The Walk Home   added 7 years ago
  By: theadman  Age: 26  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner, The Fetishists
Tags: caught field sex outside outdoors
Location: Other
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

After a day filled with sex, you have to go home, I offer to walk you home so, you gather your things and we have one more kiss in my room before we leave, its nearly midnight so its dark outside, I tell you I know a good shortcut and we hard down a dark alleyway, and through a housing estate, and we come to a dark field, I tell you its just over this field.

We get about half way across the field when I cant contain myself any more, I grab you and take your top off, you do the same and take my top off, I start kissing you passionately as I walk you backwards towards a near by tree, I push you up against the tree and rip your jeans off, we keep kissing, I reach down and rub your pussy, and you reach down and grab my cock, you rip my jeans off, I lift you up and slide you down on to my hard cock, your legs and arms are wrapped around me as you use your shoulders to move your self up and down on my cock, as I thrust.

We hear footsteps near by, we slow down and keep things as quiet as possible, but the thrill of getting caught gets us even more aroused the footsteps fade away and you get faster and faster as I thrust harder and harder, we don’t care how much noise we make now, we both groan and fuck for the next few minutes, you reach climax, and I lift you off my cock, you drop straight to you knees and take my cock in your mouth, you give me the most amazing blowjob, I look down and see my cock going in and out of your mouth, its beautiful, I grab your hair to move you away as I’m about to come, but you shake my hand off, I say your name, and tell you I’m about to, but you don’t care, you take my load in your mouth, and swallow, I’m amazed, that was so hot, we both get dressed and carry on walking to yours, who knows if we’ll get there before anything else happens?

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