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My name is Joe. I am single, divorced for over 10 years. My wife ran off with an ex friend of mine. Its okay with me now. He can have her. At my age I have no intentions of ever getting married again. I live a modest life, living on a government retirement and a small veterans disability. On the afternoon this started I was out for one of my daily exercise walks. I have several places that I go to walk when the weather is nice. This day I selected a bike trail through the south part of the metro area. The weather was clear and just a bit warm. I was working up a mild sweat as I walked at a brisk pace. Ahead along the path, under a big cottonwood tree I noticed a fairly young girl sitting in the shade. One problem I have is I am truely a dirty old man. Young girls, mid twenties, get my attention and start my motor. I was ready for a short rest so I stopped under the tree to take advantage of the shade and took out my water bottle. I said \"hi\" to her being polite and hoping to start a conversation. She just looked at me and gave me a half hearted smile. I said to her, \"A bit warm today but a good day for a walk.\" She answered, \"I\'m not out for a walk. I just had to get out of the house for a while.\" I said, \"I like to walk this path. If I cut through the shopping center I can loop back to my car to make a complete 2 mile hike.\" She replied, \"I don\'t have the energy to go for regular walks but I suppose I should.\" \"When you get to my age you will feel a lot better about yourself if you get regular exercise. The key is to keep it from getting boring. I have several places I like go.\" \"You are probably right there but I just can\'t do it\" I asked her, \"Do you need a drink? I have an extra bottle of water. In this weather you need a bit of water.\" \"Oh, thank you, I would like a drink. I left the house in a hurry so I didn\'t think to bring any water.\" I gave her my extra bottle of water and watched her drink it all down. I commented, \"You must have been thirsty. You put that away pretty fast.\" \"I was thirsty. I left the house because I was pissed at my husband. I guess that makes me all the more thirsty in this heat.\" \"I will be back this way in a few minutes. Would you like me to grab you another bottle at the store up the way?\" \"No you don\'t have to do that. I didn\'t bring my purse so I couldn\'t pay you for it.\" \"That isn\'t a problem. A 20 oz bottle won\'t break me. I\'ll get you one if you think you will be here when I return.\" \"That is awfully nice of you. If you are buying I\'ll walk with you. I think I need someone to talk to and you seem pretty nice. Do you mind?\" \"I like a little company. It helps keep the walk interesting. Some people have said I\'m a pretty good listener.\" We started out towards the shopping center a quarter mile down the path. She started to explain her problem. \"I caught my husband messing around with his friend\'s wife the other day. It actually wasn\'t a big deal by what I saw, just a little unusually personal touching. Then when I confronted him I found out it was a lot more than what I saw. He didn\'t know what I knew so he assumed the worst. He explained to me it was all right with his friend. His friend figured that his wife needed to get a little on the side from time to time and it was best if she did it with someone they knew.\" I responded, \"Wow that could be a shocker.\" \"I didn\'t believe him that his friend approved. I was pissed about him screwing her, so, I called his friend, right in front of him and told his friend what my husband had been doing with his wife. Do you know what the little wimp said to me? He said he knew all about it.\" \"So your husband was right? His friend didn\'t care?\" \"Apparently he has known all about it from the start. They do it in her house, in their bed.\" She added, \"And to make it even worse, my ass hole husband thought it was okay because his friend knew and didn\'t care. He didn\'t even think I might not approve. He told me it was just for fun because she was a happily married woman so I shouldn\'t care. He was just having fun.\" I asked, \"He was serious? He didn\'t think you would care?\" \"Oh he knew I would care. He figured if I never found out, nobody would be hurt.\" \"That is a classic answer, what you don\'t know can\'t hurt you.\" \"I really don\'t know what hurt more, his sneaking around and basically lying to me or his total disregard for my feelings.\" \"Pretty much the same but plenty of reason to be pissed.\" She went on, \"Yeah, well maybe but I sort of think I am being a bit overly jealous. I know for a fact his friend and his wife are pretty happy with each other. I have a pretty close relationship her. We talk a lot. She has said to me more than once the only problem she had with her wimp was in the bedroom. She was far more experienced than him when they got married. She had numerous guys. But her husband didn\'t have much experience beyond making out some. He might even have been a virgin when they met.\" \"Did he know about her when they met?\" \"Oh yeah, I am sure he knew. I think he fell in love or maybe just fell in lust with her because she aggressively went after sex. She told me she had to seduce him at first. He was even afraid to pull her pants down after she asked him to.\" \"Why did she go for him?\" \"Long story if I\'ve heard it right. She got involved in gangs in school. In LA, where she grew up, a lot of the kids were in gangs. She started fucking at 13 years old; not old enough to know any better. She had multiple partners in the gang. Sometimes she had them in one night, three or four of them. She liked all the attention she got. She was very popular. But later the gang started to pimp her out for drug money. She told me that once just before her 16th birthday she made $500 for sleeping with some old guy for a night. She thought it was great that someone would drop that much money to have her. She said she fucked him until he said enough and then gave him a blow job in the morning sort of like a thank you.\" \"As soon as she turned 18 they had her working in a strip joint and turning tricks on the side. Well, as time went on there was less attention for her and more of a push for money and she said to hell with that and moved here to get away from all the shit. I felt sorry for her but she said it was mostly fun when they were treating her good.\" \"I doubt her husband knew those details.\" \"She said she told her husband but he didn\'t care. He felt that was all in her past and had nothing to do with the present.\" \"Does she know that you know about your husband?\" \"Probably by now. I would guess her husband told her after my phone call. I haven\'t talked to her. I don\'t know what I would say to her. She used my friendship and trust without any thought of my feelings. I suppose her view of sex has little to do with love. To her it is probably more of a rush than an emotional experience.\" We were just getting to the little store at the shopping center so the conversation ended and we went in to get water. After we left the store she said to me, \"I\'ll bet you think I\'m weird for unloading like that on you.\" \"No, not at all. I just hope I was some help for you in working out your problem.\" \"You were a big help. I feel a lot better now. Talking to you got me calmed down. I just wish I had someone around more to talk this out with.\" \"If you want, I can be.\" \"Hey, you know what is funny? We don\'t even know each others names. I\'m Peggy, what\'s your name?\" \"I\'m Joe. My friends call me Lucky because I seem to be happy go lucky most of the time according to them. I just don\'t let too many little things get me down.\" \"Thank you Joe, you have been a life saver for me. Is there some way I can keep in touch with you? I think you are Lucky for me too.\" \"Do you have Email?\" \"Oh yeah. I\'m a Internet junkie.\" I took out a pen and wrote my Email address on the water receipt and gave it to her. As she looked at it, she said, \"I\'m boop424 at hotmail dot com. That is my private, for friends only address. My father said I was as cute as Betty Boop when I was growing up so that is where I came up with that.\" As I wrote the address on my hand I said, \"I had better write it down or I will forget it by the time I get home. Does your husband read your mail? I mean do I have to be careful what I write?\" \"He doesn\'t go near the computer much and I doubt he could access my account if he tried. All he does is cruise the sports sites during football season and sometimes the porn sites. He might not even be able to check his own Email, but I can. I usually have to tell him he got something from his brother. Other than his brother sending jokes, all he gets is spam from the porno sites.\" \"Well just to be safe, I won\'t send you anything unless you send me something first with a question in it. There is enough bumps on your road right now; you don\'t need me adding to it if he sees a note from a stranger.\" \"Don\'t worry about it. He won\'t see it and if he did I would just say you are a friend that sends me jokes and stuff. Do I have to be careful with what I write? I mean is there someone at your house that might wonder who I am?\" \"No, not at all. I live alone.\" \"If you come across any blonde jokes, send them to me. I really like the racy ones. In fact I pretty much like all adult jokes.\" \"I\'ll keep that in mind.\" We said good bye and I headed off to my car. Now I was sweating quite a bit more. Was it her and her story or was it getting warmer out? In my mind I was thinking I wouldn\'t hear from her again. She is cute and pretty well built. I wouldn\'t mind seeing her again but she is married and I am old enough to be her father. I went home, took a shower, fixed dinner and watched the evening news. After the news there wasn\'t anything on TV so I fired up the computer. I had pretty much forgot the afternoon until I saw I had a message from boop424. As I opened it I was thinking that was quick. She wrote, \"Thank you for your ear. I feel a lot better now. I just sent my husband out to get us dinner. I didn\'t feel like cooking for him. Also I told him he wasn\'t allowed in the bedroom when ever I am in there. Other than that I guess we are doing okay. I\'ll have to give it a few days to see how I feel. You told me you wouldn\'t write unless I asked a question. How are you? I asked a question.\" Looking at my hand that I had washed in the shower, I clicked on the add to contacts button and then the reply button. I deleted out her note and started to write, \"In answer to your question, I\'m hanging in there and doing all right. I know things are rough your way now and if there is anything I can do, let me know. I\'m glad you feel better after talking about it and I have two ears and a computer screen if you need more.\" I then asked her, \"Why are a blonde and a bottle of beer alike?\" To close I wrote, \"Now you have a question to answer.\" I fooled around on line for about half an hour before I had a new Email. It was from her. \"Not fair, you are supposed to complete the joke. Why are a blonde and a bottle of beer the same?\" I replied, \"They are both empty from the neck up.\" In about 15 minutes I had another message. \"In some cases that isn\'t a joke, its true. My husband is blonde.\" She went on to ask, \"Would you like company on your walk tomorrow? If you do, tell me when and where and I will meet you.\" I replied, \"I\'ll make it easy, same place by the big cottonwood tree, at about 2:30.\" I walked up to the tree about 5 minutes early and Peggy was already there. I said \"Hi.\" She responded, \"I was afraid you wouldn\'t show up. I\'m glad you did.\" \"Why would you think that?\" \"I don\'t know. Maybe because you a confident, thoughtful man and I\'m pretty well mixed up. I feel like I should be blonde.\" \"Hey, don\'t let this ruin all of your life. We all have our ups and downs. This will pass and you will be a better person for it. I won\'t abandon you. People don\'t do that to friends.\" \"I\'m glad you think of me as a friend. Right now I feel like I\'ve been screwed by my closest friends. I really need a new best friend.\" \"Now tell me, what is happening now?\" \"First I won\'t let my husband near me. We are sort of talking. He is all apologies about the whole thing but it is going to be awfully hard to forgive and forget. He asked if I was going to file for divorce. I told him I don\'t know, maybe, probably. Actually I don\'t know what I would do if I was single again.\" \"I can assure you, no matter what, you will survive. I\'ve been there and I\'m doing pretty good now.\" \"You were married?\" \"I was married for nearly 15 years. Then my wife decided to run off with another man. But that was 10 years ago.\" \"Then you do know how I feel. I\'m sorry.\" \"Don\'t feel sorry for me. I\'m doing pretty well, no complaints. Now, do you feel like walking?\" \"Sure, I can walk and talk and if I had gum I could chew it at the same time.\" \"Bragging about your coordination?\" \"Yeah. Now where do you want to walk?\" \"Lets walk about a mile down the trail, turn around a come back. Did you bring water?\" \"Yes I did, and enough for you too since you bought yesterday.\" \"We have more than enough. I brought enough for two also.\" We started down the trail. It was another great day for walking, just a bit warm. Peggy commented, \"I think I\'m over dressed. It is a little warm and I should have worn cooler clothes. By the way, you look good in shorts. Some men should never wear shorts but you look good.\" \"Thank you. I really don\'t worry too much about looks. I dress to be comfortable. Thank you for telling me. It is nice getting a complement from a young girl.\" \"Can I ask you a really personal question? If you don\'t want to answer just say so. Being single and for so long what do you do? I mean do you have a girl friend or something? You are way too young to not want or need intimacy or even just plain old sex from time to time.\" \"Wow, that is personal. Well I have had a couple of girl friends but I just can\'t seem to let myself get really involved again. Mostly my girl friends have been married. I have had some sex but to be honest, I mostly take things in my own hands if you know what I mean.\" \"Okay, I guess that is easier for a guy. I think girls need the physical touch and mental involvement. If I became single again it would be pretty hard being alone. I need to feel wanted. Being married isn\'t like dating but he is there when I need him. Since I\'ve been married I don\'t really get seduced any more. I miss that.\" \"I have to admit, the chase is at least half the fun. It feels like a major accomplishment when I am successful, but I like it too when I get seduced. I guess where women start to scare me off is when we feel comfortable together. I think, I just don\'t want to get hurt again.\" \"I\'m married. Could you relax and get off with me?\" \"You are full of questions today. Well, to answer, I\'m sure I could relax with you if I wasn\'t too excited about the situation. You are young and beautiful. I\'m at least a generation older than you so I might just think it was a dream or I might just over heat and pass out just looking at a beautiful young girl like you.\" \"Beautiful? Thank you. I\'m flattered you think I\'m beautiful. My husband hasn\'t told me that lately.\" \"I can honestly say, from when I met you under the tree yesterday, I have thought you were very attractive. I hope you didn\'t detect it, but my dirty old man was kicking in when I sat down under the tree.\" \"Thank you. I do have something on my mind that made me ask that question. I asked my husband how he would like it if I went out just for some fun with some guy. He told me to go ahead, it would probably be good for me. I would be too embarrassed to do it with anyone that knows me and my husband. I don\'t really have any man friends. I\'ve thought about it and only one person came to mind, you.\" \"Now I\'m flattered.\" \"I don\'t know if I can actually do it but deep down inside something tells me to go for it. If I said it was just a strong maybe what would you say?\" \"Let me make a long story out of a short answer. Man has two heads. One has a brain and one doesn\'t. Unfortunately too many men make decisions with the head between their legs with no brain. Your husband did that and see what happened. If I was thinking that way I would be asking when and where and how often do you want to do it. But I try to use my head with a brain when ever possible. Before I can say absolutely yes I need to see where your head is. If it is going to be a pop it in, pull it out thing, I would worry you might have serious second thoughts and be hurt even more than you are now. I don\'t want that to happen. On the other hand, if I thought you really wanted to, yes I would. If I felt like it was an extension of our relationship, I would love to be intimate with you.\" \"That is a very good answer. You are too sweet. I have a long time, on going fantasy. I guess it started a number of years ago when I watched a movie where this couple went to a club and the guy had a problem because his thing got too big and uncomfortable in his pants and he couldn\'t do anything about it. In my fantasy I undress for some man and watch as his thing grows while watching me undress. From there it has gone in several directions but it always starts the same. Last night I was thinking this just might be my chance to live my fantasy.\" \"Fantasy can be a very powerful thing in the mind. In real life it might not work out as you imagined. There could be a let down and you might regret spending the fantasy you enjoyed for years.\" \"I suppose that is possible. I don\'t think so in this case. I really think I would enjoy turning you on.\" \"Well, if you want to look, you will notice this talk has got me started.\" \"Oh my, I see. I want to see more. Can we take a short break over on the grass by those trees?\" \"Okay, I\'m feeling a little warm. A break just might be a good idea.\" We sat down in the shade and she positioned her self where she could casually see what she wanted to see. I had a very nice bulge in my shorts that was quite obvious to the casual observer. She said to me, \"Nice, It looks just like I have pictured in my dreams. Too bad I can\'t undress for you here. Then you could show me more.\" \"I think if you wanted to see more, that could happen for a couple of seconds. There is no one around so if you want I can slip it out through the leg of my shorts.\" \"Would you? Can I touch it?\" I reached up the leg of my shorts, through the leg of my boxers and pulled it out. Just doing that for her to see had it standing tall at attention, ready for inspection. She reached over and put her hand around it. That felt good and I\'m sure my smile gave her the message that I fully approved. She squeezed and massaged it for a few seconds before I tried to put it away. I said, \"Now I have a problem, it is a bit hard to get him to go back where he belongs. We may have to sit for a while so he can relax enough for me to be able to walk straight.\" \"That\'s okay. I enjoyed that more than some of the complete sex I\'ve had over the past couple of years. I wish I could show you some too. It feels so good to be naughty. Thank you so much.\" \"You are so welcome. I can honestly say, the pleasure was all mine.\" Shortly we got up and headed back toward the cottonwood tree. As we ended our walk, she asked, \"Can I see you tomorrow? How about lunch first and then walk? My treat, I\'ll buy.\" \"I could go for that but only if you agree to Dutch treat.\" \"No, I want to buy. Please?\" \"Okay, where and what time?\" \"There is a sports bar over by the state park. You know, the one with the volleyball courts out back. Do you know where I\'m talking about? \"You mean the Irish one? I don\'t know, The Emerald Shamrock I think.\" \"Yeah, that is the place. How about 1 o\'clock?\" \"Sounds good to me. I\'ll be there.\" \"After lunch we can walk the trail through the park. I have a thought running through my mind that I want you to think about.\" \"What is that?\" \"I\'ll dress for the walk so that if we get a few minutes of privacy like we had today, I want to show you a little of me. Tell me, what would you like to see?\" \"I guess for a woman it is easiest to flash the breasts. But if I have a choice, I\'m a crotch man. What do you think?\" \"I might be able to do that. I haven\'t shaved down there in a few days but for your show, I will get rid of the stubble when I shower in the morning.\" \"I like that. A little patch up top is fine. I do like the lunch box to be free of hair.\" \"I have a small beard on top. I\'ve shaved the rest of my bikini area for several years for my husband. He said he didn\'t like to go down on my hairy pussy. At first, he seemed to enjoy it but lately he hasn\'t given any attention to it. Maybe he has been doing it someplace else.\" \"By that, I take it you like that?\" \"What woman doesn\'t like it at least a little? It seems guys expect us to go down on them regularly. Why shouldn\'t they return the favor at least once in a while?\" \"You don\'t have to ask me. I can honestly say that most of the time, at least 90% of the time, I want a taste or it just isn\'t totally satisfying sex. I have had very enjoyable sex with a woman more than once where all I did was have lunch. But then there were times when she did the same.\" \"You are a gem. I\'ll bet you have women looking for you.\" We were back under the cottonwood tree so it was time to say goodbye. She pulled me close and gave me a short peck on the lips and said \"Thank you again.\" I was feeling pretty damn good. I also was thinking to myself, I was a dirty old man. I rationalized that I didn\'t push or start anything so I hadn\'t done anything wrong. The thought of going down on her had me really worked up. If that is all I got from her I would be a very happy dirty old man. After dinner I went to the computer to see if she had sent anything. There were two from her. The first was another thank you and a you made me feel better kind of thing. She sent it as soon as she got home. It was very nice but not what my horny mind was craving. The second was just what I needed. She sent it not long before I logged on my computer. In it she wrote, \"Holding your thing for that short time was the most exciting thing I\'ve done in a long time. You really made me a very happy girl this afternoon. I fully intend to return the favor.\" She went on with how good and how hot she was feeling. Then she wrote. \"When my husband gets home, I\'m going to have a long talk with him. I\'m going to have him call Trixie and the wimp to come over. I\'m planning on laying it on pretty heavy. If he gets all macho big guy, he can kiss my ass goodbye. But he probably won\'t, so I guess I\'ll be keeping him around for a while longer.\" She finished the note with \"I\'m really looking forward to tomorrow. Please be there.\" I wrote back, \"I will be there.\" I went on telling her how I felt after our walk. \"Even if it was only for a few seconds, I felt really good when you had your hand around me. I really do want to get my turn to see. The one thing about sex that I can\'t simulate is having lunch down there. I don\'t mean to pressure you in any way but I really hope I will get a chance to taste you.\" In less than 15 minutes I had another note from her. \"No matter how it goes tonight, I promise you, if you want it, you can have your taste. So far all I\'ve been is a tease. That isn\'t what I intended so I WILL come through. Now some of the tease has been your fault. You have not only been a good listener and helped me work out my problem, you have also been pretty damn sexy too. I have been craving getting seduced and you have seduced me beyond my imagination.\" That was enough to increase my heart rate, start me whistling and feeling like a kid in a candy store. I wasn\'t ready to sleep at the usual time. I just made myself busy. I started the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, straightened up my living room and even dusted. I usually dread most house work but I was one busy little maid whistling and cleaning away. At around midnight, I was tired and went to bed for a really good nights sleep. In the morning I was chipper and well rested. The weather was a little dreary but my spirits were high. I checked my Email and had one note from her. \"Last night was a long night. We all had a very long heart to heart talk. I can\'t tell you in an Email so don\'t you dare miss our lunch. I really need to tell you all about it in detail and see what you think.\" I thought from that note, things could be going in many different directions. Maybe she decided to go back to being a good wife. Maybe she was going to leave him. Or maybe any number of things in between. It was going to be a long time to lunch so I made myself busy. I finished the laundry and put away the clothes. I hopped into the shower around 11:30. I was ready to go by 12:15. That was still too early to leave. I only live about 3 miles from the state park and the sports bar we were meeting at. At 12:30 I left. When I walked in she was already there. Without so much as a hello, just a big smile she said, \"Lets eat fast. I have a lot to tell you and I don\'t want to do it in a place where someone might be listening. Do you mind? Please? I\'m really excited and just about to burst.\" \"That isn\'t a problem. I\'m a fairly light lunch person my self.\" She went on, \"The weather is kind of crappy for walking. The wind is blowing pretty hard and those clouds might open up with a bit of rain. Would you be willing to invite me over to your place after lunch to talk instead of going for a walk?\" \"I can do that. Would you like to visit my humble home?\" \"Yes, please. I would very much like to visit your castle.\"

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