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Campus Tramps

Chapter Five

Nichole's Gang Bang


Nichole Lea looked down at Paul Smithers' angry prick, plowing up through the sweaty furrow of her tits, straining towards her chin. And she knew Paul couldn't last much longer.

"Careful, Paul," she warned him. "Don't you want to save your load for the initiation?"

"Fuck the initiation," gasped Paul. He reached down and pulled the flesh of her ample tits tighter around his cock. Her breast-flesh was black, like the rest of her. Paul's cock, except for that bursting purple tip, was ivory-white. The sight of it between her cherry-tipped boobs was almost enough by itself to get him gushing.

"No, baby. You fuck at the initiation. That's the idea," said Nichole. She helped him to push her tits together, glorying in the feel of his burning rod sliding up and down her cleavage.

It was still a little hard to believe they were here, in the back of his van parked in an out-of-the-way spot, filling the air with the smell of their juices and the sound of their moans and groans. After two months of crazed fucking and sucking, the relationship between Paul Smithers, college football star, and Nichole King, the only black babe on the cheerleader squad, was still the best-kept secret at Pattison.

"I'll get it up again for later on, baby, just you believe it," said Paul. "If I stop now it's going to turn blue and fall offa me."

Nichole laughed -- a high, pealing sound -- and her pouty red lips opened wide, showing her flawless, sparkling teeth. "Okay, Paul, honey. You just blast off. But don't get it on my face this time. I don't want to have to redo my makeup."

Paul grunted and heaved between her tits. A few more short strokes in her hot, sweaty tit-channel was enough to do it. His powerful linebacker's physique tensed all over, and a fusillade of cum started spattering out of his cock. Nichole had her hand poised to stop it arching up and over her face. The jets of jism splashed against her palm and flooded down over her tits, her neck, her throat.

"Paul, honey, shoot it over me," she said, laughing. "I'm getting a real fine pearl necklace here."

Paul twisted and bucked between her tits. As his spurts started to ebb, Nichole took her sticky hand away and brought his cock to her lips to catch the last pulses of his orgasm. She lapped at the salty drops of cum, and held his cock tightly as it gave its final twitches.

With Paul looking down, she started rubbing the slippery goo all over her tits. She knew he loved watching that.

"You got me all nicely heated up for the initiation now, Paul. You sure you don't want to stick it in me a little, just to keep the fire burning?"

"House rules, babe," said Paul. "No fucking on the day of the show. Technically we shouldn't even be doin' this. But since no-one even knows we're together ..."

Nichole traced her hand through the tendrils of cum on her tits. Her expression was reflective.

"Paul, how are you going to feel, watching your football team bang my brains out? You know I've got to do everything for them they want me to. And all that time you gotta stand back and pretend you hardly know me -- except for when you take your turn. Isn't that going to be a little weird?"

Paul looked at her frankly. "Yeah, Nichole. But it's just one night, and then you're head of the squad for next September -- you'll get the vote of everyone on the team. First black chick ever to make squad leader. That's something, right?

"Besides," he added with a chuckle, "there's got to be something appealing about watching your chick take on ten guys at a time. You just let me know if any of them get rough with you. I'll take 'em away for a few private words, let me tell you."

"I reckon I can handle it," said Nichole. She brought a cum-drenched finger to her lips and licked his spunk off it. "I'd better get used to the taste," she smiled. "I think I'll be eating a lot of it tonight. But I can't imagine any of it will taste any better than yours. I love you, Paul."

He kissed her sticky lips. "I love you, Nichole. Now let's get you primped and preened. Then we'll take you to your car. Wouldn't do to arrive together for the gang-bang, right?"

Nichole pressed the brake pedal on her Dad's Chrysler lightly and cruised to a halt.

The house she'd pulled up at was a single-storey affair, but pretty goddamn luxurious anyway. It belonged to the family of Tad Hunter, the football quarterback who was already getting talent-scouts from the state colleges buzzing around, offering him scholarships. The fact that Tad had never managed to raise his grade-point average above a "C" didn't seem to matter much to them.

Nichole sat in the car for a minute and pressed her thighs together. She was sure she could hear the juices gurgling in her love-channel. Christ! Had she ever been more turned on? She had only the vaguest idea what was coming, but she was thinking: Paul Smithers times ten.

She slipped a hand under her skirt, unhooked the hem of her panties, and tested the waters with her index finger. Sure enough, she was creaming all over the place. This was going to be fun.

Nichole walked up the path and rang the front doorbell. A few seconds later, Tad answered the door. He was a tall, hefty, good-looking blond guy with a Marine-style crewcut.

"Hi, Tad," said Nichole seductively. "everything ready?"

"Ready and waiting," said Tad. "You look great, Nichole."

Well, that was true enough. In addition to her red leather skirt, Nichole wore only a white Guns N' Roses T-shirt. No bra.

She saw Tad looking appraisingly at her swelling tits, which were still tingling from the friction of Paul's prick earlier in the evening. Nichole pushed her chest forward so her nipples stood out, hard and inviting against the thin cotton shirt. "Like what you see, Tad?"

"Makes me hungry for more," said Tad. "Come on in and meet the guys."

In the sunken living room, over by the fireplace, was assembled just about the hunkiest group of young men Nichole had ever laid eyes on. She knew them all by sight, of course -- but she'd know them all a lot better before the night was through!

Her eyes settled on Paul immediately, but not for too long. He smiled and nodded, as though she were only a casual acquaintance.

"Gentlemen," said Tad, "please give a warm welcome to Nichole King. Nichole has agreed to do some in-person lobbying for the cheerleading elections next week. I think you all know what that means."

There were some low, lustful groans from the assembled team.

"She's already got my vote," said Rick McCoy from the far end of the couch, where he was sitting with three other guys. Rick was a tight end. Looking at his muscular ass underneath his football uniform, Nichole had often thought the position he played was appropriate -- "tight end," indeed!

"I'm new to this, guys," said Nichole with a smile. "What do you want me to do?"

"Get our rocks off!" said Tim Brenan, offensive linebacker. He was a little offensive, all right.

"Now, let's give the lady some breathing space," Tad cautioned him. "Would you like a drink, Nichole?"

"Not right now, thanks, Tad," Nichole breathed. "I want to keep my head clear for what's ahead, if that's O.K. So, boys," she added. "Can I get naked for you?"

A chorus of wolf-whistles answered her.

Tad went to the stereo and put on some music. Something low and sexy, a Black female soul singer. Perfect for the occasion!

With ten pairs of hungry eyes slithering all over her body, Nichole parted her legs on the carpet. Slowly, tantalizingly, she pulled up the short skirt, revealing her smooth thighs and the pair of fresh white panties that concealed her most secret charms.

"Look what you guys have gone and done to me," she said softly. "I've been getting warmer than a bitch in heat just thinking of all your pricks. Look."

With a graceful motion she tugged down her panties to show off her glistening black bush.

"How's that, boys? Want to see more?"

"I can't stand it!" moaned Tim Brenan. "Do you mind, guys?"

Without waiting for an answer, he got up and came over to Nichole. Leaning forward, he kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he slid a hand down to fondle her wet thatch, sliding a strong finger between the spongy flesh of her pussy-lips. She was so juiced-up his finger almost skidded off her.

"Oh man, you are ready," said Tim.

"How about you, Tim?" Nichole shot back. She closed her eyes and arched her neck as Tim's hand found its way under her T-shirt, moving to caress her soft, lush tits. She clutched at the thick pole that strained in his pants.

"Yeah. I think that'll do," she said with a smile. "Why don't we let Tim start things off? What can I do for you, Tim?"

She dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. Out jumped a terrific prick, slanting toward the roof as though it wanted to disengage itself from his body.

"Would you like me to suck you off?" asked Nichole teasingly.

For just the briefest moment her eyes flickered over to where Paul was sitting on the couch. He was smiling at her approvingly. No jealousy in this boy, she was glad to see.

Suddenly her mouth was filled with the musty tang of Tim's stiff cock. She slid her lips and tongue over the gorgeous tool and heard Tim groan appreciatively. Then she took her mouth off, breathing heavily.

"It's great, but it's not enough," she complained. "I want more. John. Chris. Get over here."

John Sawyer, tackle, and his buddy Chris Phillips, the up-and-coming wide receiver, leapt up from their seats. In an instant their pants were down at their ankles, and two more hard-ons were pushing and brushing against her cheek, clamouring for attention.

She engulfed their cocks hungrily, one after the other. Both hands worked to jerk on two pricks at a time, while her eager mouth lapped and sucked on the lucky man of the moment. She timed it well. No one had to go more than half a minute without feeling Nichole's welcoming mouth swallowing down their staffs as far as she could take them down. The boys were behaving themselves: letting her set the pace, and not humping over-enthusiastically toward the back of her throat.

"God, God," Tim was moaning.

Nichole took her mouth off again. "I want to get fucked," she announced to the seven guys remaining.

She reached down and slid her panties down past her knees, revealing her exquisitely toned ass with the dark gash disappearing between her cleft. "I want to get fucked now. Paul, why don't you let me feel your hot cock inside me?"

That was her secret plan: Paul would be the first to plumb her slippery depths, before the other guys' cum made things all wet and squishy. He smiled and headed over.

Nichole went back to sucking and licking the pricks in her face. A few seconds later she felt Paul's blunt cock-tip pushing at the yielding lips of her glory-hole ... and then in. He buried himself in her up to the balls, so powerfully that she had half an orgasm just from the feeling of penetration.

She was gasping with excitement now, jerking harder on the cocks swinging in her face, leaning down to lap at the football players' pendulous balls. Chris Phillips was close to the edge already. "Nichole! Suck me! Take it all!"

Nichole turned her head quickly to his urgent cry, but a little too late -- the first jet of his cum splashed against her cheek. He was trembling and twitching as her mouth clamped shut over the head of his spewing sword. Shit, he'd been saving this up for a while! She swallowed convulsively as the thick, salty flow poured down her throat.

By the time Chris's spasms waned, John Sawyer was falling off the cliff. His first gushes caught her similarly unawares: now both her shining cheeks were splattered with creamy jism! Nichole found herself laughing with joy as she raced to lap up the gouts of John's cum, but it was no use. Some of it dribbled out from the seam of her mouth around his cock, and flowed down her chin and onto her tits.

Paul, pushing his rod into her tight channel from behind, was aroused beyond all bearing by the sight of his girlfriend drinking up all the juice his friends were spattering into her mouth and over her face. When Tim Brenan grabbed hold of his cock and pointed it at Nichole's sperm-drenched lips, ejaculating over her sweet tongue and jerking himself off all over her tits, Paul found himself too turned on to hold back. He grabbed Nichole's ass -- those same cheeks he'd clutched in his passion all these weeks, though no-one in this room apart from Nichole knew it -- and his own orgasm swept over him.

His body felt like it was on fire as a flood of lava gushed into Nichole's belly. Nichole turned her head to him as he came and he caught a glimpse of her face, shiny with his buddies' cum, wearing an expression so horny he felt another orgasm seemingly surging out of him before his first one was half-through.

Jesus! Nichole squeezed his ejaculating dick with her cunt-muscles, the way she knew he liked it, and drained him of all his cream. Paul fell away from her, momentarily exhausted. After all, that made two orgasms with Nichole so far this evening, and the night was still young!

A fiery ripple of orgasm had lanced through Nichole as Paul shot all his love-juice into her. Looking back with eyes still dazed from her pleasure, she realized there were still six handsome young men with noticeable bulges in their pants, waiting to be granted access to her charms.

For Nichole it seemed as though the first round had only got her switched on. She was raring for more. She licked away some of the sticky jism from her lips and looked over at the wide-eyed guys watching the incredible scene unfolding before their eyes.

"Well, fellas?" said Nichole in a treacly tone. "Any of you ever had the urge to plant your cocks in a cheerleader's hot ass before?"

"Wow, great, Nichole!" said Larry Wilde. She couldn't remember exactly what position Larry played, but she knew what position she wanted him playing. From the sight of his graceful, medium-sized dick which he quickly unveiled for her, he was perfect for the part.

"Let's get it on, boys," Nichole pleaded. "Any fantasies out there that you want to try out? Anyone ever imagined blasting off all over a black chick's sweet tits and watching her rub your cum all over herself?" Once again, there came a cry of, "Yeah!" from one of the team, whom she barely recognized.

Nichole twitched her ass invitingly in Larry Wilde's direction. As she felt his hardness poised at the entrance to her most secret hole, she proffered her full, heavy tits to the young guy who'd expressed such interest in letting go a hot load all over them. He slid his cock into her tight tit-channel, as Paul had only a couple of hours ago.

Was this really happening? Nichole had turned into five feet, nine inches of trembling desire; she wanted only cock, cock, cock until the sun came up again. She loved it -- she was in heaven -- and damned if she was going to be denied. At this point, even if someone had told her the cheerleading elections were called off, she would have told them to go fuck themselves. Or better yet, to get their asses over -- and fuck her.

End of Chapter Five

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