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We finished lunch in just a few minutes. I gave her directions on where we were going and told her to follow me there. I parked in the garage and she parked behind me in the driveway. I led her through the garage into the house and she commented, \"Smells fresh. I think someone is doing laundry.\" \"You are almost right.

I did the laundry. I finished just before leaving for lunch.\" \"My husband would wear smelly dirty clothes for a week before he would do laundry. I thought those laundromats that do your wash for you were for single guys like you.\" \"Not me. I like to know how my clothes were washed. I may not worry if they are wrinkle free but I do like them clean.\" We were in the living room and I sat in my chair. She passed the couch and stood in front of me. She said, \"Enough small talk. What I would like first is to show you what I did this morning. Then whatever strikes your fancy and after that I want to tell you in detail what happened last night. Is that okay with you?\" \"Sure, what else can I say?\" \"Okay, one very important question first. Would you let me be your mistress?\" \"Sure, if you want to be my mistress.\" \"I do. Now stand up please. I want to see what I saw yesterday.\" I stood up and she proceeded to drop my shorts and boxers down around my ankles. Then she pushed me back into my chair. She took one step back and pulled off her tee top. Her shorts came off next. Standing in just her bra and panties, she slowly turned all the way around. With a grin looking over her shoulder at me she said, \"I don\'t really need a bra so would you be kind enough to unhook it for me?\" I was hot and getting hotter. My fingers fumbled with the hooks but I finally managed to unhook her bra. She let it drop to the floor in front of her. She turned to me. She had one very nice pair. They weren\'t big, but still at least average in size. What they were, was firm and perfectly shaped. My eyes were glued to them but she was more interested in what was standing tall in my lap. After several seconds she said, \"There is one more wrapper for you to remove so you can see what I did this morning.\" I slid her panties down around her ankles and she stepped out of them. She was standing right in front of me. My nose was about 15 inches away from her belly button but that wasn\'t what I was looking at. She slowly open her legs so I could get a full view. My heart was pounding hard. I\'m sure she could hear it as she reached down and took a hold of my cock. She said, \"What do you call your friend? Do you have a name for him?\" \"Not really. Do you want to give him a name?\" \"Well, you are Lucky, so lets call him Happy. He makes me feel happy.\" \"Okay, Happy he is and right now he is very happy. Since he has a name, how about your friend, does she have a name?\" \"You can call her Honey.\" \"I like that. Is she as sweet as honey?\" \"I don\'t know. Maybe you can find out for your self.\" She then said, \"You have been good to me. You let me touch Happy yesterday. You let me see how happy he was because of me. Now it is my turn to be good to you. Anything you want, any way you want me. Tell me your deepest desire and I will do it. What would you like?\" \"Right now more than anything I would like to have Honey for lunch. You did such a good job making her look so good I really want to taste her.\" \"I think that is more of you doing for me but if that is what you would like I won\'t argue. How do you want me?\" \"I would like to lay back on the floor and you kneel over me and feed Honey to me. Do you know how to do it that way?\" \"I guess so but I\'ve never done it like that.\" \"The one thing you have to remember is, I have to breathe. Other than that you have a lot of control over the way things go. You can ride my face forward or backward. Pick a position that is comfortable and remember to let me breathe.\" \"Let me ride backwards. I want to keep an eye on Happy.\" I laid back on the floor and she straddled me placing her knees beside my shoulders. I put my hands around her butt and pulled her down to my face. My tongue slipped right in. She was as wet as if we had been going at it for 10 minutes, hot and heavy. Almost immediately she started to moan. I increased the speed of my tongue and let it roam out to her rock hard clit. I don\'t think she lasted more than a total of 3 minutes before she was shaking in ecstasy. The muscles in her upper thighs were quivering against my cheeks. After a minute of sweet pain, she dropped flat across my body, sweaty, hot and totally spent. I let her just lay there for a minute or two until I felt her kiss Happy. I then gave her one more lick and kiss that made her jump and give out a little yelp. She rolled off of me and turned to look at me. The smile on her face told me what I wanted to know. I\'m sure my smile told her how I felt. She said to me, \"You know I\'m going to have to return that favor. I doubt I can match it but I will definitely give it my best shot. Just let me catch my breath and collect my wits. To be that good, there must be a lot of very happy women wondering where you are and when they will get another turn.\" With a grin I said, \"What are you saying? Do you think I\'m an easy lay?\" \"You know what I\'m saying. I\'m saying you are really good.\" \"Okay, I\'ll let you off the hook this time. Actually, it has been a while since I had lunch at the Y. It is one of the things I really enjoy. I\'m getting lazy in my old age. Now I really like it better when the girl rides my face and I can just enjoy what she feeds me.\" \"I\'ve never done it that way before but I can say it is one hell of a ride. I think I would like to be more experienced at face riding.\" \"If you want more experience, you came to the right place. When ever you are ready, I\'m ready for more.\" \"Give me a little more time. That was really a work out. My legs are still shaking.\" \"Okay, why don\'t you tell me about last night?\" \"Okay, do you have anything to drink? Water? Pop? Beer?\" \"I have all three. What would you like?\" \"How about a beer?\" \"A pair of beers coming up.\" I got us each a bottle of beer and grabbed a glass for her. When I handed it to her she waved the glass off and said, \"I\'m a bottle baby. I don\'t need a glass.\" \"Now let me hear about last night.\" She said, \"It was a long night. I learned all about what happened from both my husband and Trixie. First, the wimp, his name is Roger. Well it seems Roger has a thing for sluts. He likes his pussy used. To get him worked up, Trixie, would tell him stories about when she was with the gang in LA. The problem was she ran out of stories. Then he got the idea that maybe she should get laid by someone else. They talked about it and Roger suggested my Tony. Roger and Tony worked together for several years and they have been friends ever since. Trix liked the idea of having Tony so they came up with a plan to see if my dumb ass hole would go for it. Any way, what they did. One afternoon when Tony went over their house, Trix was running around in just her underwear. She usually dresses kind of slutty around the house but that was unusually slutty even for her. When Tony said something to Roger, Roger just asked him if he wanted to see more. Trix came over to Tony and took everything off. Tony thought that was pretty good especially when she let him feel her up. Trix returned the feel and the next thing he knew, Roger said he was going to the store for something. He told Trix on his way out to have fun.\" \"I can see how he got hooked. If Trixie looks half as good as you, his head with no brain was working over time and the one with a brain was out to lunch.\" \"You might be right there but about now I doubt either head has a brain.\" She went on, \"When Roger came back, Trix was still naked. She gave Roger a big kiss and said thank you to him. Roger asked her if she had a good time and she said it was good. Then Roger asked Tony if he want to screw her again sometime. He said Trix needed to get laid a little more often than he could handle so if he, Tony, wanted, he could screw her every now and then, maybe once or twice a week just for fun if he wanted. From there it is history.\" \"I can see how Tony could fall for that. I\'m not saying it is right, just it would be easy to fall for it.\" \"Well that isn\'t the weird part. When Roger came back, the first thing Trix does is give him a big sloppy kiss. Well, the last thing she did before kissing Roger was, she sucked on Tony.\" \"I can see where the weird comes in.\" \"Trix told me last night Roger liked it that way. In fact, Roger even eats her out at least some of the time after Tony has fucked her. Now is that weird or what?\" \"I\'ve known of guys, and gals, eating after screwing but just with each other. In fact if I was honest, I would have to admit to doing it myself.\" \"Yeah, I would say I sucked on Tony afterwards too but that is different.\" She went on, \"Roger told us flat out, he liked her in bed a lot more if she had just been used. Supposedly, Trix likes it that way too. She has a fantasy about one guy after another. I actually heard a mild version of that before I knew about what was going on.\" \"Are they crazy or haven\'t they ever heard about sexually transmitted diseases?\" \"She got the clap once when she was 16 or 17. She got it from some guy that paid to screw her. She also got pregnant once and had an abortion. The abortion went bad and now she can\'t have kids.\" \"That could be a big price to pay for her life style but even at that she is lucky she didn\'t have to pay more.\" \"That was when the gang started to lose interest and treated her more like a cash cow. After that she decided to leave. I guess that isn\'t easy to do. You can\'t just leave a gang when you want to. She made up some cock and bull story about going to live with her dying grandmother in Texas. Then she came here, used a different name until she got married and got a real name change and stayed low so no one would find her. Now she doesn\'t go out much, never to bars or nightclubs and avoids any thing that gang bangers might be around. She is lucky one way. Drugs were too expensive so they never wasted any of them on her and she never got hooked.\" \"Where was her parents through all of this?\" \"She never knew her father. In fact she doubts her mother even knows for sure who her father might have been. Her mother was always out partying and never home. Then one day, her mother just left without even saying goodbye. Trix said she had been out for a couple of days and when she went home, all of her mother\'s stuff was gone. She has no idea what or why or anything.\" \"What a way to grow up. I can see why she might have the loose attitude toward life. She probably doesn\'t think it was such a big deal to screw Tony. In her mind, probably the only thing wrong was getting caught.\" \"I don\'t care about that. She should have thought twice before she crossed me. I want a little revenge.\" \"Be careful there. That can be dangerous.\" \"You could be right. She told me she fucks Tony just for the fun of it and for Roger\'s thing about sloppy seconds. Okay, since she is fucking just for fun, I\'m thinking she should be willing to fuck or suck off someone I tell her to. I\'m thinking you might be a good choice. I sure wouldn\'t want you to give her what you gave me. I want her to work her ass off. How would you like me to set her up to give you a blow job? To make it humiliating for her I think maybe have her do a strip show first and then suck you off while I watch her.\" \"I can probably do that.\" \"The part I\'m working on is, I don\'t want her to know how I know you. I need to set you up as someone I just know. And if I do that, how do I make it so I can watch her do it?\" \"That shouldn\'t be too hard. You could tell her you want to watch her do it just like she does it to Tony and I can act all shy about you seeing Happy.\" \"One other thing that might bother you. You are older than we are by a few years. I want to lay it on her that she is doing an old man. I think you know by the fact I\'m sitting here fully naked that your age makes no difference to me but I want to stick it to her that she is doing an old man. Will that bother you?\" \"I am an old man. I earned the right to be this old by living. It doesn\'t bother me. In fact if you said I was an old man in our casual conversation, it wouldn\'t bother me. I guess it is a lot like if I called you a kid. We both know you are an adult, but you are a kid in a lot of ways to me.\" \"Now, what do you think? Will you let me make her suck you off like that?\" \"Well, I\'m not easy but if you promise to ride my face again I would do it.\" \"That would be an easy promise. I promise to ride your face a dozen times, but first I will need a few practice rides so I do it the way you want.\" \"Okay, its a deal. You figure it out and fill me in.\" \"Now let me go on about last night. Of course they are all apologies about hurting my feelings. Tony said something about maybe I should try sex just for fun with someone. He said it was totally different than our sex. He went on to say, after sex with Trix, he was all the more horny for me. He was trying to work it around that it wasn\'t all bad that he was fucking her. I played him a bit and then said I probably would find a lover just for sex. He said it would be okay and he would help me find a guy. I told him no, if I was going to get laid, I would find the guy and he would never know who he was. Then I told him that in no way, shape or form was he to ever try to find out who my lover might be, and if I catch him trying to figure out who, I\'ll make life very rough on him.\" \"I think I like that. I don\'t want a jealous husband knocking on my door.\" \"Well, from there I told him if he really wanted to, he could go on fucking Trixie but, when ever he did he had to tell me. I said, Trix is okay but no other woman, period. If Trix ends it, his days of fucking sluts is over.\" \"So you are going to let him keep it up? I\'m surprised.\" \"When we were talking and he was telling me what happened, I have to admit, I was a little turned on. I\'ve always thought Roger was a wimp. I think I like the idea of Roger licking up Tony\'s cum off Trixie\'s ass even if it is gross. I don\'t know why but it is a bit of a turn on, but I didn\'t tell them that. What I did tell Tony was that he was going to have to spend a lot more time and effort in taking care of me in bed. He said Trixie makes him horny for me and now he is going to have to prove it to me. I won\'t make him eat me after I\'ve been screwed by you but he will eat me more and I told him I won\'t suck him off nearly as often.\" \"Sounds like you were solidly in charge of the conversation. For a cute kid, you sound pretty tough. I don\'t think I\'ll cross you.\" \"I doubt you have anything to worry about from me. You are just too naturally sweet to be able to piss me off.\" \"Thank you.\" \"Tonight I\'ll lay it on Trix that she will have to do someone I tell her to just to prove it is all just for fun. How about tomorrow?\" \"Are you going to bring her over here, to my house?\" \"I guess so. Are you concerned about it?\" \"Not really.\" \"Do you have any more ideas for her humiliation? I\'m just being a bitch.\" \"Okay let me throw this out. I\'ll act all surprised that you want to stay and watch. We can bounce that back and forth and then I will say that you can watch her suck me off if I can watch her lick your pussy. I saw a live girl on girl show in the Philippines many years ago that was a turn on. I wouldn\'t mind watching one again. Would you be willing?\" \"I doubt she could get me off. First of all, I\'m not into girls and second, its Trixie and I\'m just not too happy with her right now.\" \"She doesn\'t have to get you off, just eat you for a couple of minutes just to make me a little excited. I think that might add an interesting twist to the humiliation angle.\" \"Okay, I can go along with that.\" \"Just tell her she is going to have to do what ever I want her to do. And tell her to dress to strip. See if you can get her to bring stripping music.\" \"I like that, okay.\" \"One other thing I can do, If she comes wearing a short skirt, I\'ll keep her panties as a souvenir. She will have to leave here feeling the breeze between her legs.\" \"That is a good one.\" \"Also, I don\'t think you should call me by my name either. Why don\'t you call me Pops? It will go along with the age thing. What are you going to tell her about how you know me?\" \"I could tell her you worked at the super market, maybe a manager or something and you helped me with some problem and we became casual friends.\" \"That is good. I\'ll call you Kid or Kiddo so that we don\'t appear to know each other on a personal level.\" \"Okay\" \"You could tell her you were returning the favor for me helping you and since you knew I was single and without a girl friend, you thought I could use a little action from someone that owed you a really big favor.\" \"I think we have a plan. What I would like now is to see if I can make Happy a very happy boy. How would you like me?\" \"Well, I really enjoyed the lunch but since you seem to want to treat Mr. Happy, how about I get a short taste of Honey and then we can let Happy have a good taste too.\" \"Okay, a 69 and then you screw my brains out.\" \"I don\'t know about screwing your brains out but I think I can give you a good run. If you are full of energy, you could ride me cowgirl style to the finish.\" \"Sure, I really like to finish cowgirl style. I kinda like the control aspect I have with that.\" We enjoyed a very nice 69 and then several minutes of my pumping her nice sweet young pussy. She is just tight enough and really wet. Then we switched to her riding me, she was dripping wet with juice running down her leg. One thing about young girls, they have the energy to go at it with vigor. Her clit was pushing out of its protective cover. It looked like a little pink pearl. She got off after just a few minutes of that intense activity. I really like the way she gets off. I doubt she could fake it like that. Her legs quiver and her pussy muscles constrict around my cock just like she was sucking me off. It is a fantastic feeling both physically and visually. I sure hope this will last for more than a couple of times before she says goodbye. It would be nice if I could see her several times a month or even once a week. When I did pop my cork it was a good one. As we relaxed, she was all smiles and said she really felt the warm shots pumping into her and filling her up. She really liked the feeling and said she would definitely be back for more. How did I get so lucky? Still naked, while I was catching my breath, she went and got us each a fresh beer from the kitchen. She is so relaxed and casual around me, walking around fully nude and feeling right at home. This is really a dream come true. I wonder if she will let me take a few pictures of her. I would really like that but I don\'t want to push my luck. Peggy cleaned up with a wash cloth and dressed to leave. She is built so sexy. I could watch her undress and dress all day long.

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