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Campus Tramps

Chapter Eight

Latina Love Queen

Robyn Wilde's eyes seemed dazed and love-soaked, and Mercedes felt bound to comment on them as soon as she'd sat down in the soda booth. "What has happened to you?"

"Wow, Mercedes , you wouldn't believe it. I've never been so glad to get lousy grades in English class." She laughed and a horny grin settled in on her pretty face.

"I do not understand," said Mercedes Melendez. People in this country talked so strangely sometimes!

Mercedes was a petite, very beautiful girl from the Spanish province of Andalusia. She'd learned some English even before being chosen as an exchange student to Pattison High School, and since her arrival eight months earlier she'd learned a lot more. But sometimes the way of speaking here confused her in a way that had nothing to do with vocabulary.

"Can you keep a secret?" Robyn asked.

"Como no. Of course," said Mercedes eagerly.

Robyn lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. "I'm doing it with Mr. Peters."

"Mr. Peters? The teacher of literature? But what do you mean, 'doing it'?"

Robyn sighed in a cloud of smoke. "We're fucking, Mercedes . You know what that is, don't you?"

"Of course," said Mercedes , sounding offended -- as though she had all the sexual experience in the world. In fact, she'd only ever let two boys plant themselves between her wet young thighs. Even with all the cultural changes sweeping Spain, eighteen-year-old girls from good families didn't spread their legs on a whim.

"But nombre de Dios, how do you ... fuck ... with a ... profesor?"

"Same as with anyone else, only better," said Robyn mischievously. "I got him going two weeks ago, and since then I've been back to his office three times. Oh, Mercedes , it's just too divine! I was there just yesterday, you know. We fucked our brains out on his desk. It's like I can still feel his cock inside me. And he gave me the most incredible head!"

Mercedes was confused again. "What is 'head'?"

"You know," groaned Robyn. "When a guy sticks his tongue in your thing and licks you until you cream."

Mercedes still looked mystified. Robyn, smiling, looked her all over. Man, she was too lovely -- and Robyn had always had a thing for other girls, even if she hadn't had a chance to explore that attraction much.

The idea hit her like a wave. "Mercedes , maybe we should get Mr. Peters to show you what I'm talking about. You think he's cute, don't you?"

"Well, sure," said Mercedes uncertainly. "Un hombre muy guapo. Very good-looking."

"Buy me my soda," said Robyn, "and let's get out of here."

"Why, hello, Robyn ... Mercedes . What can I do for you?"

Francis Peters stood in the doorway of his suburban home. He had no idea what was going on, but from the almost criminal zeal in Robyn's eyes, he knew his young friend was up to no good.

As for Mercedes -- well, she was the talk of the school, wasn't she? When was the last time Pattison High had seen such an exotic creature wandering its hallways -- with her tight little skirts and blouses? Her pale, aristocratic face with its sweet upturned nose? Her naïve, dark gaze which tried so hard to take in all the features of her strange new surroundings?

He'd never imagined her turning up on his doorstep ... but stranger things had happened. He would never have imagined Robyn Wilde licking his cum off her lips, either. And he'd seen a fair amount of that over the last couple of weeks!

"I'd better explain inside," said Robyn quickly. "Could you make us coffee, Mr. Peters?"

"Of course. Please come in. Mercedes , como estas?"

"Muy bien, gracias," said Mercedes softly.

They sat sipping dark, rich coffee in Francis Peters' living-room.

"Now, what's all this about?" asked Francis curiously.

"Mr. Peters," Robyn began. "Mercedes is my best friend. So you know that any secret I share with her will stay secret, right?"

Uh-oh, Francis Peters thought. Mercedes knows!

"Mr. Peters, I was just telling Mercedes what amazing head you give. And it turned out she didn't even know what I was talking about!"

"Still I don't know what you're talking about," Mercedes corrected her, her small mouth parting in a gentle smile.

"Mr. Peters, do you think you could show her, here and now?"

Francis Peters' heart pounded in his chest. "I don't think that would be wise at all, Robyn."

Robyn raised her eyes skyward. "I see you're going to need some convincing. Mercedes , go and give Mr. Peters a kiss."

Mercedes' eyes widened. "Qué? Qué pasa?"

"Dale a Señor Peters un beso," Robyn translated. She had been studying a little Spanish in her free time, with Mercedes' help.

Mercedes was perplexed. But there were still so many things she didn't know about this society. Apparently, this was expected of her? And Mr. Peters wasn't making any protest, so ...

Hesitantly, she got up from the couch and went over to Francis Peters. Leaning down, she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"On the lips, Mercedes ," said Robyn. "Jesus. Don't tell me you don't do that in Spain."

"Of course we do," said Mercedes , a little irritated. She looked uncertainly at Mr. Peters for a few seconds, then kissed him on the lips -- tenderly this time. Francis Peters didn't move away from the kiss, so Mercedes assumed everything was okay.

He really is good-looking, Mercedes thought. A strange heat rose in her breasts.

"That's better," said Robyn with satisfaction. "Mr. Peters? Touch her! All over."

With slightly trembling hands -- figuring he had probably two days left in his job before the lawsuit hit -- Francis Peters reached up and touched the firm swell of Mercedes' breasts under the crinkly blouse she was wearing. Immediately her nipples sprang into sharp relief.

"Oh," said Mercedes , her mouth forming itself into a perfect "o" shape. "Oh, nombre de Dios."

The English prof's hands slid down over her waist, then down below the hem of her short skirt. He caressed her legs gently. Then up, his hands more confident now. He touched a warm and humid place between her legs, covered by fluffy panties. The sponginess of the Spanish girl's pussy pressed against his fingers.

"Oh," said Mercedes again.

"He's getting you wet, isn't he, Mercedes ? Mr. Peters has the same effect on me. In fact, I'm getting off just watching you."

Mercedes didn't know what "getting off" meant. But she figured it had something to do with the way her own stiff little nub was poking through the oily lips of her young cunt. And maybe something to do, as well, with the fearsome bulge that was now filling Mr. Peters' pants. Education was such a different concept over here -- really, the bizarre things they asked you to learn!

"Mr. Peters," said Robyn. "I think she'd really like you to lick her cunt now."

Suddenly Mercedes understood what Robyn meant by the term "head." She gasped. "You mean ... ?"

"Sit down, Mercedes ," said Mr. Peters, who was now feeling horny as hell. "Take off your panties, please."

Robyn smirked as a spectacular blush rose on Mercedes' smooth young face. "But ... pero, no puedo ..."

"Come on, Mercedes . I'm right here," Robyn reassured her. Mercedes turned around to find some of that reassurance, and was shocked to see Robyn's hand busily working under her own skirt.

As if in a dream, the Spanish girl pulled down her panties and sat on the couch.

"Spread your legs for him," said Robyn urgently.

Mercedes closed her eyes in shame, but did as she was told. As Francis Peters watched, her legs opened to reveal a perfect black bush of curls, glistening involuntarily with her juices.

Without further ado the English professor kneeled down on the floor. The fresh, girlish aroma of Mercedes' cunt drove his senses wild. And those pink lips, like a delicate flower, or the interior of a seashell.

Francis leaned forward, placing his hands on Mercedes' trembling thighs. With a cruel, teasing stroke he ran his tongue from the damp, creamy depths at the bottom of her slit, and up through her sex-lips. He flicked lightly on the crimson nub of her clit.

"Oh!!" said Mercedes , yet again.

He pressed his prickly chin forward against her pussy-flesh and licked deeply, his tongue probing into her warm flowing sheath, making her shake and shiver. Then, very tenderly, he ate her: sucking the dew-drenched lips of her cunt into his mouth as though he would swallow them, and scraping his teeth ever so gently over her clit.

"Santa sancta!" gasped Mercedes , and pushed her thighs forward against his voice. "Qué rico!" So beautiful -- how could anything feel so beautiful! It felt as though the little marble between her legs was connected by a thousand tiny strings to every corner of her body. His flickering tongue on her clit set off small explosions everywhere -- in her arms, her breasts, her forehead.

"Lick her like you love it, Mr. Peters," said Robyn in a husky voice. Her hand was hard at work in the oily flesh of her cunt.

Francis Peters nibbled and sucked as though his life depended on it. He'd never tasted such a perfect pussy -- and the knowledge that he was initiating young Mercedes in this way added a special thrill to the experience. He swallowed her juices eagerly and thrust his tongue deep inside her, hungry for more.

"No! No!" said Mercedes , and burst against his face. Sharp spasms raced through her and a whole skyful of Roman candles ignited in her brain. She clutched at Mr. Peters' hair and twisted her hips instinctively, while his tongue kept up a furious pace over her sensitive cunt-flesh.

She was gasping, her breasts swelling and heaving under her blouse. Mr. Peters pulled back. The Spanish girl opened her eyes just in time to see his face, swimming in her juices, moving up toward her own. They kissed passionately, Mercedes opening her small mouth to let his tongue in, tasting her salty-sweet juices on it. Qué cosa mas increíble!

She held Mr. Peters' face in her elegant hands, and looked longingly into his eyes. "Fuck me," she whispered. "Will you fuck me? Por favor?"

Francis Peters didn't need to be asked twice: his insides were now shouting angrily for release.

He lowered Mercedes onto his plush living-room carpet. Immediately, with fluttering fingers, she undid the buttons on her blouse, and released the clasp of her white, lacy bra. Her pert young breasts with their pink nipples stood exposed to him for the first time.

Mercedes threw her head back so that her black hair spilled out beside her, and closed her eyes. She was still caught in a web of overwhelming desire, and she lifted her tight little ass off the floor, spreading her legs wide and reaching down to open her pussy-lips for Mr. Peters. How wonderful, to be so open about the passions that coursed through her.

By this time, Francis Peters' prick was out and twitching in the light. Urgently, he pressed it against the Spanish girl's sopping love-lips. Christ, would he fit? She was so small, so perfect ... but his oral ministrations had done the trick. Slowly, but with no pain for her, he pushed past the exquisitely tight ring of muscles at the mouth of her cunt, and in, in, in ... until all seven bursting inches of him were encased in her juicy muff.

Mercedes let out an astonished squeak as he buried his prick in her, and gasped again: "Qué rico!"

Robyn could stand it no more. She flung off her clothes, and her long, limber body felt the welcome rush of cool air. "He's shown you how to do it, Mercedes . Now lick me. Lick me."

Before Mercedes could protest -- even if she'd had a mind to -- Robin swung her legs over the Spanish girl's head and lowered her oozing cunt against Mercedes' face.

Mercedes gave a little cough of surprise. But in the midst of so much that was strange and new to her, this was just one more oddity -- and Robyn was her best friend, after all!

With hardly a second thought, her tongue wormed eagerly between the red-furred lips of Robyn's pussy. She searched for the source of the juicy flow that was turning her face slippery and shiny. There -- she'd found it! Mercedes lapped and licked with the enthusiasm of an infant sucking on its mother's breast.

Trying hard not to smother her, Robyn reached down to spread her cunt-lips for Mercedes' busy tongue. She was doing a wonderful job, Robyn thought -- especially with Mr. Peters' cock working its magic in her love-box.

Francis Peters pushed and twisted inside the magical cunt of the young Spanish girl. And now he had Robyn sitting facing him, her ample breasts almost in his face. He nuzzled and licked her nipples as she rode Mercedes' tongue.

"Ah, God, here it comes," Robyn shouted. Mercedes groaned and pushed her mouth deep, deep into the cream of her friend's slit, fastening her lips to Robyn's exploding clit. Robyn's orgasm spilled out of her, and added to the juicy layer covering Mercedes' exotic face.

"Wow. Wow. You did that just right, Mercedes ," said Robyn, climbing off her. "Sorry to distract you. Why don't you just concentrate on Mr. Peters now. He must be getting close."

Mercedes opened her dark eyes wide; they were glowing with happiness and desire. With hot lust, she fucked her thighs up against Francis Peters' stiff, penetrating tool -- soaking him in her cunt-juice, scraping her clit against his wiry pubic hair.

She was coming again -- Dios mío! As the explosion hit she felt Robyn's hands on her breasts, tweaking her nipples, driving her into a writhing frenzy of passion.

"You're going to make me cum too, Mercedes ," breathed Francis Peters. The sweet torture of her tight young cunt, and the look of fiery desire in Mercedes' eyes, was too much for him to bear.

"Oh, do it in her mouth," said Robyn. "I want to see her eat it. Have you ever done that, Mercedes ? Sucked a guy's cum?"

Mercedes' face, still shining with Robyn's juices, looked full of daring and excitement. "No," she admitted. "Is it nice?"

"You'll love it," Robyn promised. "Give it to her, Mr. Peters."

With the vehicle of his lust barrelling closer and closer to the cliff's edge, Peters pulled his burning cock out of Mercedes' sucking depths. He straddled her chest, his prick pointing toward her pale, angelic face.

"Now, Mercedes . Suck on it," said Robyn.

Mercedes wasn't sure she could even get this big thing into her mouth, let alone suck it to orgasm. But opening wide, she managed to fit the crown of his cock into the tight ring of her lips.

She couldn't believe she was doing it! But Robyn was right there by her side, touching and whispering and stroking. Surely she wouldn't be able to keep it there for long, with her lips strained to their utmost around his shaft -- but, as it turned out, Mercedes needn't have worried. Peters looked down at his prick-tip buried in the Spanish girl's mouth, and the sight alone was enough to set him off.

A hot, salty spew burst from him and filled Mercedes' mouth. He heard Robyn gasp as Mercedes' eyes widened and bulged. Would Mr. Peters choke her? Robyn wondered. But heroically, Mercedes swallowed -- fast and hard -- and swallowed again. Francis managed to keep his cock from driving too far forward and making her gag.

God, it was exquisite! Her little tongue lapped fiercely at his exploding knob. After she'd managed to gulp down the first flood, Mercedes began to moan, delighted by the sticky spurts of cum which spattered around her mouth and down her willing throat.

As his orgasm ebbed, Mercedes trailed her slim fingers over the vein-laden length of Peters' shaft. She sucked out the last drops of sperm from the tip, her eyes shining with pleasure.

"Gracias, Mercedes . Gracias," Mr. Peters groaned.

Robyn laughed gaily. "I think you'd better sign up for Mr. Peters' lit course, Mercedes ," she said, leaning down and kissing the Spanish girl's cum-drenched lips. "Then we can study together and make sure we get shitty grades, so Mr. Peters has to have us in his office every week!"

Mercedes smiled too. "You can visit Señor Peters in his office," she said. "I think I would prefer to come to his home."

Francis Peters sat back against the couch, his prick drooping -- though he imagined it would be ready for action again soon enough.

"I think we have the makings of a tidy little arrangement here," he said, grinning.

End of Chapter Eight

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