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Campus Tramps

Chapter Four

Miss Robbins Gets Nasty


"So what's the damage?" asked Jane Robbins.

Behind the supermarket checkout counter, the old man looked down at his cash machine. "That'll be forty-five dollars and thirty-six cents, please, Miss Robbins."

Jane fumbled in her purse for her checkbook. "Will you be wanting someone to help you home with that, Miss Robbins? Alistair here isn't too busy at the moment."

The 30-year-old basketball coach glanced over at Alistair and blushed slightly. She'd felt his eyes on her the whole time old Mr. Finlay was ringing up her grocery bill. Darn these horny high-school kids! They had hardly any manners.

On the other hand, Alistair wasn't doing anything he hadn't done a dozen times on the basketball court. The girls and boys trained on adjacent courts. When practices overlapped, many were the times Jane had felt Alistair, or one of his teammates, looking longingly in her direction while she led the girls in stretches or jumping-jacks.

She understood their lust well enough. After all, she'd been in high-school herself. She knew male hormones inside and out, and she knew what happened to a gray sweatshirt when it got soaked in perspiration. To be frank, it glued itself to a young lady's breasts, and that sent some pretty clear signals to any male hormones in the vicinity.

Jane wasn't that young anymore, perhaps. But she still had a pair of knockers that could reduce men to incoherent blubbering. That was where she felt Alistair's gaze concentrating most keenly, here in the supermarket line. He was undressing her with his eyes, taking her T-shirt off and drinking in the imagined delights underneath.

Shit! Now she was getting a little turned on. Wouldn't she ever learn?

Alistair said quietly, "Can I be of assistance, Miss Robbins?"

"I suppose so," said Jane, giving in. "That would be kind of you, Alistair. My car's parked just out front."

As the pretty coach walked up the steps, Alistair peered out from behind the grocery bags to watch her sweet ass swinging its merry way to the front door.

She was beautiful! How often had he taken a minute to watch her hot body bouncing around on the court? Maybe he was only eighteen, but he knew when a woman was secretly churning inside for a good fuck, didn't he?

"Well, thank you, Alistair," Jane said as she led him into her neat kitchen area. "You can just put the bags down on the counter. Here's a couple of dollars for you."

She had her back to him and his eyes were hard on her ass. Why had she worn those tight shorts? She blushed again and felt her ass-cheeks flex with discomfort. Well, that was no good -- it just intensified his gaze.

Alistair felt a weird confidence rise up inside him. "Miss Robbins?"

"Yes, Alistair?"

"Do you think I could have a glass of juice or something? It's really a hot day."

She wanted him out of the house before he unsettled her further, but she couldn't very well refuse him a drink after he'd carried her groceries for her.

"Certainly, Alistair. Why don't you have a seat in the living room?"

Alistair wandered off and she heard his voice from the other room. "I really like your place, Miss Robbins. It's very ... tasteful."

That wasn't a word a basketball player usually used. But Alistair seemed different, somehow, from the run-of-the-mill jock. She knew he did best in English literature, and his command of the language was exceptional. And then there was that name ...

"It's an unusual name you have, Alistair," she called out conversationally.

"My mom chose it," Alistair answered from the couch. "She was watching this British guy on public television and she liked it. Alistair Cooke, I think his name is. Say, you've got a camera here. Are you a photographer, Miss Robbins?"

"Just as a hobby," said Jane, bringing him in his glass of juice -- and some white wine for herself.

"Alistair, will you excuse me for just a second? I need to take a quick shower. I'm really dripping."

So am I, thought Alistair, feeling his young prick stiffening in his pants.

"Be my guest," he said, and gulped -- because he was her guest, after all. He snuck a look at her as she turned toward the hallway. She was definitely all woman -- you could tell by the softness in her breasts and face -- and a real looker. It was in those ample boobs under her shirt, and the butch brunette haircut that emphasized her high cheekbones, giving her face an almost savage look.

A minute later he heard the shower running. God damn it, it was now or never.

Almost without thinking, he picked up the camera lying on the coffee-table. He walked down the hall toward the bathroom. His heart was pounding like a little kid making his first class presentation.

She'd left the door slightly ajar. Very gently, he pushed it open and poked his head round the door.

She was standing behind a plastic shower curtain that turned her physique into something hazy and indistinct. But he could see enough! He saw the cherry blur of her nipples, her tan, the dark patch of black hair between her legs. Now his heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest.

The shower water turned off. Jane Robbins opened the curtain.

"Surprise!" Alistair said, and lifted the camera. He clicked the shutter.

"Jesus Christ!!" screamed Jane. "Alistair! You get out of here right this minute!"

"I just wanted a snapshot to memorialize the occasion," said Alistair cheerfully. "We're not at school anymore, Miss Robbins. I thought maybe we could be a little more friendly now that we're on our own."

Jane grabbed for a towel and hid her glistening body, at least the parts that mattered. She tried hard to keep her cool.

"Alistair. Listen to me. I know you like how I look. I appreciate it. I'm flattered, really. But you have to understand ..."

She was aware how silly she looked, standing there dripping wet with the towel around her. But any other move would have revealed herself for Alistair's eyes. Of course, that wasn't exactly an unpleasant idea ... Stop it! That sort of behaviour could get you fired.

"Understand what, Miss Robbins?" asked Alistair innocently. "Jesus, you turn me on so much. Don't you think I lie awake at night with my hand on my dick, thinking about you? Do you want to know what I think about, Miss Robbins?"

Jane had managed to reach over for a bathrobe. Very quickly, she wrapped herself in it -- but not so quickly that Alistair missed the flash of her sensuous bosom and tanned belly.

"Alistair, I really can't begin to imagine. But ..."

"Here's what I think about," said Alistair, an amazing adult strength coursing through him. He looked at Jane dead-on.

"I think what you're like after a practice, but before you've showered. I wonder what your body looks like all shining and sweaty. And then I think about you in the shower, running soap all over yourself, just like I guess you were doing now. I think of your tits getting all slippery.

"I usually cum at that point, Miss Robbins. I can't help myself. I just shoot it all over." He could hardly believe it was him speaking, but oh, man, it felt so right.

"Alistair ... What on earth do you want from me?" Jane raised her eyes skyward, but that was partly to hide the flicker of interest in her expression. Christ Almighty, inside her there was more than a flicker.

"Well ... I didn't get a very good shot there, Miss Robbins," said Alistair sadly. "You have just a beautiful body, and I'd sure like to get it on film. You can keep the negative. Just make a couple of prints and let me see one of them, so I can see how it came out."

"Are you crazy?" asked Jane imploringly, her eyes wide. "You want me to pose for you?"

"I guess that's about it," agreed Alistair. "I guess I want you to be all naked in front of me, unless you have something nice and sexy you'd like to wear. I'd especially like to see between your legs, Miss Robbins. That's what I fantasize about, you holding your ... pussy ... open for me."

Jane was about to say something, but no words came out. She looked at Alistair for a long moment.

"Do you realize I could have you kicked out of Pattison for this?"

"I really don't know if anyone would believe you, Miss Robbins," said Alistair gently. "And besides, why would you want to miss out on all this fun?"

Something clicked over inside Jane Robbins -- something she hadn't felt for a very long time. It was pure, unadorned horniness. She felt seventeen years old again: back in the days when the boys had begged to get into her pants, and when those she'd accepted were treated to nights in the sack they'd never forget.

"Your cock looks hard, Alistair," she said suddenly, a little roughly. "Maybe you should take it out and show it to me."

Was that her talking? There was no-one else around, so it had to be. She felt little spurts of moisture inside her, oiling her cunt, turning it slick under the bathrobe.

"Maybe you don't mind if I give the orders here for just a little while, Miss Robbins," said Alistair.

Where did this young man get his nerve? But there was no denying it was an incredible turn-on. Jane was being out-and-out seduced for the first time in a long while, and her clit was veritably throbbing at the idea.

"I guess that's only fair, since you carried my groceries," said Jane grudgingly. "Well, what were you saying? You want me to show you my cunt, right?"

The word cunt made Alistair twitch with excitement.

"Wide open," he reminded her. "And wet, if possible, Miss Robbins."

Jane said quietly, "I don't think there'll be any problem there. I can hardly credit the thought, but you've just about got me coming right here."

Her legs felt downright unstable. She sat down on the rim of the bathtub more heavily than she'd anticipated.

"Open your robe, Miss Robbins," said Alistair, lifting the camera.

She loosened the knot on the sash and her robe fell open. Jesus, her nipples were bursting! She knew Alistair saw it.

"Open your legs."

She was taking orders from a student. And she loved it! Slowly, with all the sexiness in the world, Jane Robbins spread her legs wide apart. The black hair of her neatly-trimmed pubic bush parted and the pink, inflamed lips sprung into sight.

The camera clicked. She saw that Alistair's hands were a little unsteady.

"Your cunt is beautiful, Miss Robbins," he said. "Like the rest of you."

"Do you want me to play with it, Alistair?" she asked, with a husky voice. "Like the women in those magazines you college boys stuff in your lockers?"

Without waiting for an answer, she passed both hands down between her humid thighs, positioning one on either side of her juice-drenched slit. Then, lewdly, she pulled her cunt wide open. The mouth of her pussy-hole gaped and wept with her fluids.

The camera clicked a couple more times.

"I'm going to stick my fingers in now," Jane announced, and arched her head back as her index finger pushed its way into her streaming love-channel. With the other hand she began frigging her clit. Her eyes were closed and her ass bucked hard against the ceramic of the bathtub rim.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I'm going to cum for you!" Her hand flew over her pleasure-crazed pubes, and she was suddenly shaking and twisting, her nipples almost popping out of her chest as a wave of orgasm washed over her, ploughing her under in its wake.

When she returned to her senses, Jane opened her eyes and saw Alistair still watching her, with those large, thoughtful eyes of his. Looking down, she saw he had his cock out and was stroking it. A fine one it was, too -- slim and long and wonderfully erect.

"Miss Robbins?"

"Yes, Alistair," said Jane, her breasts heaving in the aftermath of her spasms.

"I think I'd better fuck you now," the boy said quietly.

Jane Robbins thought for a quick moment. Then she said: "I understand."

Oh, God -- had he ever even imagined such pleasure, even in his wildest cum-splashed fantasies?

With the warmest and wettest of cunt-kisses, Jane Robbins' pussy-lips peeled back the skin on his prick and pulled him willingly into her tight, greasy hole.

"Ahhhh!" he moaned, and closed his eyes, fighting off the orgasm that nearly overwhelmed him then and there. When he opened them again, he saw Miss Robbins below him, an urgent, crazy expression on her face. Her mouth was open and her tongue flicked out and licked across her full lips.

"You're fucking me," she hissed at him. "You're fucking me, Alistair!"

He pushed his cock as far as he could into her. Heaven!

"Touch your breasts. Touch them for me," he told her. Dutifully her hands leapt to her breasts and began kneading and stroking them, pinching the nipples to full erection.

"God help me, I'm coming again, Alistair," said Miss Robbins. "I'm coming because your prick inside me just drives me nuts, and showing you my tits -- Alistair, I'm commmme --"

A small, strangled scream cut her off. Alistair clutched her close, feeling her whole body pressed tight against him. It seemed that every jolt of sexual electricity that shook her was passed directly on to him.

"Ohhh, hell," she gasped. Her cunt contracted once, twice, three times around his burning tool. When her muscles relaxed, he could feel she was even wetter than before.

"Oh, Alistair," said Miss Robbins. "You must be full near to spunking by now."

"Yeah," Alistair breathed, his voice trembling as she ran her hands over his chest. "But I want to ..."

"What, Alistair? Anything. God, what you're doing to me!" said Jane Robbins.

"I want to ... I want to do it in your mouth, Miss Robbins. I dream about that sometimes too."

"Alistair, I'd love to lick your cum," Jane said softly. "Bring it to me, darling, bring it to me."

He pulled his prick from her sheath, and she gave an involuntary sigh at the sudden absence of cock-flesh right where she wanted it most ardently. But she wasn't going to think of herself right now, no sir.

Alistair crawled up over her belly and breasts and there was his fine prong, glistening with their mingled juices, presented to her lips. Without a second thought she sucked it deep into her mouth, sliding one hand around to tickle his asshole. He gave a start -- he wasn't used to that sensation -- but quickly adjusted.

I'm in control, Alistair said to himself. I can do whatever I want. She'll do anything I ask. Jesus, I'm going to shoot off in Miss Robbins' mouth! What would the guys say if they only knew?

Jane was working expert torments on him, licking and nibbling and chewing, stroking his throbbing dick with her tender hands.

"I'm going to cum!" yelped Alistair. "I'm there! I'm there!"

"Let me eat it, darling," murmured Miss Robbins, but her words were indistinct, thanks to the cock that filled her mouth. Suddenly that cock was twitching and jerking. Delicious spurts of Alistair's cum welled up and flooded her mouth, trickling out and down her chin.

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod!" Alistair shouted, and his cock heaved so strongly that it came out of her mouth entirely, splashing some stray filaments of jism over her chin and throat. She kept his prick outside, and he looked down in astonishment as she jerked off his last spurts over her breasts, so they glistened with more than perspiration. Then she returned him to the warm sanctuary of her mouth, until his hard-on wilted between her delicately nibbling teeth.

"Jesus, Miss Robbins. Jesus." He was breathing heavily, his face flushed.

"Was that good, Alistair? Did you like sperming in my mouth?"

Alistair shook his head in disbelief. "It was amazing."


"Yes, Miss Robbins?"

Jane Robbins slid her hand down over his chest and stomach to his prick. Lord, she could feel it stirring again! These teenagers -- the stories were all true.

She cupped his warm balls in her hand and began massaging them softly.

"Alistair ... I believe I'll want you to fuck me again in a minute. And there's one more thing. I think you'd better plan on carrying my groceries home on a regular basis from now on, if that's alright with you."

End of Chapter 4

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