing it right?"

"How the hell should I know?" said Henry with a smile. "I've never been to Tahiti. I'm just making this stuff up as I go along."

"'... He noticed Tama-la'a unfastening the tie on her grass skirt. It fell away. He finally saw the dark, exquisite triangle of her snatch, nestled between bronze thighs ...' Henry, really, I can't ..."

"Read it," said Henry. "Please."

Shauna sighed. "... 'She walked around the priest and spread herself over the low stone altar. She lay there, her breasts heaving with arousal. On cue, the two girl attendants left Roger and walked over to her.

"'They reached into their bowls and once again brought out fingers dripping with oil. This time they gently parted Tama-la'a's legs, exposing the moist, purple flesh of her pussy to the eyes of the crowd ... and to Roger's eyes too.
"'They began rubbing oil over the sensitive lips of the woman's cunt. Roger found his cock nearly exploding at the sight. Now the chief had his hand on Roger's shoulder. He was speaking in low tones in Roger's ear, with occasional gestures in the direction of the altar.
"'Roger at last understood. He, the honoured guest of the village, had been chosen to deflower this magnificent young maiden ... and perhaps he would be taking her for his wife, as well."'

Shauna stopped. "Jesus, Henry. If you mean this stuff to turn people on, I have to tell you it's working."

Henry smiled and brought her over a glass of chilled champagne. "What's this for?" Shauna asked.

"To celebrate two kindred spirits meeting by pure fluke," said Henry. "I guess I didn't mean for it to turn anyone on, Shauna, 'cept myself. I sure never thought I'd be showing it to anyone else, especially a beautiful girl like you -- someone who makes me turn weak in the knees when I look at her."

Shauna stopped the champagne glass halfway to her lips. "You're kidding me."

"I'm not kidding."

Now she was blushing. Goddamn it! "Henry, thanks. It's wonderful that you say that. But I'm ... you have to know that ... Well, let's just say that I don't exactly have as much experience in these things as the characters in my book."

She looked down at the carpet. "In fact, you could say I'm kind of a virgin. I mean, I've hardly even let a guy touch me before."

"I'm not going to force you to do anything," Henry said. "That was just the only way I could think of to get you up here. But I'll ask you, Shauna. I'll ask you to ... show me your beautiful body right here."

Shauna was still looking at the carpet. He could see only her long blonde hair. Then, boldly, she lifted her head and looked straight into his eyes.

"I want to do that for you, Henry," she said. "I want to show myself off for you. And Henry -- since you have these fantasies -- "

"Yes?" said Henry. You could cut the air in the room with a knife.

"I'll be Tama-la'a, and you can be Roger," said Shauna, with a horny little smile. "Let's pretend I'm sitting right here on the altar, right now. I haven't got a grass skirt, but I've got a cotton one, and I'll -- I'll take it off for you.

"I'll show you my pussy, just like Tama-la'a shows hers to Roger. I don't think I'll need to rub any oil on it because just reading your book has gotten me pretty fucking juicy already! And then -- then you can 'deflower' me. Finally I can have a guy's cock inside me instead of just fantasizing about it all the time. And I can do some of the things for you that Eliza does for Blackbeard. Really I can!"

She blushed again. "I can't believe I'm talking like this."

"So don't talk," said Henry quietly. "Take your clothes off."

She took just a second to make up her mind. And then she began undressing, keeping her eyes on him the whole time.

Off came the halter top. Her sweet breasts seemed to spring across the room at him. Then -- oh, shit -- she unhooked her dress ... and pulled her panties down to her ankles in one smooth motion.

She lay back on his bed completely naked, her heart pounding.

She looked at him looking at her. His eyes on her were enough to turn her nipples hard and get her cunt almost bubbling over with juice.

She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy wide for him, as he stood across the room, still holding his glass of champagne.

"I want you so much," Shauna said. Tentatively, she ran two fingers down the wet cleft of her love-channel. They all but skidded through the slick juice that had gathered there.

Henry's eyes widened.

"You didn't read the rest of the chapter," he said teasingly, his mouth dry. "Roger does something to Tama-la'a before he goes inside her. He does this."

He came over to the bed and positioned his head between her thighs, inches from Shauna's raw pussy-hole. God, he could smell her -- ripe, fresh, and inviting. He leaned forward and flicked out his tongue, running it through the streaming honey that welled up between her cunt-lips.

"Oh, Henry -- I mean, Roger! You're eating me!" gasped Shauna.

The sensation was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. All those dreams, all those hundreds of words spilled on the page describing exactly this act -- a guy's tongue probing deep into the channel of her pussy. Now it was actually happening to her!

"You taste beautiful, baby," said Henry.

He sucked passionately on the hard marble of her clit, and slipped two fingers up into her soaking, tightly-muscled cunt. Shauna's juice just about gushed out of her. It flowed down over his chin, salty and sweet at the same time.

"Oh, Hen -- Roger, fuck me now. Fuck me! I've waited so long. All my life. Put it in me while I'm all wet for you."

In a flash, Henry was out of his pants. His young cock jumped into view.

Shauna gasped and took it in her hands, rubbing him, marvelling at the shiny head and the hard length of him. "God, your cock is gorgeous," she said breathlessly.

"Put it inside," said Henry. "Take it slow and easy. I don't want to hurt you."

Without scarcely a second thought, she positioned his stiff prick at the entrance to her hot hole. Then, gently, she pulled on his hips and drew him inside her ...

"Ahhhhh!" There was a brief resistance with him buried in her halfway. Then she shut her eyes tight and pulled him hard against her. The resistance inside her gave way with only a brief, sharp pain. Some blood joined the juices that were already giving his tool a slippery ride -- and that was it.

Virgin no more!

"We're fucking, Henry. Roger. Henry. I can't believe it. You're fucking me! Oh, do it. Do it to me hard."

"You're so wet," gasped Henry. He ran his hands over her long, luxurious body. He clutched her hard breasts. The two young lovers shared hungry kisses.

Henry worked his prong in and out of her heated, clutching depths. "Oh, Godddddd" -- Shauna scratched and clawed at him. An orgasm burst through her that was twice as intense as any she'd had with her finger between her thighs.

This was a cock, this was a lover, this was fucking! While she was still in a state of wonder from the first cum, Henry did something inside her. He shifted his position and stabbed up against her clit, and that sent her rocketing off yet again. Holy Jesus!

"Henry, am I doing okay? I don't know how to do it for you."

"You're doing fine," Henry groaned. "My prick's about to explode, I think. Oh, wow."

"Let me see it," begged Shauna. "All this time, writing about guys spurting off, and I've never even seen one! Henry, can you cum all over me?"

"Sure," Henry breathed. "Right -- now!"

He pulled his prick out from between her cunt-lips, and a long arc of jism sprayed up from the tip of his prick. Shauna gave a delighted cry as the hot spunk gushed over her breasts and belly -- and then he was really spunking! Long, thick gouts of cream turned her stomach, thighs, and pubic bush into a sea of pearly sperm.

He jerked himself off feverishly, and Shauna ran her hands through the sticky cum, licking it from her fingers with raunchy glee.

"God, it's great to taste your spunk," said Shauna. "Wait till you read the rest of my book and you'll see how hot the idea makes me! Why, Eliza must spend half her time sucking cock, and she's sure not someone who pulls away when the going gets sticky. I guess I always knew I'd be the same."

Henry laughed. "Shauna, you're really something else."

"So are you, darling Henry. Now why don't you lie back and let me get a little practice sucking on you? I want you up and hard quick-smart. Maybe I'll take you in my hot little ass this time. Henry, after eighteen years of living inside my head, there's a hell of a lot of things I want to try."

End of Chapter Ten

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