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Campus Tramps

Chapter Three

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!


Their folks would be getting back in two days' time, but they'd telephoned birthday greetings from Roma or Milano or some other weird place. That was fine with Jimmy. For some reason he was happy as hell that it would just be him and Roseanne alone in the house.

His sister had been going around the last few days like she had something serious up her sleeve. Except that she never wore sleeves, of course -- just those halter tops, stretched tight around her amazing tits.

Of course, Roseanne knew his eyes were following her everywhere she went, and she would go out of her way to drive him even wilder. She'd bend down low when she served him his dinner, so he could see her hot cleavage, and would make sure to reach up for the highest rack of plates in the kitchen so the muscles of her ass and legs would flex and tighten.

Now the day had come. He was about to get laid -- with his own sister!

The thought didn't disturb him in the slightest. He was thinking about all the descriptions he'd read in the skin-mags, all those people who wrote in with the crazy letters. They would get it off with dogs, for God's sake -- brothers and sisters fooling around was pretty small potatoes by comparison.

Jimmy sat at the table imagining the letter he was going to write. He'd read enough of them that he had the style down flat. "Gently I lowered my huge prick toward my sis's golden love-box. As she felt me slide inside her cunt she gasped and wrapped her long legs around me. 'Oh, Jimmy. Fuck me! Fuck me!"' Maybe they'd even pay him a few bucks for it.

"Did you have a nice birthday dinner, little brother?"

"It was great." She'd made him his favourite: a big red steak with potatoes and sour cream. Wine, too! He didn't drink it that often, but it seemed to go well with the mood of the night, which was like his entry into adulthood.

And Roseanne had worn something special for the occasion, to boot: an actual dress, one that knocked him out. It was tight as hell on her, of course, and a shade of red that made him realize how a bull felt, standing in the ring with a crimson cape waving in front of his eyes. No bra, either. Her nipples stood out so hard and straight for half the dinner that he wondered how he'd managed to swallow his food.

She was just putting the dishes away when the doorbell rang.

Jimmy sat up straight in his chair. Shit! Who could that be? Was it some asshole friend come to drag him out to the bar on this, his night of nights, just to see if they could talk their way in underaged?

"Why don't you see who that is, Jimmy?" his sister called from the kitchen.

His heart sinking, he headed for the door. If it was one of his buddies, that guy was going to get a few sharp words and a kick in the ass for disturbing him. He flung open the front door. "Yeah, whaddya wa --"

Tracey Lane stood there in the doorway.

She was wearing a long trenchcoat and high heels.

He was trying to figure out the expression on Tracey's face when she did something that dragged his eyes down a lot lower, and fast. She opened the trenchcoat. She was naked underneath.

"Jesus Christ," said Jimmy Harris.

"Not quite, but close," Tracey whispered. "Happy birthday, Jimmy. Surprise."

Jimmy's eyes didn't know where to begin, drinking in the sight of her awesome body. All Tracey did was hold the coat open for him, enjoying his gaze on her.

Her breasts were full and proud and hard, with perky nipples that were visibly stiffening in the evening air. And oh, shit -- there was her snatch. A furry little triangle with just a hint of pink slit underneath. It drew his eyes like a magnet.

Roseanne broke the spell. She came up to the door.

"Jimmy, where are your manners! Roseanne, come on in. Better button your coat or you'll catch cold."

The two girls kissed warmly in the doorway, as Jimmy looked on agog. Roseanne glanced at him. "Well? Do you like your present?"

"This is my present?"

"Of course, silly. Tracey, why don't you tell him?"

"Gee, Jimmy. When Roseanne came over and told me that you were up there getting all hot and bothered just at the sight of me, I felt pretty sorry about parading myself in front of you like that. I thought I should come over here and make amends, y'know."

Jimmy glared at Roseanne in shock. "You told her?"

Roseanne and Tracey just smiled. "She's here, isn't she?" said his big sister. "What are you complaining about?"

"Nothing. Nothing."

Jimmy gave it up. He went into the living room and sat down hard on the couch. He needed a drink, needed one real bad.

"Actually, we have lots of surprises for you this evening, Jimmy," said Tracey. "You just sit there for a minute and watch. Roseanne, why don't you get him a beer from the fridge while I get started?"

His sister laughed, shook her blonde curls, and headed off to the kitchen. He was alone with his dream-girl, and it was beginning to sink in.

"Tracey, holy shit. You are so beautiful."

"I'm glad you like me, Jimmy," said Tracey. "I like you too. I always have. I just didn't feel I could show it to someone in Grade Eleven or my friends would start picking on me. So I guess we have to make up a little for missed opportunities.

"First of all," she said, "I want to get naked for you."

She opened her coat and let it slide to the floor. Her stunning body stood revealed once more.

"Do you like that, Jimmy? You like looking at me? Look as long as you like. Want me to spread my legs for you?"

"Yeah," said Jimmy, feeling a sudden rush of confidence through his system. "Yeah, Tracey. Spread 'em for me. Like the chicks in the magazines."

Tracey giggled and sat back on an easy chair. Keeping her eyes on him, slowly, slowly, she parted her thighs. Her cunt opened up, all humid and glistening.

"Wow, you've got me turned on already," she said. "Roseanne! What's keeping you? Act Two is about to begin."

Roseanne returned and handed Jimmy a beer. For some reason it took a second to register that she, too, was nearly naked -- except for a pair of cream-coloured stockings that went right up to her thighs. For the first time he saw his sister's breasts in reality, instead of in his mind's eye.

"Wow!" said Jimmy Harris.

"Touch them for me a little, Jimmy. Squeeze 'em."

Roseanne bent down, and Jimmy reached up. He ran his hands over the freckled globes and tight little nipples, pinching them gently. Down below, he was hard as a rock.

"Now Roseanne and I have a little action for you," said Tracey from the easy chair. "Come on, Roseanne, honey. I want your tongue up my snatch."

Jimmy gasped. He watched as his blonde, beautiful sister kneeled down on the carpet and smiled up at Tracey. Tracey opened up the sweet lips of her pussy and immediately his sister was there, running a tongue up through the cream of Tracey's love-box, sucking and nibbling at the younger girl's clit.

"Oh, oh! Oh Jesus!" Tracey clutched Roseanne's hair and pulled her friend's face into the juicy slit. Roseanne kept lapping and sucking; wet, sexy sounds reached Jimmy on the couch a few feet away. God, he'd always dreamed of seeing two chicks going at it together -- but he never thought it would be his sister with the next-door neighbour!

Tracey cried out suddenly. "Ahhhhh, Rosie. I'm coming!"

Roseanne pressed her mouth hard into the flowing gash and drank the love-juices that trickled out as Tracey writhed in orgasm. His sister's breasts heaved and shook as she strained her tongue inside her friend's juicy cunt, getting every drop. Then she fell away, cunt-juice all over the lower half of her face.

Tracey was breathing heavily, the lips of her pussy raw and open and drenched.

"Come on over here, Jimmy. I've got her ready for you. Go for it, little brother."

"Oh yeah," cried Tracey. "Come here and put it in me, Jimmy. I want it so bad!"

In a trance, Jimmy undressed and his thick pole sprang loose. This was it! It was finally going to happen! He went over to the chair and Tracey spread her long legs for him.

"Let me hold it, Jimmy. Let me rub it all over my cunt before you stick it in."

She grabbed hold of his meaty shaft and scraped the tip into the slippery flesh of her gash. Jimmy shivered and shook as the sensations raced through him. He prayed he wouldn't embarrass himself by spurting his cum right there.

"Now. Fuck me, Jimmy!"

Tracey grabbed him around the hips with her legs and pulled. So fast he could hardly believe it, Jimmy found himself buried to the hilt in the first warm, welcoming pussy of his entire life.

He couldn't believe it! But there was Tracey below him, her eyes shining with lust and pleasure. She was running her hands over her breasts for him, knowing it turned him on, and he was picking up the motions, shoving his cock wildly into her and feeling the tight muscles of her cunt contract around him.

There was a tickling on his balls. Jimmy realized it was his sister, down there where the two sets of organs joined, running her tongue over his slick shaft and balls. Roseanne was licking at the flesh of Tracey's pussy, stretched wide around his plunging prick.

Tracey hugged him close, and he fucked into her with total abandon, all his senses building for release. "Shit! Help! I'm gonna cum!"

"Wait!" his sister commanded. Jimmy stopped.

"Stand up, Jimmy. Surprise number ... what number are we at now, Tracey?"

Tracey giggled. "I don't know. Fourteen, maybe."

"Hold onto your cum, Jimmy," said his sister. "And sit down on the arm of the chair. You'll be blasting your juice into poor Tracey here plenty of times tonight, but we have a different idea for the time being."

Perplexed, Jimmy withdrew his aching prick from Tracey's heavenly depths. It made a gurgling, sucking sound as it slipped out from between the tight lips. Suddenly there was a bright light.

"What the fuck?" said Jimmy, shielding his eyes.

"Nothing to worry about, dear Jimmy," said Tracey. "We just want to make sure the video-cam gets every detail."

"The video -- huh ...?"

Jimmy looked over and saw the family Panasonic mounted on its tripod, the built-in spotlight flooding the living room area with light.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Cumshot, Jimmy. Tracey and I are going to suck you off like you've never imagined it, and we're gonna get every drop of your jism on tape. Wouldn't you rather whack off to that at night than your silly girlie magazines? Jimmy, you're a movie star. Surprise."

"Wow," said Jimmy, and sat down on the edge of the chair. His prick stood up away from him at a 45-degree angle.

"Camera's rolling ... now!" said his sister, and she and Tracey kneeled down with their faces close to Jimmy's tortured cock. As he watched, they shared a long kiss for the camera, twining their tongues together and running tingling fingers over his hard-on. Then, ever so slowly, his sister slid her mouth down and over the tip of his cock.

Holy God! That was like nothing he'd ever imagined.

Tracey came close too, and began nipping at the barrel of his prick and playing with his balls.

"Wow, Jimmy. You're darn near to spurting. I'm sure going to enjoy licking up that cream!"

Jimmy prayed they'd flicked the sound-record switch on the video player -- this was too good to miss! Now it was Tracey's turn, licking and sucking his cock like a popsicle, and his sister was running her hands over Tracey's breasts and ass. Tracey gave a muffled groan as his bloated prick pushed to the back of her mouth.

"Come on, little brother. Give us all you've got," said Roseanne urgently. She reached up and took his prick away from Tracey's hungrily licking mouth, then started stroking and pulling on it irresistibly, just as she had a few days before in the bathroom.

The effect on this special night was the same. Jimmy felt his ass lifting off the seat and a tidal wave pouring through his body towards his cock. "Oh, mannnn -- I can't hold it --"

When the first gush of jism blasted out of him, Tracey and Roseanne were there with their lips and tongues. In an instant their mouths were covered with gooey love-juice.

"Mmmmmm, shoot it, baby," Tracey murmured through the streams of spunk that frothed on her lips. A wrenching splatter leapt from the tip of Jimmy's cock; it lashed across his sister's face and into her blonde hair.

Jimmy was twisting and moaning. For all the loads he'd shot over the pages of his girlie magazines, it was like all the years of frustration were exploding out of him with this single orgasm. Tracey and Roseanne could hardly keep up with the creamy spill -- but they were eating it up happily enough.

When he finally pumped his last few drops, they let go of his still-stiff cock and turned their faces toward the video-cam. Then, as Jimmy watched in amazement, they started kissing and licking all his spunk off each other's faces. His sister was licking his cum! The thought blew Jimmy's mind almost as much as his sister had blown his balls.

"Radical," said Jimmy.

Tracey looked up to him, sticky tendrils of spunk still trickling from the corner of her mouth.

"Fun's just beginning, Jimmy. Got lots left to show you yet. Hope you're up to it."

"I can hardly wait," Jimmy Harris said. He leaned back in his chair and took a long gulp of beer. Maybe this was the highlight of his life -- maybe from this night on it would be all downhill, right? Well, while it lasted, he was damned if he wasn't going to enjoy it for all it was worth.

End of Chapter 3

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