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Categories: Prostitutes, Oral Sex, Anonymity, Masturbation
Tags: sex oral facial BJ
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

I got an email from a guy who said he had heard about me. My first referral! I don't know if that was good or bad, but I didn't mind the opportunity to make some extra cash. We exchanged a few emails and he seemed really nice. He was pretty specific in what he wanted, and I appreciated his forthrightness. What this guy really wanted to do was give a girl a facial. It seemed that he had several fetishes but had never actually done any of them and wanted to try some. We agreed to meet at a hotel room a few days later and spend an hour together. He was so nice and respectful and I imagined him trying not to cum so that he could "save up." It was exciting, and he had quite an imagination!


That weekend, I went to the hotel and went up to his room. I tried to dress nice and put on a tight white blouse, a short black skirt, and black boots. He opened the door for me and he was good looking! I can't believe that no one ever let this guy give them a facial before! He was so friendly and cute that I knew right then I was going to suck his dick. He told me that I wouldn't have to even do anything, he just wanted to give me the facial and I was to wear it for the whole hour. Hah! I needed this as much as he did, and I wasn't going to let a cute guy like this get away without a cock sucking he'd never forget.


We sat on his bed and chatted for a few minutes to get more comfortable with each other. He was nervous, I could tell, and I thought that was really cute. During an awkward silence I slid my hand up his legs to his crotch and rubbed it until it got hard. I undid his pants and got down on my knees. He stood over me with his cock in hand and I couldn't help looking at it, admiring it, and letting myself get turned on just by having it so close to me. I couldn't take it any more. I had to suck it. I wrapped my lips around him, savoring the feeling of his cock pressing against the roof of my mouth as I accepted him into me. There was a rush of warmth between my legs as my body felt that yearning to be completed the way only a cock can complete a woman.

There was no way this guy was going to last long if he hadn't cum in a few days so I tried to go slowly and let him enjoy this. I was cradling his balls with my hand and sucking him until I heard him getting closer to cumming. When I unlocked my mouth from its tender grip on his cock, he took control again and started to stroke himself.

I sat back on my boots, tilted my head back, and closed my eyes, submissively waiting for him to release years of pressure from thinking about dominating a woman like this.
I could hear him grunting as he got close and then the first spurt of warm cum shot out of his cock and blasted me square in the face. I could tell it was thick because it didn't start to slide right away. He shot again and his cum streaked from my forehead down to my lips. Another powerful spurt hit me between my eyes, streaked down the side of my nose, and crossed my lips. His fourth load wasn't as strong as the first three so I could tell he was getting closer to empty. He squeezed out an impressive two more loads and they decorated my already cumsoaked face.


Fortunately, none of it got in my eyes so I could open them and look up at him. He had sat back on the edge of the hotel bed and I moved over until I was kneeling in between his legs. I cleaned his cock off with my hands and continued to massage it. Rubbing his shaft with my palm and stroking his balls with my fingertips, I was into this guy and he could tell. He let out a few more moans and continued to stare down at me. He was getting into the fact that his cum was all over my face and starting to slide down onto the neckline of my blouse. My eyes were locked on his and he looked at me with the satisfied look an artist looks at the piece he always wanted to create. In a way, my body and my face became the canvas of this piece of sexual art, with cum, dominance, and fetish being the paint.

I could feel it starting to cool on my face and some of it hung off of my chin and dripped down onto my bare legs. I spent a few more minutes on my knees just rubbing his cock and relaxing him and he took in the sight that he had been waiting so long to create. Sitting there, I couldn't help but wonder how many times he had jerked off while thinking about cumming on a girl like this. I wondered if he would fantasize about me. He wanted me to keep it on my face and hang out with him, an idea I thought was pretty sexy. He went over to the couch and turned on the TV. I walked by the mirror to take a look at myself and my face was totally streaked with cum. Some of it was sliding down my neck and starting to make the neckline of my blouse wet. I looked so slutty with cum streaking across my face and it was hot! I watched as a line of cum hung down off of my chin and dripped down between my breasts and then sat down next to him on the couch.


By this point, his cum was starting to dry in white streaks on my face. I liked this guy and I was as turned on as ever, so I took his cock out of his pants again, got back on my knees, and gave him a handjob on the couch. At the same time, I was whispering in his ear about how much I enjoyed wearing his cum and how much it turned me on to be used that way. It didn't take him long to cum again under my professional ministrations and I let him cum on my face a second time. His head rolled back against the couch in orgasm and I could feel the muscles in his crotch squeezing tight, but only a few ropes of cum spurt out of him and onto my face. The drying streaks of the last round were joined by a new set of warm, thick, creamy cum. For a few moments, I just knelt there, rooted in place by two loads of the evidence of my willingness to be serve and be used, and my skill in doing so. It was sexy knowing that I was able to satisfy this guy's fetishes in such a good way that he came hard twice in an hour. I was getting good at my job, I mused.


My collar had slick spots where cum had seeped into it and there were stains on my skirt that were dark and wet. There were even a few drops of cum pooling on one of my thighs. I was so turned on. After he spent himself on me that second time, I reached inside my skirt and started to touch myself. While I was playing with my pussy, I ran my other finger over my face and scooped up as much cum as I could and licked it. Soon I wasn't even paying attention to him any more and I fingered myself and fondled my breasts with my other hand. As my fingers pressed deeper inside myself, I thought of all the fetishes I've let men explore over the years and how many more I would encounter in the future. Each one unique and specific, taking just one aspect of my body and feminity and exploiting it in every way possible. Today I let a strange man fulfill his fantasy of jerking off all over a woman's face and the feeling of the still warm cum set me off.

I had an orgasm right there on the floor in between his legs while he watched me. Even though I knew how much of a slut it made me look like, I couldn't help it. I sat back against the couch in between his strong legs, spent and sweaty, and closed my eyes. The musty scent of his crotch filled my senses and my breathing started to return to normal. The heat of my body matched the heat of the cum that came from his.
I was satisfied.

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