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Last night I came home from a long and vicious day at work with a strange sound coming from my room. As I got closer to the bedroom door I heard what sounded like my girlfriend moaning and saying “That’s right, stick your tongue in.” Not knowing what was actually going on I continued my investigation and stood with my hand on the door handle just waiting to burst in finding a horrific scene.

With my heart pacing the moaning got louder.

“Come on now. Stop licking my ass and start fucking it with your tongue!” the voice gets more aggressive.

With anxiety setting in, a raised blood pressure, one hand on the handle and the other, clinched, ready to take on whatever is happening. I fling the door open to find my girlfriend laying on her back, a pillow underneath her lower back, legs spread wide open and a porn playing on my television.

The scene is of this very thin girl, with a very firm and tight ass, on her knees, bent over with one hand on her ass spreading her cheeks apart. Now realizing that it was the video that the pleads where coming from. I now see this bulging and muscular man ass fucking this hot porn star with his tongue.

My girlfriend, startled as can be, quickly pulled the thick down comforter over her entire body. We’ve both seen these scenes in porn, but we never mentioned if one of us had actually been aroused by such a thing.

She looks at me in embarrassment while I gaze back at the TV and then back at her.

“Do you like that?” I ask.

So embarrassed she can’t even speak or even give an indication of what her answer obviously was.

Again, I ask in a descriptive manner “Do you like watching her ass get licked.”

This time she nodded yes with a pout like look on her face.

While the loud and squeamish demands from the porn star are playing in the background, I say “show me what you were doing.”

A childish look on her face, she says “no.”

“Are you embarrassed?”

“Yes” still as shy as a teenage girl.

“What if I like it. Will you show me?” in a pleading manner I ask again.

I then slowing pull the comforter back over the bed so it hangs over both sides and I see that she’s wearing white panties and bra.

‘Oh my god’ I think to myself. ‘Are those crotchless panties?’ ‘That’s a cupless bra too!’

With the porn still playing in the background and the vivid colors changing off my bedroom walls from white to tan I turn around to see what’s happening. The girl spits on this massive veiny cock and strokes it. Then pushes the man on his back and straddles him. Her hips pushed forward and her shoulders are arched back. You can see her pussy lips spread open and a glossy wet crotch. She guides his cock, single handedly, directly under her asshole. Slowly she lowers herself.

Pop; you see the head snap right into her dime sized asshole. “Oh fuck yea” she quietly says.

I turn my head back to my girlfriend. In amazement, I see that her hips are still aimed towards the ceiling and the panties are spread to each side. Those long sexy legs spread as far as I’ve ever seen them. I thought she was fingering her pussy. I was wrong.

She was slowly pulling and pushing her finger in and out of her asshole.

“Does that feel good” I ask.

“Yes” she manages to say while exhaling.

“Oh fuck yes” the screams coming from the TV behind me. “FUCK YES! Do you like my dirty fuckhole?” The girl screams and then asks.

My girlfriends eyes still fixed to the TV she twitched and quivered briefly.

“Have you always liked this” I asked with curiosity and temptation for what I’ve been missing out on.

“I’ve always wanted you to play with my ass more, play with my 'dirty hole'” she mimicked from the girl on the porn; which is now screaming and panting in the background.

I walk over and forcefully rolled her over so she’s on all fours. Licking and running my tongue down her back I reach her tailbone. ‘Slap’ I spank her ass with a vicious palm.

Now realizing that she’s fingering her pussy, I go back to her tailbone, pulling her crotchless panties way off to each side of her ass, kissing my way to her right cheek where a red handprint is now forming. I bite it.

A high pitched moan comes from her.

Spreading her ass I can see how wet her fingers are from playing with her pussy. In and out, they move with a sloppy sound. I can barely contain myself. I’ve never licked a girls ass before. I’m nervous but so tempted to simply stick my stiff tongue into that tight little pink hole.

So nervous, I circle the inner portion of her spread ass with the tip of my tongue. When reaching the bottom area closest to her pussy I started ticking her “That’s right, stick your tongue in” I hear her plea.

Still paranoid about this great taboo of this now wonderful and beautiful asshole in front of me, I start circling the outer edges of her little ‘dirty’ hole.

Noticing that there’s no taste I can still smell a faint odor that this is indeed her ass. It isn’t very strong; as a matter of fact I could barely even notice it. She must have taken a shower just before. I grow ever more interested and circle in closer to the point where I can feel those rough and tight inward folds of skin which is indeed her asshole.

“Come on now. Stop licking my ass and start fucking it with your tongue!”

I can’t wait at this point. I can feel fluids building up within my briefs. The anxiety building even more!

Stiffening my tongue I pull from the edges of her asshole to the center and plunge it in.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled with that same pleasurable sound she gives when I stick my hard dick in her pussy at first entry.

My lips now wrapped around her ass hole and my tongue swirling within her ‘dirty’ pit I start to notice a very faint metallic taste. ‘It’s not bad’ I think to myself. With every twirl and thrust of my oral extension, I noticed that her ass is loosening up. ‘I can’t believe this. I’m making out with her asshole. I’m tongue fucking her anus, butthole, asshole.’ Again, my own words swirling around in my head. ‘Fuck this is hot!’

“Oh god” she sounds like she's about to cry in pain. “Oh god!” she grows louder. “Deeper” louder and more demanding.

Just then I feel the first tightening of her sphincter with a quick release.

“Awwww!” she’s now screaming and crying.

Again another quick squeeze and release of her ‘dirty’ hole; this time with a thrust back pushing her butt cheeks to the point of engulfing my face.

Now her entire body is shaking with rapid pulses, her asshole quivering with the same pulsating tenseness that her body is protrudin. I continue swirling my tongue deep inside her hidden pleasure zone.

Slowly her quivering intervals and tenseness comes to a slower pace to near jolting and twitching; all the while her asshole still working in conjunction with her orgasmic state.

I slowly pull my tongue out. Noticing she’s crying, face down into a pillow, ass spread into the air, she manages to pull her fingers out of her pussy. A white film now covers her entire crotch making a glossy reflection over her entire outer lips.

‘I can’t help it’ I think to myself as I burry my face into her spread ass again. This time lapping my tongue over her ass hole and perineum. ‘Am I really doing this’ I ask myself while noticing the faint odor of ass over my mouth that reminds me of how wet my face gets after going down on her.

Aggressively she turns around and leans forward. Sadly removing my face from her ass, she kisses my mouth with a deep and passionate tongue. Sloppy as can be, she’s basking in my saliva mixed with a hint of ass.

She then pulls away. Looking at me with her arms holding her up, while sitting on her ass, shoulders propped up, “was that OK?”

I giggle and think to myself. “Fuck yea!”

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