Maybe this is why my wife stays late at work.   added 7 years ago
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Location: An office
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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It was an unusual beginning to a Friday night; it was around 6pm when I made it home to find that my wife hadn’t yet.  After walking the dog and fixing myself something to eat I sat in my recliner and flipped on the TV.  I realized it was now getting close to 7pm and my wife still hadn’t arrived.  I began to think of what could be holding her up, especially since she hadn’t even called to say she would be late.  As I sat there I found myself wonder what she could have been up too.   She had been talking about this guy named Christian a lot lately, maybe she was out with him.  I could see her getting ready to leave work when this young, tan, and dark haired, muscular guy would stop by her office and say “What are your plans tonight”.  She’d respond “Going home, maybe going out to movies with my husband, why?” Christian asked “Well I was working on this report and I was wondering if you would read it over real quick.”  My wife would be willing to do so since she’s always to trying to help people out. 


They would get down to his office and she’d walk in while he stared at her ass which was only covered by a black skirt.  She would sit down as he printed the report of the computer.  After handing it to her while staring at her breast, she would begin to read it.  He would get up, shut the door without her knowing, and then walk up and look over her shoulder at the report.  She would turn around and see that his crotch was right in her face and that his cock was getting hard.  With a red face she would turn away and keep reading the report, when she finished she would turn again and still find him standing there with his cock clearly as hard as it could be in his pants.  He would bend down and say “Ever since I saw you all I’ve wanted to do is fuck you.”  With a grin on her face, she would grab a hold of his cock and say “Then why don’t you do it already?”  With that statement he would pull her face up to his and start to kiss on her neck.  He would begin to work on taking her blouse off while she is rubbing his cock through his pants.  Once the blouse comes off he would immediately unhook her bra so her beautiful C cup breast would be exposed for him to ravish.  Christian would sit in the chair and become eye level to my wife’s nipples, first he would just pinch them a little to get them warmed up.  Then he would start to lick on her nipples followed by a few nibbles. 


While licking her tits he would pull down skirt and revile that she didn’t wear in panties that day.   He’d continue sucking on her nipples while rubbing her pussy lips with his fingers.  As she would get wet he would begin to finger fuck her.  First it would gentle until she would start to moan.  Then it would be hard to get her to shake.   He would be sucking on her nipples while he slides two fingers into her pussy and started to play with her clit with this thumb.  She would instantly orgasm to the multiple pleasures she would be feeling.  He would then quit, and tell her to bend over on his desk.  He would drop his pants, producing his monster cock.  She would look back at it and say “Be gentle with it, I’ve never had anything that big before.” 


But he wouldn’t, he would spit on the tip of his dick to get it wet and quickly shove it in my wife’s pussy.  At first she would collapse on the desk due to the pain, but a few thrust later she would realize how great it felt to have a cock so large that it filled every area of her dripping wet pussy.  He would continue to fuck her making her scream and cum time and time again.  After half an hour or so her legs would be sore and she’d be out of breath from screaming so much, he would finally be ready to cum and she’d get down on her knees.  She would open her mouth as wide as she could but only get half of his cock in her mouth.  She would stroke and suck on it until he would cum in her mouth.  Spurt after spurt would fill her mouth until the point it would start running down her chin onto her tits.  He would finally back off after he shot his last load and say “Now that was worth the wait.”  She would scoop the cum off her tits and put it in her mouth, swallow it and say “Yup, rather enjoyed reviewing your report.”   


It’s 7:20pm and the door finally opens and my wife walks in.  Her clothes are a little out of place.  Maybe she really did fuck this guy tonight.  She looked over at me and saw that my dick was harder than a rock.  She came over and rubbed on my cock, licked my ear, and said “So you want to fuck me, huh?”  And fuck we did that night.  It wasn’t until the next day that I realized all the blinds were open on the sliding glass door and windows, hopefully the neighbors enjoyed the x-rated show that night. 

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