I have been really into my ass lately   added 7 years ago
  By: easypeasy  Age: 42  Country: United States

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I've been watching a lot of gay ass-fucking porn lately. I love to watch a thick hard cock sliding up a guy's ass, and I really, really love to watch a guy jerk his cock until he comes while his ass gets fucked.


So I've been playing with my own ass a lot lately, too. Fingering it while I masturbate, using my small plastic vibrator to buzz just inside my asshole while I keep my other vibrator up my pussy. Using the small butt plug I have to fuck my ass while I fuck my pussy with the vibrator, pretending my asshole is getting fingered while my pussy gets fucked. It's all good, but I don't really have what I need to truly satisfy my desires on this one. I need to buy some new toys, but for now I make do. I want to get fucked up the ass HARD, take it HARD and deep. I fantasize so much about getting forced to take a big hard cock, having a guy push his dick up my ass and make me take it.


This weekend, however, is a special treat. I'm housesitting for my mother, which means a whole weekend totally by myself to do whatever I want, and also access to her interesting range of sex toys. I know she has a really huge "realistic" type dildo, with a wide flared head and big veiny ridges along the shaft. I know about this because my mom has no boundaries where sexuality is concerned and has shared her sexual life with me since I was a very young child. I've seen her have sex with numerous men, I've heard about how she likes to masturbate, I've been told about all the dildos and vibrators she has.


So of course the first thing I did today was dig around in her dresser until I found her big bottle of lube and her stash of sex toys wrapped up in a towel. She's got two long thin vibrators and a giant butt plug, but all I wanted was the huge dildo. It was so big, bigger than I had imagined, about 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter at the widest point. Just holding it in my hand made my pussy tingle and get wet and my asshole throb and clench. Oh, yeah, I really wanted to fuck myself with it.


Just for kicks, to really build it up, I got dressed up in the see-through, black, baby-doll style half slip I brought with me for the weekend. It just barely covers my ass, and I put on the red panties that give me such a fucking awesome cameltoe, so they would show underneath. I took the dildo out on the front porch, and put my leg up on the porch railing, resting the dildo on the small porch table. I rubbed my cunt all over it, and pushed it on my cunt hole, pulling the crotch of the panties aside to push it in my cunt. It was so big my pussy burned as I fucked down onto it, forcing it all the way up my wet hole and moaning loud at the ache as it filled me deep and hard. I was mostly concealed by bushes from any of the neighbors' windows, but it still made my heart race to hear a car door slam in the distance as I started fucking my cunt on it, listening to the slick wet sounds as my pussy slid up and down, feeling a small jolt of pain every time I took it extra deep and hard, my cunt stretched wider than ever before.


It was so good to fuck my pussy like that, but I kept feeling my asshole clench and throb, and my heart started pounding every time I thought about taking that huge dildo up my ass. I've never really been fucked up the ass by an actual cock. None of the men I've fucked have wanted to, and I'm actually kind of shy in bed, so I've never been brave enough to ask for it. But I think about it all the time, think about a hot thick cock pushing hard into my ass, think about getting fucked in the ass while someone else eats my pussy, think about taking two cocks hard in my ass and my pussy and coming with their jizz shooting in my holes. I knew I didn't want to come on the dildo yet, so I walked quickly back inside, keeping the dildo hard up my cunt because it felt so good.


When I got back to the kitchen, I thought about how I wanted to try to take it up the ass. I decided to put the dildo on the armrest of a big cushioned armchair, so i could straddle the arm of the chair and lower my ass down onto it. I got some lube on my fingers and reached around between my ass cheeks to finger my asshole a little, spreading the lube as deep in my ass as I could get it and finger-fucking my asshole with two fingers easily. I was so ready. I wanted it so bad. My cunt was hot and wet, and every time I pushed my fingers hard into my asshole, my pussy clutched and throbbed. I couldn't wait to fuck myself!


I put some more lube on the head of the dildo and held it down between my ass cheeks, resting the base on the arm of the chair. When I finally felt the head of the dildo pushing on my asshole, my heart jumped and hot pussy juice gushed in my cunt when it throbbed. Fuck, I was really going to try to take this huge dildo up my ass. I wanted it, but I had no idea what it would feel like. I rocked my asshole down on it, trying to remember to relax and bear down, to open my ass up and let it in, let myself get fucked open on this huge rubber cock. It burned and ached a little, stretching and stretching, and then suddenly the head of the dildo popped inside my ass, and I couldn't help yelling because it felt huge, and it burned, and my ass was throbbing and aching around it. I knew I had to keep going, so I pushed down harder, but it hurt so bad, and my legs started shaking. I was whimpering and moaning loud, feeling my ass throb and burn and stretch and ache, taking it, but not sure if I could keep going.


My legs were shaking so bad I suddenly slumped down onto the seat of the chair, and the dildo rammed all the way up my ass, the cool rubber balls resting against my ass cheeks as I cried out and whined and my whole body shuddered uncontrollably. It was so big, too big, my ass was burning and throbbing and aching, so full of this huge hard unyielding cock. I lifted up and tried to rock down a little, see if it would make it feel better, but it made me grunt loud and shout in pain as the movement forced the huge rubber cock deeper in my ass. It was too much, too big, I couldn't take it, couldn't figure out how to make it feel good, and I lifted my ass up and reached back to pull the dildo out quickly, feeling it slide out and leave my asshole burning and used and stretched and sticky. I collapsed down onto the chair, feeling small shudders pass through my body as I tried to relax, let my body recover and figure out that I wasn't forcing a huge cock up my ass anymore.


After a while I calmed down, and I was definitely still turned on. When I stood up, I realized that it may have hurt, but my pussy was soaking wet, and when I slipped a finger between my cunt lips and rubbed my clit, it made me jump and shake with wanting to come suddenly. So it hurt, but that doesn't mean it didn't turn me on, and my ass throbbed in a way that felt really good when I thought about how I had really done it, really taken that huge dildo all the way up my virgin ass.


My cunt tingled when I knew I wanted it again, so I decided that this time I would get my vibrator ready first, have it right on the chair next to me so I could start buzzing my clit or fucking my pussy right away. I got the dildo ready and lowered my ass down onto it again, and it was amazing how easy it was to take it the second time. I pushed my asshole on the head, and it popped inside, and then the whole thing slid right up my ass, easy as you could want, and when I lifted up and fucked myself down, feeling the friction as it slid in and out of my asshole, my pussy started throbbing and got so wet and hot. It still hurt, still felt huge, but not in a way I couldn't take. It hurt, but it made me want to fuck myself, want to come, want to feel my ass get fucked as I come.


I grabbed my vibrator and buzzed it over my clit, lowering myself down into the seat of the chair and throwing a leg over the arm so my cunt was spread wide open. I fucked my ass up and down over and over, trying to find a good angle that really let me feel like I was getting fucked in the ass, really let me take it hard and deep when I fucked myself down on it, and when I found it, I kept fucking my ass up and down as I started buzzing my clit. God, it was so good, taking that huge cock in my ass, feeling it stretch my asshole and fuck deep inside me, over and over. When I slid the vibrator down and fucked it up my pussy, I started shouting because it felt so good that I couldn't help it. I started bucking my hips as hard and fast as I could, forcing my ass down on the huge rubber dildo over and over as I pumped the vibrator in and out of my pussy, the shaft rubbing my clit and making me crazy with wanting to come.


It felt amazing to be fucked open so hard, to feel the huge cock sliding in and out of my ass, forcing my asshole open and loose around it, my pussy clutching and spasming around the buzzing hard vibrator as I fucked myself so fast, grinding my clit on the shaft, keeping it angled to buzz on my clit and fuck in my pussy, feeling myself shake and groan as loud as I could when I came so hard, my wet pussy squeezing hard on the vibrator as I pounded it up my cunt, fucking myself so hard and wild as I moaned and came, my asshole clenching around the big rubber dildo with every wave of my orgasm. Fuck, it was so amazingly hot. I don't know if I've ever come that hard. I had no idea I could take it like that, and it made me crazy with how hot it was to get fucked like that.


That got me thinking about some of my favorite fantasies that I have involving my ass. :) I'll have to think about that and maybe share some more later.


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